Djinni - Summon Subtype

I would like to change Djinni from the Cursor subtype to the Summon subtype. IC reasoning can be found in this lengthy post. If additional reasoning is needed, please tell me.
Djinni's body was, at first, kind of vague in certain areas. So I improved the description somewhat.

Original: Djinni has a slim body with an average length and is busty. Her skin is tanned, just as Na'im's.

New: Djinni has a slim body of 6 feet tall with cupsize E. While it's not obvious from a quick glance, Djinni's body is fairly muscled but does not take away her feminine figure. Her skin is tanned, just as Na'im's.
In regards of her subtype change, I am also changing her weapon entirely.

Custom Weapon: Djinni carries a six foot long magic scepter of flame summoning. The scepter's silver shaft is slender enough to fit comfortably within Djinni's grasp, and is also light enough to easily wield with one hand. Welded to the top of the staff is a vertical silver hoop with mystic runes enscribed all over it. A free-floating golden ring hovers around the shaft of the scepter where the shaft merges with the silver ring. Floating within the center of the runed silver ring is a ruby sphere that glows faitnly with an ever burning aura of flame. The butt of the staff features an identical free-floating gold ring that is centered around a socket in which a diamond-cut ruby stone is inset.

... Uh, approved, by the way.