Hare-raising changes

After all this time, I figured it would be worth a chance to update Jazz's appearance and his personality...as well as justify him in a new subtype. Justifiably, he's still Wood, as even with Riccio having been "communed" with, he's not been taken over, but will exhibit more attacking types towards the Elec element over time, but the beast inside him seems content (enough) to let Jazz continue doing his own thing without taking complete control.

Subtype change: Variable.

Due to Jazz's mission, his "communing" with the cybeast and his general history, even after all has been said and done, he's more a wildcard as a navi than "just" a force of destruction, his history making him want to eschew the Break subtype for something more flexible, and he's become a jack of all trades in the intervening years, guns, swords, fists, feet, he's proficient in many types of combat and makes him more of a wildcard in how he fights, leading to a way to support himself and allies, while having his options open to hindering enemies with more than just "complete and utter annihilation".

Appearance: Jazz takes on the form of an anthropomorphic rabbit, a White Mountain Hare to be more specific, and he is about the size of a six-foot human male with four fingers and a thumb on each of his hands, with bunny-rabbit like feet, three toes on each foot with pink paw pads on the underneath of each toe and the foot, soft, squishy and very mailable to the touch. The fur is generally a leafy-green color, though his belly and parts of his face (mainly around his cheeks, nose/muzzle and around the eyes) have patches (or full stomach to waist) snow-white fur, with his fur being extremely soft to the touch, specially his belly as it's a bit on the chubbier side, with his navi symbol on his chest in the image of an eighth note in red crossed over in an "x" symbol by a brown wooden staff and a knife with sharp looking teeth, likely a military combat knife in black. His face, despite having a small mix of snow-white fur and the leafy greens looks fairly rabbit-ish, a muzzle, two small slits in a triangular black nose for breathing and a pair of moderately sized pair of buck teeth incisors that drop a couple inches down

The eyes in their sockets are-were a deep ruby red color, with black pupils, his left eye however after earning Riccio's power in battle has instead been transformed into a pale white eye with a black iris, as well as golden strands of data formed across the outer rim of the socket, as well as a third eye that he hides atop his forehead has an icy blue iris. While his body is covered in scars, burns, punctures, all sorts of grisly imagery from his 40-some years at life, he always seemed to stay updated up to the point he met with Stephine, as well as keep his apperance, even if the scars became more neumerous over those years.

He has shed a standard-issue navi bodysuit for the time being, instead of a "simple" appearance, he now wears a pair of sandal-like coverings, metal rings looped around his toes with a conductive rubber-like membrane underneath his feet to be charged up over the course of time, allowing for some electrifying kicks to his enemies. His legs are covered by a pair of tan-colored military jeans just a size bigger than he is used to, though the bottom parts of the legs never slip beneath his ankles, many pockets adorning the jeans with extra ones tied up to his legs through various straps in a black color, while straps around the waistband keep the pants from moving too much as they are attached to his light-grey, almost white, shirt thin enough to see through to both his bodily scars and his navi emblem, as well as a belt that wrapped around his pants that carried more pouches, knives, ammo, all that you would think of and more. His upper body consisted, besides of the plain tee, a cherry red jacket, heavy and durable with many many more pockets in and out of the jacket, with a bulky looking pair of black leather gloves on his hands, fingers free from the leather, but the back knuckles would have a trio of prongs to be used in various situations, as well as a pair of buttons on either side to be pressed for various OHTER applications, including being shot out with metal wires attached to them for a shocking application of brutality. And finally, across his forehead a bandanna around his head to hide the eye in the same color as his fur, shade and all, as well as an eyepatch across his left eye to mostly hide the new eye from his "beastly" companion residing in his "soul".

Personality: While a troublemaker at heart, he is a kinder soul due to the last little while under Stephine's operation. He is not naturally a violent hare, but, most circumstances push him towards defending himself and after nearly being full on deleted in the near past, as well as his history, he tends to speak softer and let his actions carry more weight than his words ever could. He tends to hide his more "violent" tendencies and his true feelings under banter, jokes and other such nonsense (with a netopian accent not unlike a new-yorker's), that, if you didn't look at the scars under his shirt or ignored the headband/eyepatch combo, you'd think him a bit more "cutesy" or "harmless" if you caught him outside of his new outfit. Of course, he's also a pervert at heart, so the odd comment will come along...even if his heart is taken by another...literally and figuratively. And, if he gets angry, if you hurt those close to him or dare to try and justify it or threaten worse...you'd wish you'd be deleted in no uncertain way, pray to your god if you have one, you'd be going on a one-way trip to them...
This seems all okay to me ^.^ More Jazz development is approved!