Soundman Classic™

For the new Soundman's first GMO, Trenn thought it would be a good idea to keep at least a few links to the past...

And how much more of a link to the past can you get than your original look, amirite?

LEVEL 0 GMO: Soundman Classic™

----Soundman, in his original form, is covered from the neck down in a sunshine yellow jumpsuit with a few key features; dead-center of his chest is a single blue musical note inside a circle, given emphasis by two musical notes of the same design that are woven into the jumpsuit and curve from the front, around to the back, and then back to the front to arc up in a sort of X shape. On his boots, a single, physical musical note juts out from the outer side, towards the ankle and pointing backward, almost like little wings. These same two musical notes are present upon his helmet, but unlike the others, these two are special; they can be plucked off, where, when they are, they grow in size (and sharpness) to become a pair of note-axes that Soundman dual-wields in battle. When these note axes are detached, however, two small holes, one for each axe's original position, are left on the sides of his helmet. At first glance, these appear to be pitch black, with no details inside; but if one were to shine a light inside, one would find that, this time around at least, Soundman does indeed retain his transparent, messy hair from his new look.

Weapon: Note Axes
----Soundman, as formerly mentioned, can pluck the two notes off of the sides of his helmet, where they then grow to become a pair of large axes: They retain their original shape, however. These are dual-wielded, with one being used in each of Soundman's hands.

SPECIAL: When Soundman uses one of his new attacks that requires the use of one of the many speakers he has on his new form, the speaker will materialize on him long enough to perform the attack, then disappear. This is not the case with sigs like Whine or Prestissimo, where Soundman will simply hit the Note Axes together in order to create the necessary sound.

Now, when's Soundman X? XD