Jazz in: RiccioOUT

The time has come and so has he!

Due to his level, he can only have two Beast Signatures for the time being

Appearance: Jazz's body is quickly coated in a clear rubber from the neck down to prevent his own body from shocking itself due to the conflicting natures of navi and beast. His ears are reformatted entirely from the tip to the base, in their place a pair of coils made of brass stretch up from one "side" and wrap downwards to the other, not unlike the Bunny virus family, including the fact they are completely hollow in the middle to allow arching currents of electricity to travel between them. His face is fitted with a metal plate that cracks in jagged ends in the middle, resulting in sharp and extremely jagged teeth in his mouth. In addition, from the sides of his head, Jazz "grows" two large antennae like you would find on extremely early television sets, coated in rust and copper in structure, they jut out at a rough 45 degree angle to either side.

Across his chest is a copper breastplate that is, for all intents and purposes, loosely fitted onto his body while being a size too big for him, heavy steel wires covering his shoulders and with enough depth to it that even a hard hit, while denting it inwards, won't manage to pierce through unless at a power that would have nearly killed him in the first place. His legs coated in liquid mercury that hardens into what can be a faux-steel that, while extremely mobile and flexible, are skin tight and as hard as the steel it seemingly replicates...as both of his knees are soon introduced to thin, copper spikes with serrated edges that jut outwards about an inch, rust covering the still extremely sharp tips and edges of the spikes.

His arms are outfitted with bright luminescent glass and filament coils that wrap all the way down from the just below his shoulders up to his forearms. While they give off faint light, it's not enough to completely illuminate an area on their own, as well as the fact they are extremely hot and will eventually burn if touched while he is in his BeastOUT state long enough, much like the common lightbulb. His feet are stretched and lengthened to deal with the new weight and denseness of his body, half-resembling the beast they come from as he is forced to haunch his back over in this state constantly and his legs forcing another two inches on the hare's height. His hands taking on a much more feral look as his body is changed, fur standing on end as his fingers are forced into claw-like shapes. And then the nails on both hands and feet grow outwards with a brilliant gold that shimmers even in the darkest corners of the undernet. The nails taking on scythe-like apperances and wrapping downwards as a good two inches come outwards on his hands and one inch on his legs, each with copper and serrated insides to cut through things in a more "feral" way.

And finally, his back is fitted with an extremely heavy shell of the thickest steel. Curving downwards from the top of his shoulders to the back of his thighs, the hare is fitted with a shell that clings to him like a heavy piece of rebar, fitted with (fittingly) chains that connect it to his body, sturdy steel holding it well in place and keeping it from jostling about even as he fights. The shell itself is covered in a forest of quills made out of iron, growing back immediately if one is broken off, each having the same distinctively brilliant gold with copper tops to each, serrated to cut flesh and the weight of the BeastOUT'ed hare enough to obliterate bone.

On top of everything Jazz's entire fur pattern turns and ashen black, gold lines thrumming throughout the entirety of his body in some way, shape or form. His eyes turning pitch black with gold irises to show he is under the beast's influence. On top of that, his voice is pitched to that like a radio, radio waves picking up on his voice should they be nearby and on, tuned to certain channels if they can even pick up on his voice at all. This makes communication with Stephine a bit...precarious...should he retain lucidity under the beast's influence...but it is possible to transmit his thoughts to text to her in real time under this lucidity...-if- he retains himself.

Beast Signatures

1: Extreme Defenses: Using the shell on his back, Jazz is able to maintain speed even in precarious situations. This providing a defensive measure as well as a way to keep mobile despite the density and heavy armor he now has to shoulder the burden of. (Movement 1+Haste 1+Barrier 60+Casing 60) (180 BSP)

2: Battle Roar: Crying out into the air with a garbled roar of static and radio waves, Jazz rallies himself to fight with extra ferocity. (Action Boost 1) (300 BSP)
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