SINNBAD's Profile: Original and Knight.GMO

Name: SINNBAD [Self-commanded Intercommunication Network Navigator Battle Application Dilettante]
Gender: Male
Element: Normal
Subtype: Guts

Appearance: SINNBAD (or SINN for short) derives his appearance from history texts. His base appearance is that of a first century sailor. His outfit consists of a loose-fitting doublet and a pair of breeches over a linen undersuit, topped off with gloves and boots, all made of tan, medium weight, waterproof material. His hat, a version of the Tricorn design, sports a few large feathers that droop down behind him like a ponytail.
What skin can be seen is similar in appearance to that of his operator's, a semi-tan, pinkish-white. The eyes and hair of SINN are a light cloudy-gray. His navi symbol is two concentric rings of broken grayish lines. The symbol appears as a badge on the left side of his chest.

SINN is boisterous and confident. He inspires his allies to great heights of courage and demoralizes his foes into submission or retreat. He enjoys a good challenge and a good fight. He cares deeply for his allies, and will protect them at the cost of his own health and well being. However, he knows when to back down and he isn't above skulking in the shadows, or low blows. He is also a proficient thief and pirate.

SINN dons silvery medieval plate armour, layered on top of a dark, cloudy-gray undersuit. The gaps in the armour show the dark, cloudy-gray sub-skin beneath. He also wears a durable cloak of similar silver adornment. His face is the only part of his skin that can be seen. He wears an ornate knight's helmet that has dragon features. SINN's hair is usually not visible when the visor is down.

Personality: While a knight, SINN is governed by a slightly altered code of Chivalry. He finds skulking in the shadows or petty theft to be beneath him, he holds himself to a higher standard. SINN also sees Destin as his 'Lord' and will swing away from whomever he is addressing if Destin talks or interacts with SINN in any way. Sometimes this could be seen as rude.
He seems to take his role as a warrior too seriously while in this form. He has in the past shown displeasure or rage towards both those that do not fight when they are clearly an opponent. As well as those that are of considerable detriment to his allies. Those going so far as to fight with cheap shots are considered the worst of the lot. Needless to say, he tries his hardest to destroy these enemies first.

Custom Weapon: SINN's primary weapon in either form is his own body. In melee he uses his arms, hands, legs, and feet (i.e. punching, kicking, striking with his elbow and knees, etc.). He also carries a flintlock musket or a sword and shield, depending on which form he is in. He has a basic proficiency in magic and alchemy.

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