Djinni's Final Edit

I'm sorry for not having told this before, but I'm really not happy at all with Djinni as she is now. There's just this annoying element about her that I've really come to hate as I continued RPing her. But now she is about to team up with Meleeman, a giant hunk of MAN, I decided this was the best time to request this edit. As such I'd like to issue one last change on Djinni's design. I apologize to those I have a Cross with, but my subtype and element will remain the same. This will, however, include a slight change to her name so bear with me. In the end this will be an improvement for you guys as well.

Name change: Djinn.EXE

Djinn has a muscled body with an impressive looking chest and body. Standing at 6 feet tall and a modest weight, Djinn is the prime and perfect example of a well-toned and gorgeous man. His skin color is of a beautiful and shining dark bronze that seems like it's perpetually covered in oil. His hair color reaches his shoulders easily and would be more fit to a prince than this rugged warrior. In the wind, his hair waves like the sea you'd drown in if you were to look in his sharp dark blue eyes. To accentuate his eyes even more, he wears dark make up around his eyes.
On top of his head is a wrapped turban that looks like it was done very messily to add to his wild personality. Covering his ears are the standard audio receivers Navis wear with an earring hanging from each. The symbol hanging from each earring is the symbol of a man, circular and standing upwards proudly.
Djinn wears absolutely nothing to cover his divine chest, a thing he would hate to take away from the many women and men that could gaze upon it. The only accessories on his chest are two circular golden buttons, each adorned with a round ruby. Each button is placed beautifully on Djinn's two nipples. Around his wrists he wears golden bracelets that each have 12 outward flames hovering near it in a circle, each flame in a different color of the rainbow. His nails are perfectly formed and dyed in a deep red color.
Covering his tight behind, Djinn wears a pair of white and leather assless chaps with a black thong underneath it. On the right cheek he has a tattoo of a black heart with flames coming from it. As boots, Djinn wears a pair of black cowboy boots with a fiery motive in orange and red that spreads upwards to the top. Both of the boots are equipped with spurs, both are golden, in order to make any stallion he's riding go at full speed.

This fake edit was brought to you by April Fools. Have a pleasant day thinking of MANDJINNI.