Adding backstory

Joseph's back story: His navi Sparks.exe was given to him by his parents when he was very young, at the age of 5. They instantly had a good relationship and over time became best friends. A few days after they gave him the PET, they died in a car accident on the way home from a party. With his parents gone, he moved in with his grandparents. Sparks.exe was the only thing that kept him going. At the age of nine his grandfather and his navi left to hunt down a myth some would say. A giant beast like virus that was rumored to slumber somewhere deep in the net. The day the old man left Joseph promised him he'd become the best net battler in the world, and his dad promised to return after he had found the beast. From that moment on Joseph trained everyday. He became friends with the net battlers in his neighborhood and battled them every chance he got. He recently turned 18 and made the decision to start virus busting on the web. His grandfather still hadn't returned, and he hadn't became the best.
This is a start. As time passes, you can always come back and update it.