Name: Model067.GMO

A GMO modified to allow SplashMan to use it when he would be otherwise incompatible. It completely changes his body structure, giving him an appearance...less suitable for his name. Or, after this GMO is donned, her name...

Head: The differences begin right at the top; a head now exists where there was once a dome that passed for a head. A mostly generic blue helmet covers most of the head aside from the helmet, though shoulder-length sea green hair can been seen coming from the sides and back. The one two exceptions to this is her emblem on the front, and a fin extending from the back half of it, resembling that of a shark's. Her face is far more humanesque than the non-existent one, but the most striking feature by far is her blue eyes, which are as gentle as the calm ocean.

Arms: From the shoulder to around the elbow, the arm is completely covered in skin-tight blue armor. However, it is unknown exactly how far down this goes, as elbow-length sea green gloves are worn. A decorative, flowing extension extends from the side, resembling the fin of an angelfish.

Torso: Mostly the same blue armor covering the top half of the arm, though each side of the chest has a single generically shaped seashell on it.

Legs: From the waist down, the blue armor seems to stop, and what looks like sea green pants made of fish scales begin. Near where the ankle form, each pants leg splits into two, and forms what appears to be a caudal fin on each leg. These give way to regular boots identically colored to the pants.

Custom Weapon: The cannons from the basic SplashMan form are gone; instead, she now wields what appears to be a spear slightly less than her height. However, by itself it is completely harmless, as it is too dull to pierce anything. Instead, it can command water to come from seemingly nowhere, in order to perform signature attacks. Multi-use chips such as swords and fists can also form on it, so that it may be used more like a regular spear.

The entire design is roughly based off the Netopian cartoon, "Princess of the Sea", which Sabrina often watched when she was younger. The GMO's name has no reference to anything; 67 is simply the number of times she has accessed the GMO editing program, though this is the first time she has ever actually been able to save something for future use.
You did a good job distinguishing yourself from SplashWoman... Although I'd say "screw you" to Capcom on this one since SplashMan came first. Approved.