Appearance and personality redo

Technically, I've already unofficially changed these IC, but I've been meaning to officially register the changes for awhile now. This includes a slight change for Duke, a personality change for Pianissimo and a better appearance description for Pianissmo.

So here goes:

Duke: He's ditched the cape. That's about it for the moment.

Pianissimo wears full body armor, thin enough for full movement, yet sturdy enough to still be practical. The armor's most distinguishable features are the gauntlets that look like little more than normal gloves but feel much sturdier, the emblem of a katana cutting a musical note in half on the back of the left gauntlet, armored boots with grips on the bottom designed specifically to maximize movement capabilities, and the helmet. The helmet is shaped like a hawk's head, with spikes behind the eyes with shapes similar to kunais. The eyes are covered by eyepieces, leaving only the bottom half of the head exposed. Pianissimo usually conceals that, though, with a tattered scarf, just long enough to be a bad excuse for a cape if worn right. In terms of color, the armor is solid black with dark red trim. The emblem is enclosed in a dark red circle with a gray interior, while the blade is black and the note the same blood red color. The eyepieces of his helmet are red as well, and can be adjusted in brightness from a fairly bright red to almost black. Even brighter dots occasionally traverse the surface of the eyepieces, like datastreams of some sort. The scarf is also blood red. The helmet conceals nearly shoulder-length pale green hair.
Other than that, Pianissimo carries what appears to be an ordinary katana strapped to his waist. When drawn, however, the sheath disappears (for convenience), and the blade is revealed to be a perfectly solid ebony color.

Perpetually calm, Pianissimo is the last person to experience any form of fear or anger, even in the gravest of situations. He is generally a quiet person and possesses a strong dislike for loud noises or any sound that could be potentially distracting. Trained as an assassin, Pianissimo is serious, ruthless, and often exceedingly cruel. He occasionally has a tendency for witty thoughts or ideas, but almost always keeps them to himself. He lacks any interest in anything related to romance and, to a lesser extent, even friendship. For this and other reasons, he rarely keeps allies for very long.

Custom Weapon:
Pianissimo's custom weapon is a katana with a solid ebony blade that doesn't reflect light. Pianissimo has dubbed the blade Silensword.
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