Coral Bowgren & Seafoam.exe

Name: Coral Bowgren
Gender: Female
Age: 26
Appearance: Coral is a moderately muscled woman of about five and a half feet, skin tanned from the time that she spends outside, blue eyes and shoulder length dirty blonde hair. Generally wears a t-shirt and loose fitting long pants, when not working. Carries a small shoulder bag for her PET, keys, wallet, etc.
Personality: Coral is somewhat reserved, with distinct dislike for crowded environments. In addition to her existing interest in nature, she has recently experienced a renewed interest in the net as an environment. In conjunction with an offer by a friend to build her a custom navi, this has led to her partnership with Seafoam.
PET Customization: A ruggedized PET with a Sea Blue and Yellow color scheme.

Name: Seafoam.exe
Gender: Female
Type: Aqua
Subtype: Ground (Passive: Pathfinder; Active: Geomancer)
Appearance: Seafoam is a slim navi standing about five feet tall, with blue-green eyes, off-white hair, and tanned skin. Be default, she wears a wrap around her chest, with two wide straps going over her shoulders, and short.
Personality: Mostly carefree, Seafoam is rarely overly concerned about anything, and just wants to enjoy life. This includes battle; she is unlikely to show fear except under dire circumstances. It should probably go without saying that Seafoam particularly enjoys partially or entirely aquatic terrain (ie. Areas with decent amounts of Onsen or Sea tiles.).
Custom Weapon: A single-flue harpoon.
Signature Attacks:
Wave Strike (40 Aqua; Ground) [40 sig points; 1 TCD]
High Tide (Large-Area Sea Terrain Change) [40 sig points; 1 TCD]

Starting Battlechips:
AquaNeedle1Damage: 20 x 3 Needles + Variable Targeting + Drop Attack
Accuracy: B
Description: Three needles drop on enemies
Duration: Once
Element: Aqua
Special: Variable Targeting: Allows the user to select a target for each individual hit of an attack. This means they may strike the same target multiple times, multiple different targets, or a mix of the two as they wish.
Special: Drop Attack: This attack originates above the battlefield, and falls to the ground. It gains one rank of accuracy against High Altitude targets.
Trader Rank: D
: 20 x 3 Needles + Variable Targeting + Drop Attack (Acc: B), CannonDamage: 60 + Knockback
Accuracy: A
Description: A decent sized cannon with a single shot.
Duration: Once
Element: Null
Trader Rank: E
: 60 + Knockback (Acc: A), ShotgunDamage: 50 + Spread 1
Accuracy: A
Description: A gun whose shot penetrates an enemy to hit another one directly behind it.
Duration: Once
Element: Null
Trader Rank: E
: 50 + Spread 1 (Acc: A), RageClaw1Damage: 40 + Slashing (Attack) OR 20 + Impacting (Throw)
Accuracy: B / B then B
Description: Creates an impressive bear claw. Can be used to slash or throw enemies or objects.
Duration: Until Overridden/Broken. Breaks automatically after 6 uses.
Element: Null
Special: Throw: The wielder must first grab the target to be thrown, then the target is thrown in the direction/area indicated. A second check is made if against another object/enemy. Throw deals damage to both thrown object/enemy and the second object/enemy. Damage occurs at point of collision with the ground/wall/ceiling/etc. or an object/enemy, not during initial grab attempt. Objects deal their max HP in damage (instead of the chip's damage) if they hit an object/enemy, then break. If they miss, the object just takes the chip's damage. This chip has a variety of uses.
Trader Rank: D
: 40 + Slashing (Attack) OR 20 + Impacting (Throw) (Acc: B / B then B)
Starting Navicust:
Undershirt, HP+50
1/1/1 Buster, 100 HP, 6 Actions
2x MiniEnergy
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