Name: Edana.SP
Gender: Female

Appearance: As a Navi, Edana took the form of a flamboyant young adult girl with fire-based abilities. This design still remains, as a base. She stands approximately 5'7", boasting pale skin and a well-developed figure. What appears to be dark red hair falls just past her shoulders and over part of her face, with a ponytail behind extending to her waist. In reality, her hair is multiple shades and fades from blonde and flame-red at the roots to the dark red that is otherwise visible. In the front, it shadows but doesn't completely cover her eyes, which are light brown in color. Adorning her body is a vibrant red dress, perhaps unnecessarily so, that covers most of her upper body save the arms and two holes torn in the back, and extends to just past her knees. Flame patterns are sewn into the fabric, though they are little different from the cloth of the dress itself and thus don't stand out from a distance.
Due to having been deleted while in the form of a Drauchen BeastOUT, Duke had to rebuild her appearance from this form, and thus she still possesses all the features of this form but none of the power. These include, replacing small heeled shoes, a pair of shin-high scaled boots stained a dark blend of red and green and a matching style and color hat with a pair of horns protruding from the front and wrapping around the back. In addition to these 'accessories', Edana sports a pair of dragon wings, sticking through the holes torn in her dress and stretcing eleven feet from tip to tip when extended.
Her fingernails, as well, are abnormally long and sharpened/hardened into claws. She typically fights by throwing fireballs or using these nail-claws, but can wield weapons given via chips in a pinch.

Personality: Like her appearance, Edana's personality had to be reconstructed after being deleted in BeastOUT, and thus there are a few...issues. At her best, Edana is very bubbly and cheerful, often to the point of annoyance. She is also often rather immature, despite retaining her original design and looking like an adult. When absolutely necessary, she can act her (apparent) age, though she occasionally has a warped perception of "absolutely necessary". Even in this, her more stable state, she is a bit of a pyromaniac and will play with fire whenever given the chance. This was (poorly) blended with the warped personality of her BeastOUT form, making her occasionally go from immature and silly but otherwise normal to psychotic, feral, and exceedingly violent. Fortunately, despite the weak mix of the two extremes, Edana rarely veers toward this feral side, but once she does it's very difficult to bring her out of it with anything other than allowing her to burn everything in sight and let it run its course.

Element: Fire
Subtype: Wind
Seems fine, approved.