Comfy Night-wear

While I'm here, I should probably put this one up as well, since Lyntael has been using them most nights ever since she resigned her home properly. This would be Lyntael's level 10 GMO slot.


This is a modest set of fine silk pyjamas that Lyntael picked out for herself and then adjusted and tweaked to her liking. They're loose fit on her, and modest-but-cute. The front is a button-up, with a small collar that lies flat, and sleeves that go all the way to her wrists. The bottoms are simple and reach to her ankles, with an elasticated waist, rather than any kind of tie or fasten. The pyjamas are a pale blue colour, with white wind and cloud motifs patterning them in artful ways.

Short and simple, not much else to say for these. They're cosy and comfortable for evenings at home, or possibly sleep-overs and pyjama parties, if she ever hosts one.
Looks good and comfy, approved