Description: Ozho is a navi with onyx colored skin, blue pupil less eyes, and a complete lack of a mouth. His short white hair is kept in a militarist style. Ozho wears a dark blue robe, with gold runes along the heim at the bottom and at the end of the sleeves. On his left shoulder is a two layer shoulder guard, with runes on the edge of the top layer. He wears nice boots with metal plating on the front of them.

His emblem is just a simple pentagram, with it being placed where his ears should be and right on the chest of his robes

Unfortunately, due to how Ozho became an SP... there is one big difference in his appearance... He now looks like one of them god damn chibis.

Personality: Ozho wasn't a happy camper before, and becoming an SP definitely didn't help at all. He doesn't accept help that well from strangers, he doesn't take kindly to traitors, and he isn't fond with working with civilians all that much... So don't expect him to be all that friendly to others.

And he also doesn't like using bomb chips all that much, but it is unlikely that will come up since he is an SP and not a navi anymore

Custom weapon: Black and White energy that Ozho manifests in his hands.
Looks fine.

Currently have 117 Bug frags for upgrades

Going to get Speed V1 and attack V1 for Ozho

Will raise his level by 6, and cost 110 Bug frags.

Will have 7 Bug frags left over
Approved, don't forget Daisy will gain levels as well