New outfit for Operator

Getting a new outfit for Na'im and rewording some of it to make it look better.


Na'im has a thin body, is approximately 1.90 meters tall and looks like he couldn't even punch a dent in a pack of butter. His skin is tanned from birth.
He is entirely bald except for a patch of black hair on his chin. He has narrow eyes, almost closed, with green/yellow pupils, but usually wears a dark gray pair of sunglasses.
He wears a purple, usually kept open, jacket with a white dress shirt underneath that with the top few buttons usually opened. Around his neck hangs a necklace with a golden locket.
On his lower body he wears a pair of purple trousers that fit with the other pieces of clothing. Below these he wears a pair of black leather shoes.

Na'im is thin-bodied, approximately 1.90 meters tall, and a man who looks like he couldn't even punch a dent in a pack of butter. His skin has been tanned since his birth.
He is entirely bald. His eyes are topaz colored, but this is hard to tell as his eyes are squinted as if closed and normally hidden from view by the pair of dark gray sunglasses he wears.
He wears a gray denim jacket with a flame pattern in red, orange, and yellow at the end of the sleeves. Under this jacket he wears an entirely black shirt with an image on the front of a roaring lion pictured from front-view. At his neck and over his jacket he wears a long, red, wool scarf with orange and yellow flame patterns at both ends.
Na'im wears a pair of gray denim jeans on his lower body with a flame-pattern like the one at his sleeves. The jeans have more pockets than a usual pair. He wears a pair of black shoes on his feet.
Looks good, I like the writing especially *wink wink*