From Beyond {lurking;grasping}

For a time, a major thoroughfare of SciLabs was blocked off by a quarantine barrier. What the glowing wall's purpose was, few could say; no matter how long one spent devoting their craft to the scientific cathedral, there would always be clearance levels never breached, some never discovered. So it was that most who'd seen the barrier, or even been present when the evacuation alarms had blared their chilling tolls - had simply rerouted their travels, and asked no questions. It was the way of things, in their world of secrets.

Those few who had overseen the barrier, whatever their intentions, had found nothing. The cause of the incident had fled - disappeared, really. There had been something like a jack-out's digital signature, but the language was indecipherable static, and the PET address had tried very hard to convince SciLabs' computers that the assailant had gone everywhere. There was undoubtedly at least a couple angry mutters about unstable glitch-junkies, or something to that tune. Of the quarantine target, though, there could be no sign.

And when it returned, seeping into a forgotten corner of the Net far from its early exit point, so too did nobody notice, at least not immediately. Oh, they would soon enough, no doubt; the foreign contaminant had been anything but subtle on its rampage. For now, it oozed through quiet nooks, casting little feelers up from its surface. The air shuddered at their touch as they sucked at it, tasting for life.

In time, a thin sort of protrusion grew on its surface. Its shape was an abstract of a body: shoulders, the suggestion of limbs, the back of a head where it drifted face-down. It did not move. It made no noise, save a faint creaking groan that echoed from the whole pooling white, like metal or wood under immense strain. Or was it the Net making the noise, in response to this trespasser? Whatever the source, noise traveled far in quiet places. Any listeners would hear it well before the creeping white sprawl came into view.

[Searching for first meal {Hex: 180 HP, Ego: 90 HP}]
Hex and it's captive would slither their way along the network, soon finding themselves in a...well, brightly lit would be too strong, the local area they found themselves in would consist of badly maintained Solar paneling with beaten and battered metal panels crossing the field just outside of each on the inner areas of the four solar "quadrants", each of the solar panels flickering weakly as they seemingly had either been forgotten about...or something was damaging them internally.

Sadly for Hex, it would quickly be descended upon by a quintet of viruses, a pair of the fiery boxers known as Champus, one farther north between the paneling and the other staring daggers right at the navi, fists engulfed in flames and taking a stance. A local flying head made of stone would soon descend upon the field as well, an Elec Aura flaring up as it stared at the "navi" and looked upon the buggy creature with disdain. A Miner coming up from beneath the field a short distance from Hex and captive as it spat a mine into it's hands with a dopy grin on it's face, and finally, a broken, battered and glitched Mister Prog would float on in, above in the north-eastern quadrant of the field, it's body constantly glitching out as electrical sparks flickered from it's head. "W-Welcome! D-Doge Ball! GiVE [NAVI CORE] to M-M-ME!" it shouted out. Hex's processors would quickly flare up, readying it for combat...all while a small green data crystal would make itself apparent in the area, seemingly coming into existence as battle routines started.

-- Viruses --
ChampuChampu (Champy)

Champy viruses teleport when they attack.

Area: ACDC, SciLab, Electown, Kotobuki Town, Hades Isle

HP: 60
Attack Damage/Effect: 10 Fire + Impact x 2 Punches
Attack Accuracy: B
Attack Description: Punches twice with fire.
Element: Fire
Possible Rewards (Per Virus): FireHit1, Zenny
A: 60 HP (Metal) (Between the Northern quadrants of metal, roughly more towards the middle of the field)
ChampuChampu (Champy)

Champy viruses teleport when they attack.

Area: ACDC, SciLab, Electown, Kotobuki Town, Hades Isle

HP: 60
Attack Damage/Effect: 10 Fire + Impact x 2 Punches
Attack Accuracy: B
Attack Description: Punches twice with fire.
Element: Fire
Possible Rewards (Per Virus): FireHit1, Zenny
B: 60 HP (Metal) (To the north of Hex, staring daggers at the two)
Megalian-EMegalian-E (Megalian-E)

All Megalian-E viruses are equipped with Omnishoes, and fight from the air. This virus type will spend an Action Dodging, and then Attack the following Action. If there are more than one Megalian (family does not matter) the viruses will work together, alternating their attack Actions or attacking as a group (mod's discretion). When attacking, both the head and the base can be damaged separately (if the Aura protecting the base has been destroyed).

