Black Widow.GMO

Name: Black Widow.GMO

Description: The Black Widow GMO takes a complete shift in design in comparison to Sylk's normal appearance. The biggest change is that she looks complete human, removing any extra limbs or arachnid/insect characteristics. Her now visible flesh is a fairly tanned, smooth brown skin and mostly covered by her long, silken black dress. The dress is held up with a string attaching behind her neck, no back or sleeves to be seen. The front is a low-cut, just enough to show off her C-sized chest, and the dress itself extends all the way down to her ankles. Along the right side is a slit, extending from the bottom to just above her knee for easier movement and allows her to expose her long and slender legs. It also shows the lovely black high-heels which add to her height, making her seem closer to 6' opposed to her usual 5'10. The dresses fit as is is quite form fitting, clinging to her chest, showing off her slim figure and showing off her lovely curves and backside quite nicely.

On each hand is worn a sleek silken glove, running to just below her elbows, black in color with a white design resembling that of a web. Her normally tied back sapphire hair is now let down and grown out to the point it hovers just above her shoulders, and usually brushed to the side as not to obstruct her ruby eyes from seeing whats around her. Upon her exposed back lays a tattoo of a spider's web, extending from the very center. At that center lays a tiny black widow spider, upside down in position.

Though sometimes hidden by her hair, from each ear dangles a tear-shaped ruby, attached by a golden clip, which often sways back and forth as she moves. Around her neck rests a lose fitting black velvet band, about and inch in height and held together by a single silver ring in the very center of the front. A golden pendant, similar to a locket hangs from the ring, pulling the band down slightly so it rests just above her cleavage. On the front panel of the locket, the design is the same as that of her tattoo and her gloves, to fit in with the style.
It's fine, approved.