Lucia's Edits

Just wanting to do some updates to Lucia's profile as far as appearances, personality, and her weapon based on the things that have been happening and coming up during roleplay I've noticed.


Standing at a simple 4'11", Lucia is somewhat short even for her teenage years. Though she is light coming in at only 103 lbs., she is just what one might expect of a young gymnast of 17 with eyes of pink. With a modest B cup bust, kept covered in a tightly stretched tube top that keeps her chest pressed in so as not to be a nuisance when running. Her navigator symbol, two quills of arrows crossed before a small flame, is set at the center of her back, keeping her top held together.
From head to bare foot toes she has creamy, fair looking skin that looks only faintly tanned. Covered only by her top and a pair of skin tight khaki biker's shorts matching her top to keep things modest, her flowing, soft crimson hair is hidden by a continual flame that keeps it flowing and uplifted in the air.
Her only accessories seem to be thin silvery charm bracelets around both wrists and ankles, though seeing these is a rarity as each is covered by a continue flame burning brightly around each wrist and ankle. Lastly she has a single silver ball stud piercing in each earlobe.

Created with the idea to help Vincent lighten up, Lucia is very high spirited, energetic and nearly always in a cheerful mood. She can be seen almost always smiling and skipping about while humming, whistling or even singing as she goes. And while her curiosity sometimes gets the better of her and gets her scolded for trying to hug a virus she finds cute, or push a big red button. She can at times let her fiery nature get the better of her. Erupting in a blaze of rage that threatens to burn up anything that gets to close.

Custom Weapon:
Always Lucia has a quiver of arrows hanging off her back while she travels the networks, the quiver looks simplistic with only 4 arrows peeking from the quick release clips on the inside to make sure they don't fall out randomly. As chips are sent they generally come in the form of a new arrow that appears in the quiver to be drawn and released.
At will the navi can summon her bow in a burst of fire that springs it to life out of thin air, the bow itself looks simular to an ancient compound longbow. Its smooth, finely crafted and polished wood, built to be both light and strong for battle.

Lucia wields many types of arrows within her quiver, but at their base she uses two simple arrows when stronger attacks aren't warranted.
Normal Shot: Arrow
Drawing up one of the arrows set in her quiver, Lucia draws it back and sends the arrow flying, dealing null typed damage from the strike.

Charged Shot: Flaming Arrow
Taking up an arrow and bringing it to full draw, the navi focuses upon it along with her target, setting the arrow on fire and empowering it with greater force. When loosed the bolt strikes its target with surprising force and burning flames.

To make up for her lack of close combat abilities, Lucia carries two oddly shaped arrows in her quiver. Having shorter shafts, and almost knife like arrow heads atop them, they are meant to be used more as a last resort for close combat.
Normal Shot: Blade Arrow
Drawing out two large tipped, short arrows from her quiver, Lucia is able to wield the oddly crafted bolts with surprising skill. And while they could not do well for ranged combat, it gives her blades to slice and stab at enemies that get to close.

Charged Shot: Burning Blade
Focusing upon the melee arrows, Lucia is able to empower them and set them aflame for a short time, causing her quick thrusts and stabs to pierce through armor and burn enemies brave enough to get close.