((From => Lyntael's Home))

It was a clear, sunny day in Kotobuki, with a mild, pleasant warmth and a soft breeze that chased small, fluffy clouds across the sky. The rest of the surrounding arrival zone would likely have matched the atmosphere as well, if it had been the main active network layer. Unfortunately, this section of the Kotobuki net, in the deprecated rogue nets, was not bustling with happy navis enjoying the sites and scenery designed for their enjoyment, and the many attractions and relaxation opportunities that the network normally boasted seemed just that little bit abandoned, here.

It more resembled an old theme park, long forgotten; fun and exciting for an entirely new set of reasons, more enticing to explorers and treasure-hunters than youths. Beyond the immediate arrival zone, surrounded by old, disused information booths and help kiosks that once offered insightful directions towards the most enjoyable attractions and now merely flickered fitfully, it did seem as though the occasional building or store front was still operating some measure of business, somehow, though they were scattered and intermittent. In the distance to one side, a giant ferris wheel moved slowly, stuttering every now and then; several of the carriages seemed to have worn out, broken or degraded beyond all safety, while many others looked more or less intact, their lights blinking and flickering on and off.

It was just one of many neglected sights that greeted Lyntael as her own unstable light beam dropped down into the arrival area and deposed the girl. She stumbled a step forward, winding and rubbed at her arms for a few moments, letting the sing of the transit fade, then stood and rolled her shoulders, stretching as she looked around and waited for her friends.