CourseMan's SquallOUT

In order to impress upon a colleague that he was quite serious about his intentions, Courser decided, for a lark, that a it might be a good idea to fight a Cybeast.

So, ah... this happened.

Courser's SquallOUT


The first change to appear as Courser assumes his beast form begins with his teeth. His ever-easy grin becomes a predatory smile formed of a jagged zig-zag of sharp teeth.

Thanks to some careful assimilation, Courser retains a mostly humanoid appearance when under the effects of the transformation. Instead, his coat takes on a grey sharkskin texture – a keen eye might pick the colour and patterning as a freshwater river shark, opposed to Squalo's ocean-dwelling pattern and colouration. The coat comes to a taper, rather than splitting, and draws down into an element that closely resembles a shark's tail at the end. From the collar, running down the centre of the back, a series of bone notches create a spine relief, with a raised dorsal fin element just below the shoulder blades, a secondary, smaller rise at waist level, and a longer, trailing bone element at the end, mimicking a tail fin. Rib-cage elements spread out from this central spine at the back of the coat, all the way around to the front and running the length of the coat from collar to waist.

Alongside this change, his pants take on a grey sharkskin pattern as well, and his boots gain prominent bone highlights.

While under the influence of the transformation, one of Courser's clones tends to show up as a far more bestial, wild version of this transformation, and seems to hold much of the uncontrolled savagery that Courser himself tries to hold at bay.

This clone has the same jagged grin, but its mouth has grown wide to an unnatural extent and its skin has turned a sharkskin grey, complete with abrasive texture. Bony white spine ridges protrude from the decoy's back, piercing its coat and bursting out from it, complete with “fin bones” marking the primary and secondary dorsal fins. The skeletal protrusions continue from the spinal ridge, into a full skeletal rib-cage that encircles the clone's torso tightly, then splits at the waist to run down the outside of both legs. Rather than stopping at the collar, the spinal ridge climb the clone's neck, and terminate in a full shark skull, complete with a protruding nose-bone and capped with a vicious spike, that covers its head and comes down over its eyes.


Courser generally wouldn't all upon this transformation unless raw aggression and destruction were called for, and he falls into actions and behaviours that favour this kind of violence when under its influence. He doesn't lose complete control of himself, but the beast form is primarily for combat and fighting purposes, and courser trends towards direct ,vicious, destructive violence while using it. The shark decoy amplifies this to an extreme, acting like barely more than a wild creature, bent on destroying and consuming its foes.

Best Sigs
(Level 25: 3 Sigs available, engage with 260BSP initially):

'Raging Torrent'
(Element Boost 20) (200BSP)

Description: Courser draws out the shark-beast's energy progressively the longer a fight goes on with it engaged. The visual effect is subtle – a gradually increasing speed and pressure of the waters he controls – but the longer he holds the transformation engaged, the more power he will be able to channel into chips of the right alignment.

'Swelling Tide'
(Multi-Stage: First (Random(3): (BusterBoost(A) OR BusterBoost(R) OR BusterBoost(C))), Then (Random(3): (BusterBoost(A) OR BusterBoost(R) OR BusterBoost(C)))) (200BSP)

Description: The longer Courser maintains this transformation, the more the beast's power swells within him, lending strength and speed to his attacks. For now, this tidal swell is erratic and the exact ways in which he gains its power are unpredictable.

'Ocean Grave'
(Sea Stage, Planar Body (1 round), 60Hp Planar Casing) (200BSP)

Description: If he finds himself in undesired environments while holding onto this beast transformation, Courser wreaths himself in a fresh whirlpool of water that encases him, then bursts outwards, covering the entire battlefield and transforming it to a deep ocean setting of frigid dark water. Below, shadowy shapes give the impression of jagged rock and the wreckage of ancient ships. Water continues to swirl around Courser himself, giving his own body an even more watery form while small chunks of barnacled wooden wreckage drift close to him, held in place by currents that will shift them to intercept hostile attacks.
Looks positively eviscerating, Approved!