Area: NAXA, SciLab

HP: 130
Attack Damage/Effect: 40 Elec + Break + Piercing + Group attack.
Attack Accuracy: B (special)
Attack Description: Lines up with a target and launches its head at the enemy. Accuracy decreases with each hit.
Element: Elec
Possible Rewards (Per Virus): AuraHead1, Barrier, Zenny
Special: Omnishoes: capable of free flight.
- Dodges every other Action. Attacks when not dodging.
- Has a 10HP Elec Aura (Pierced and destroyed by Wood attacks).
- Can be attacked while head is extended.
: 130 HP (Solar) (North-Western quadrant)
MinerMiner (Miner)

Area: SciLab, Hades Isle

HP: 100
Attack Damage/Effect: 50 Null + Ground (Trap)
Attack Accuracy: -- (See Description)
Attack Description: The virus dispenses a stack of mines, sinks into the ground, and randomly places them within various panels all across the field. Every time a stack of mines is placed, it covers 5% of the field. When stepped upon, they explode, and 5% of the field is freed up again.
Element: None
Possible Rewards (Per Virus): Mine1, Zenny
Special: Immobile
- This virus may dodge by ducking an attack while placing a mine.
- Trap [Movement Triggered]: Whenever a Player Navi or allied character Dodges or Moves, there is a chance they will trigger the mines. Mods will roll 1d20 for every move action made by allied characters. A roll of 1 is always a hit, with the threat range increased by 1 for every 5% of the field covered in mines. The max coverage of the field is 90%. Characters with Omnishoes who are flying at High Altitude can ignore this effect entirely.
- Panel Breaking can destroy mines.
: 100 HP (Solar) (To Hex and Ego's left in the South-Western quadrant)
DarkProgDarkProg (DarkProg)

DarkProgs are Mr. Progs cruelly corrupted and warped to become expendable soldiers. They appear mostly as normal Mr. Progs, but their face is much more darkly colored, and have glowing white eyes, as well as missing their left arm. They attack by emitting static around themselves. While they are fairly strong attackers, especially in groups, they have poor endurance, which is only exacerbated by the fact their attacks harm themselves. They very rarely dodge, but will often try to move close to the enemy before attacking.

Area: SciLab, Netopia, NAXA

HP: 60
Primary Attack Damage/Effect: 20 Elec + Nova 2
Primary Attack Accuracy: C
Primary Attack Description: Emits some of its life energy as a static field.
Secondary Attack Damage/Effect: Damage x 2, Self-Sacrifice x 2
Secondary Attack Accuracy: S
Secondary Attack Description: Charges up energy within itself. On its next turn, all of this virus's attacks deal +100% Source Damage, and deal twice as much damage to itself. This effect does not stack with itself.
Element: Elec
Possible Rewards (Per Virus): RingZap1 (Rare), Zenny
Special: ElecBody: This virus takes no damage from Elec elemental attacks.
Special: Self-Sacrifice: Every time this virus uses its Primary Attack, it loses 5 HP.
Special: Can use PanelGrab once.
: 60 HP (Solar) (On the North-Western quadrant)

-- Navis -- (Roughly in the South-Eastern quadrant)
Hexadecimal.EXE: 180 HP (Solar)
Ego.SP: 90 HP (Solar)

-- Terrain --
80% Solar
  • Elec Elementals get +5 HP/action.
  • Wood attacks: +100% Source Damage, change terrain hit to Cracked.
  • PanelShot: Imbue Elec + Stun1.
(A quartet of smallish squares in the area)
20% Metal
  • Cannot be Broken or Cracked except with Geddon/PanelShot, cannot be Burrowed into.
  • Elec attacks: +100% Source Damage.
  • 100 Damage Aqua attacks: Change terrain hit to Cracked.
  • 100 Damage Fire attacks: Change terrain hit to Furnace.
  • PanelShot: Imbue Elec + Break.
(Between the squares as a sort of divider for "quadrants" of metal panels)

-- Objects --
GMD: 25 HP (Glass) (Damn near middle of the field)


-- Battle 1 Ready? Start!! --