So. Here we are.

If this is approved, I'd also like to spend the following BFs:

Second Chance (+3) -100 BF
Hit Point V1 (+1) -10 BF
Damage V1 (+1) -10 BF
Damage V2 (+1) -20 BF

This would result in requiring 140 BF, leaving me with 10 BF.

Lily's level would increase from 0 to 6, increasing Amy's level from 6 to 7.


Network Identity: Liliana.SP
Chosen Name: Lily
Gender: Female
Element: Elec
Subtype: Wind
Appearance: The simplest way to describe Lily's appearance is a giant yellow butterfly with oddly shaped wings.

Lily's main body is small; from top to bottom it measures around 30cm (12'). This is best broken up into fifths, with two fifths of the length being made up of her head, and the remaining three fifths of length being her combined thorax/abdomen.

The head houses two very large eyes that seem to absorb a quarter of her face (which is technically small for a normal butterfly). The eyes themselves are filled with an enormous sunflower-yellow iris and average sized amber-yellow pupils. Her mouth is rather small in comparison to the rest of her face, and although she has a nose, you would be hard pressed to notice the two small slits amongst the small hexagonal-pattern that made up her shimmering charcoal-coloured skin. Two small antennae poke out of her head with small rounded bulbs at the end, but these are retractable and only extended when needed.

While a normal butterfly would have both the thorax and abdomen as separate body parts, Lily's body combines the functions of both into one rounded thorax. Two small round appendages about a quarter of the size of the thorax are attached at the bottom with a forward-facing orientation that act as feet, and two simliar appendages are situated on the top half of the thorax also facing forward that act as hands. The hands have the same width as the feet, but the length of the hands out from the body is approximately one and a half lengths of the feet. Each of the hands and feets do not sport any claws or smaller protrusions, but they do each support a distinctly darker horseshoe shaped shadow that fills the edges of the front halves of each limb, as if they had hooves. These are magnetic pads; more on these later.

If one did not pay close attention they would not realise that Lily's four wings do not actually make contact with her body. The truth is that the wings are a holographic protection broadcasted out of Lily's body, and as a result they cannot be torn, damaged or removed (they can be disrupted, but to no permanent effect). Their movements are dictated by the coding inside Lily's being, and as a result of the strong conductive magnetic signal that flows between body and wings, they are not impeded at all by the lack of contact.

While flapping these elliptically shaped leaves would in fact create additional lift, their constant subsonic vibrations against the air allow themselves to remain static in the air in their current location with little to no movement whatsoever. Leaves were a good description for the shape of the wings, as each wing has a split down the middle in similar fashion to the ribbing of a leaf. While their weight displacement ratio is enough to levitate Lily, it is not enough (in an unaided configuration) to lift any other bulkier creatures (another navi, for example).[color=#faa]

Lily's body sports two additional features.

The first is the horseshoe-shaped pads on Lily's feet and hands. They were designed specifically to allow her to interface with a certain navi's biometric gel systems, and in doing so, become one with them. When this happens, Lily undergoes a colour change. While her head, thorax and limbs all retain their default charcoal grey colour, her wings will change to match the current polarity of the navi's gel repulsor systems, as will the pupils in her eyes. This is strictly visual, and has no effect on her elemental typing.

The second is the dynamic nature of the wings. As these operate independently from Lily's body, they can be shrunk and expanded in size to match the needs of the current situation. The wings can be shrunk down to the size of her feet, or grown to ten times her body length. Lily's natural wing length is one and half times that of her body length when in solo mode, and two and a half times her body length when docked to her preferred navi. Smaller wings are much more manageable when navigating tight spaces, but less surface area will require additional effort to be able to fly. Larger wings of course have no problem with flight due to the increased surface area allowing maximum air disturbance, but also makes Lily a larger target in the middle of a fight.

Personality: Lily is your typical big sister, always looking out for her little sisters and defending them from outsiders, even if they are at fault. That's not to say that Lily is bossy and standoff-ish. While tough love is sometimes necessary to help a person grow, Lily is protective of her flock. While she strives to maintain unity between her family's members as the peacekeeper, she will often forget that her needs are also important, too often putting other's needs before her own. This attitude does come off at times as a little desperate and wishy-washy, but to Lily, all that matters is family. Her otherwise gentle nature allows her to relate to others easier, and them to her, which is necessary given her designated navi's predisposition to not trust anybody upon their first meeting.

Buster Attack: Ion Wave
Like her preferred navi, Lily's weapons systems create the same instability in virus coding in order to strip each core of its outer layers and force a virus EJO. Lily delivers her attack through a wave of ionised energy that is manifested through her wings, glowing and humming during the very brief charging cycle. When ready, the energy is discharged in one focused flap of its wings. Unlike her preferred navi's gel blasting, this ionised wave pulses and crackles as it passes through the air, its colour matching Lily's current wing configuration.
This all looks good to me ^.^ You're approved, enjoy your new SP!
Assuming no issue with purchasing the two process upgrades, I'd like to make the following changes to Liliana:


Bugfrag Purchases

HP Lv.2 (20 BF)
Damage Lv.3 (30 BF)

Bugfrags: 61 >>> 11

Level Up! HP (+1), Damage (+1)
Liliana.SP: Lv.6 >>> Lv.8 (Amy cap)


Signature Attacks

Purchasing two Process Upgrades will bump the pool from 320 to 400. Planning to use those 80 points to add the following two new signatures to Liliana. If Gravity cannot be by itself in a standalone signature I may need to revisit 'Spring Breeze' first.

Spring Breeze
[Gravity (40 SP) = 40 SP]
1 TCD - Shot-type - Gravity (No risk of injury to Liliana if 'Gust' subtype ability is active)
Lily's wings don't just dispel electricity. They are capable of causing micro-abrasions against the air itself to generate an unusual static cling to the limbs in question. If Lily generates an electrical charge within the wings whilst they are causing the micro-abrasions, a heightened energy field of magnetism generates onto her body that attracts objects of a similar electrical polarity to the support program with a fierce bond. On its own this would only bind electrical entities with the same polarity, but if Liliana were to discharge the same stored energy at another object, its own electrical polarity would become temporarily altered to match the new energy. Such an alteration would cause a supercharged magnetic bond to be established, even over a large distance, which could then result in said objects being drawn to the butterfly against their will, like a creature drawn in by the smell of a spring breeze.

Summer Heat
[20 Damage (20 SP) + Phasing (20 SP) = 40 SP]
1 TCD - Shot-type - 20 Damage, Phasing
In their natural state, Liliana's wings will discharge electrical energy when attacking. However, if focused correctly, the electrical properties of ionised energy bursts can be altered to suit various purposes. If the positrons and negatrons are disrupted in such a way that the entire digital nucleus of the atoms are temporarily in a disassociated state, they obtains a free-form property that can allow them to bump into solid-form atoms and pass on the continuing kinetic energy to push the attack forward. In short, a 'Newton's-cradle'-style particle wave allows the atoms to continue forward through most forms of solid matter until it is ready to manifest again as a damaging entity in front of (and sometimes inside) its intended target, as unforgiving as a scorching summer heat.
That's all correct, upgrade approved ^.^