Dragonier/Lyntael Cross

Lyntael recently spent time with DragonierMan, Aya and Suzume, undertaking a mission to join their organisation. Though she was warned by others about the strong and dangerous navi, Lyntael found him to be perfectly courteous and good-hearted, even if the social setting wasn't his preference. They worked a mission together, and afterwards had some free time to get to know one another better, while the Dragoniers attempted to help Lyntael find ways to deal with her control difficulties. The resulting bonds helped to support Lyntael's confidence, as well as giving her a chance to calm down and think more sensibly about her other problems. Though it was a short time, it meant a lot to the young girl.


Level: 2
Element: Null (No Weakness)
Subtype: Wind
Bonuses: 160pt sig pool, +20Hp. (Chips-what-are-chips)


At first glance, Lyntael might not be recognised in this cross: far from her usual designs, this outfit is made up of a full set of functional dragon-styled armour. While many of Lyntael's outfits are lighter and more minimal, the appearance of her DragonierCross adopts a more sensible, combat-ready design that covers and protects to a far greater extent. Though the armour as a whole is still sleek, graceful and light-weight, it nevertheless covers Lyntael all the way from neck to fingers and toes – including footwear, a rarity for her.

The outfit begins with a polished metal visor, with a sweeping scale design that sits above her brow. One central dragon scale makes up the central diadem, while additional scales sweep progressively sideways to either side, where the visor transitions into a pair of backward arching dragon wings that protect her ears, and extend just barely back and up, past the back of her head.

A flat-lying metal gorget covers her collar region, picked out in downward-pointing metal scales, while a series of three larger scale plates form shoulder guards that taper to about halfway down her upper arms. Beneath these, and indeed beneath the rest of her armour, a darker matte grey mesh gives Lyntael a full undersuit – the outer facing side of the material is a tight-woven metal mesh, but the underlay is a softer, more giving material that is comfortable enough to wear against her skin. The mesh is nevertheless still very thin and light overall, and extends to her wrists and ankles underneath the other pieces of armour in a distinctly form-fitting manner.

The rest of the armour is composed of several parts. The chest piece is formed from three interleaved scale-shaped plates that reaches down to her mid section at the front. They're complimented at the back by two interlocked plates that can shift and flex as needed for mobility, each stylised to look like folded dragon wings. The faulds follow the rest of the armour's design, with each stepped section designed to look like layered dragon scales, extending to her mid-thigh on all sides; the individual segments are linked but independent and allow the faulds to move and shift in a more flexible and graceful manner that most similar designs.

The outfit also sports boots and gauntlets that, while slim and elegant in design are nevertheless fully encasing and protective metal. They follow the general draconic theme of her armour. The gauntlets are made to resemble clawed talons at the fingertips, reaching back to mid way up each forearm. Etched scales mark the points just below her wrists, where her charge normally builds, with scrolling lines chasing forward and down to each pointed talon tip. Her boots, in similar style, are refined and elegant but still designed with dragon feet and claws in mind. They come up to her mid calf, where they flare to points, while the toes end in short, sharp talons. Extra metal scroll-work connects two dragon-scale etchings, on either side of each ankle, and runs from them down the to claws of each boot. The scale and claw design of the boots supports full flexibility and reticulation, allowing Lyntael to keep her full range of flexibility with her feet and to walk, run or even dance in her normal light-footed mode.

Where her emblem would normally be visible, or at least represented, Lyntael's chest is covered by this outfit's armour, leaving no sign of it – it remains hidden away, unseen, protected and safe. Lyntael herself is not particularly aware of this detail specifically, nor of any subconscious reasons for the cross manifesting in such a way.

As with most of her crosses, it has little power to affect Lyntael's own physical form, except in minor ways. In this form, her hair lies loose and flat, and takes shifts from her normal bright yellow blonde to a more subtle platinum blonde, edging towards silver at the tips. Any other physical changes to her body are impossible to discern under the armour, but those familiar with her cross forms may be able to make certain guesses about elements of her personal grooming. In addition to this, Lyntael gains a silver nail coating on both her finger and toenails, if she were to remove the boots or gauntlets, and the nails themselves form into slightly pointed tapers provided Lyntael hasn't already cut her nails too short for this to occur.


Despite other stories and warnings, Lyntael's time spent with DragonierMan showed her someone who was confident and headstrong, but also stoic – someone who was driven to purpose, but who showed concern and care for his team mates and friends without trying to use his own strength to coddle them. Alongside him, Aya and Suzume showed similar dedication to their goals, and each in their own ways an eagerness for testing themselves, excelling at their strengths and supporting their allies.

The result is that when Lyntael assumes this cross, it is these elements more than any others that influence her; she grows more serious, and more certain in her actions and choices, and gains a stronger willingness to put herself in danger, without panic, for the sake of supporting or protecting others, and for doing what needs to be done. Under the influence of this cross, Lyntael's normal trepidation about causing pain fade into the background somewhat, and she is notably more comfortable fighting and inflicting damage against those she needs to, if she has to.

Cosmetic Overcharge Effect:

While under the effects of her DragonierCross, Lyntael's Overcharge is dampened substantially. Her physical attacks, no matter the force or energy she puts behind them, no longer have any impact on her, and even her electrical expends only have a minor impact on agitating her charge. While the balancing techniques that she normally uses to stabilise her charge also no longer have any impact, the charge itself cools off more rapidly than normal on its own, under the dampening effect. It's harder for Lyntael to reach the extreme levels of burn out that she risks on her own – perhaps even impossible as long as this cross holds – but she is keenly aware of the dulled sensation and the odd 'deadening' of her charge, even below her normal resting pulse.

Rp Overcharge Effect: Overcharge Dampener:
- Charge Buster no longer adds Expend
- All Elemental Expends capped at +1
- Electrical Cool-off effects no longer decrease Overcharge
- Overcharge Cools-off passively -1 per turn
- Active Overcharge is treated as Overcharge – Cross Level

Cross Signature: (160/160)

A Knight's Ward:

Description: Determination to hold strong guides this manifestation of energy, along with the strong desire to stand and protect, both herself and others. Lines of pale grey-silver light accompany the armour of her cross form repairing and strengthening itself as it takes on an increased defensive sheen, while a small, lightweight kite shield forms across her right forearm constructed of the same energy flow. The shield is made of the same metal as her armour, and shares the draconic scale design. For now, the shield lacks a prominent crest or emblem.

Effect: (40Hp Casing, 2-Hit Shield), 2CD
Rp Overcharge Effect: None

Cost: 80, 2TCD (Sig Pool Used: 80)

A Knight's Valour:

Description: When need to protect turns to necessity of stopping foes, Lyntael is more confident and ready to act in this cross. She moves with her normal grace and fluidity amongst her opponents, though she tends to remain more grounded and employs fewer acrobatics unless they're necessary. She trikes rapidly, using each of her limbs evenly in a version of her personal fighting form that more evenly balances out her use of punches with her leg work. Within the flurry of motion, Lyntael is capable of delivering up to eight strikes, and splitting these between up to two nearby foes. The end of each series of strikes is accompanied by strong bursts of wind capable of flinging her targets a substantial distance away from her. The dragon wing etchings on the back of her armour shine with faint lines of silver-grey light each time these particular bursts of wind accompany her attacks.

Effect: (Buster Strike (4x30), Knockback (Wind-Type, Double Strength), Buster Strike (4x30), Knockback (Wind-Type, Double Strength)), 2CD
Rp Overcharge Effect: Expend, Overcharge +1 on Activation

Cost: 80, 2TCD (Sig Pool Used: 80)