Outfit Change.

I'm changing her outfit as stated before in the chat room. Written description will be added, but won't go over the details. The details will be done by the 'drawing'. Credit for the drawing used goes to 'BeckiebooTwo' on DeviantArt.

Appearance: (( Reference Image ))
Her body is like that of 20-years old slim woman with a dark tanned skin, her height being set on an average and an average cupsize. She has black and white hair, white on the front and black at the back with two short ponytails, black hair, sticking out from each side. The pupils in her eyes are a mix between gray and red, both colors becoming one, and she wears a small pair of glasses on her nose which doesn't have 'legs' to her ears. Different than other Navis, she does not have anything over her ears.
On her body she wears a bodysuit, that looks similar to a one-piece bathing suit, and has a diamond-shaped cut out at the top of her body. On her back are 4 metallic black spines coming out of her body that hold a red gemstone in place, the size of half her back. On her shoulders are blackened metal pauldrons with two red gemstones on each, both aligned vertically under each other. The pauldrons cover the sides of her bodysuit slightly. On her hands are blackened metal gauntlets that have a red gemstone on their back. The fingers of these gauntlets are sharp and pointy.
On her hips are blackened metallic tassets that each have a red gemstone embedded in them on the surface. On her feet are boots that come up to just below her knees and have a v-shaped ending. Close below the tip of the v is a red gemstone on each boot.
Each Immortal has its own weapon which can be brought forth through the gemstones that have become the new link between the Net World and Persephone's Data World. Each has a stationary object that can be summoned from the gemstone and a moving object, but they are always attached to the gemstone. She also has her claw-like gauntlets to attack with. Besides this, she can generate wings from the gemstone on her back which can differ in size and form depending on the Immortal supporting them.

With this update, I'd like to change BOTH of my GMOs back to blanks as her design got changed. Currently Persephone is in a modlocked thread. Details about changing in between the battles will be (/have already been) discussed with the Moderator in charge.

Including the GMO resets