Registering a new GMO for Melody. I've been told SPs get a free level 0 GMO as well-- this would be hers.

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Songbird is, depending on who you ask, either Melody's 'true' appearance or her humanized one-- namely, Melody in this GMO is a tall, leggy black woman in a sparkling blue, form-fitting, strapless evening gown, the hem of which comes down to her ankles, no farther, no shorter. The outfit comes complete with a pair of white, elbow-length dress gloves and a matching pair of white high-heeled shoes which, thankfully, Melody doesn't have to endure walking in given her ability to float. Melody's skin tone in this GMO is quite dark, even for most Netfrican-Netopians, and her figure fills out the dress she wears very well. Her hair is long and wavy, a voluminous, shiny, well-kept mane of dark brown hair that comes down past her shoulders to around chest-height. As a final touch, Melody's eyes are a deep, determined blue, shining with the force of her personality... and her usual paintjob.

Also, I am assuming I can go ahead and add this to Soundman's profile, yes?
Yeah ok.