Djinni Profile/Subtype Change

I'm finally changing Djinni to Shadow. Reasoning is basically that Shadow is the best suitable for what genies are. Genies are about leading mankind on the wrong path, so illusions and deceit play into this role. They are also unseen all of the time, so this fits with the name of the subtype. Shadow suits Djinni more than Summon and Cursor ever will/should.

Besides the subtype change I'm also changing her profile. Appearance, personality and weapon.

Name: Djinni.EXE
Gender: Female
Type: Fire / Shadow

Djinni has a slim body of 6 feet tall with cupsize E. While it's not obvious from a quick glance, Djinni's body is fairly muscled but does not take away her feminine figure. Her skin is tanned, her eyes are of a charcoal black color and her hair color is a vivid red.
Covering the top of Djinni's head is a white turban with a circular ruby inserted in a golden ring at its front. From the sides and back come white colored cloth that reaches down to Djinni's shoulders. At the back of the turban is a hole through which Djinni's long ponytail comes, the ponytail easily reaching her hips. At the base of Djinni's ponytail, like a clasp, is her emblem inserted in a golden ring. The emblem is a black female silhouette in a passive floating pose and arms outstretched to the sides, a red flame behind her with the rest of the background being orange. Beneath the cloth and on top of Djinni's ears are white audio receivers without her emblem on either.
Covering Djinni's chest is a skintight white top that starts just below her eyes, covering her nose and mouth, and ends at a point to leave room for an ample amount of skin from the underside of her breasts yet nothing risky. Covering her back and around her shoulders, also covering practically her entire upper arms, is a cape that's white from the outside but the inside is a clear red that shines with the properties of a ruby. The cape is held together with a clasp at the front, a ruby inserted in a golden ring, and reaches her ankles in length. The cape's width is big enough for Djinni to hold it similar like a robe.
Around each of her wrists Djinni wears a slim golden bracelet. Around her left wrist is another golden bracelet, slightly higher on her arm than the other bracelet, from which hangs a short golden chain, long enough for the end to reach the palm of her hand, with a circular ruby at the end. On the ringfinger of her right hand she wears a golden ring with a ruby embedded in it.
She wears a pair of white Arabian pants which is kept up with a golden ring around Djinni's hips with the size of a belt. A black strap comes from each side of the ring and curves to the back of the ring. Attached to each strap, at Djinni's behind, is a curved knife sheath. On her feet are white leather-looking shoes that are pointed and curved at the end. Djinni's right ankle is encircled by a golden ring. Djinni is capable of transforming her body, from the ring around her hips and everything below it, into a transparent red trail of data. She basically only does this when she is going to go into the air.

Djinni loves doing everything as big as possible. Not entirely due to the reason of wanting to be seen by others, but because she gets a rush out of exaggerated actions. Despite her role of achieving her goals with more stealth, she still loves the attention she gets from men and women alike at any situation. With her body being that of a woman, her heart is still that of a girl's. As such she has very childish tendencies like getting upset when not getting her way, but is generally cheerful and playful.
These two traits don't really translate well into battle situations, but Djinni does not like blocking them despite the chance of them getting in the way. She does, however, know when to get serious in a battle and will do so without a second of thinking time. Djinni's pace of adapting to a battle's situation differs, but is usually not too slow.
Djinni isn't exactly the brightest and basically is a klutz in terms of interactions. As example, she is prone to tripping over her own feet or whatever is on her path.

Custom Weapon:
Djinni wields two curved, single edged short swords, also known as saif. The blade itself has rising flames engraved on it, going from the sharp side to the blunt side but is not colored. The grip of each sword is entirely black without any engraved details. The only detail of the grip is a small flat ruby set in the bottom of the grip. The crossguard is of the same metal as the blade.
Everything's fine, approved.