New .GMOs for Exxy and crew

To get ready for the Dentech excursion:

For Exxy, using .GMO 3 of 3:


In this form, Exorcist swaps out her outfit for a white, short-sleeved shirt with a dark green skirt and tie. The skirt is marked over with a white plaid pattern. Short black socks and white tennis shoes are worn, allowing decent mobility. Her hair adopts a style with a tighter, more slender tail, held with a green scrunchie instead of her usual black bow. This form has no cap or undersuit. She wears a black and yellow armband featuring the word "COUNTERINFECTUALISM" around it in black. The look is something like a hall monitor's designation.

For Bhikkhuni, using .GMO 1 of 2:


Bhikkhuni wears a white and green school uniform, in sailor-suit style, with a brighter green around the neck. Similar bows adorn her hair at the connection point of her strange hair rings. Her shoes are shiny and black with long, white socks reaching up to her knees. No hat or undersuit is worn with this .GMO. A black and yellow band matching Exorcist's adorns one arm. Her chest-guard is swapped out for a bright green backpack. Bhikkhuni doesn't like the look because it makes her look too much like a kid.

For Mary, using .GMO 1 of 2:


Mary wears a white formal shirt with a short blue-and-white plaid skirt. A blue draw-string tie is circled at the neck of the shirt. Silver cross pins adorn the cuffs and belt buckle. She wears similar shoes to Bhikkhuni's with similar socks as well, and a matching arm-band. Mary might look more natural dressed as a teacher, but she seems to consent to Burt dressing her this way regardless. The shirt is a bit too snug and the skirt a bit too short. She wears silver-framed, square-rimmed glasses as well; Burt's logic is that they suit her well and because she's blind anyways they won't hurt anything.
School Harem cast: Approved

+ the edits and moeglasses