Dubious Uniforms

Here's a formal registration for Lyntael's Neo-Shogunate uniform, since she never got the email from Yasu. The design was first shown off in her mission thread where it was obtained, but this can be the reference post for it if approved. With the small modifications Lyntael has made to improve its decency marginally, this uniform apparently registers as an '8' on the Yasu skin-showing scale for uniforms.


The outfit, if it can rightly be called one, gives the impression of the neo-shogunate's standard uniform, at a quick glance – at least, it gives the suggestion of the shape of their standard tunic. Rather than covering material, however, the top is comprised only of thin, stylistic strips of material, with bare skin in between; they are enough to mark the frame of a tunic, and to let it sit straight, but that's about all; it is far, far more space than cloth. Two curling wind designs, in thunderstorm green, rest across the tops of the shoulders, splitting into a twin branch of xanthic yellow lightning bolts that form the 'seams' of the tunic's sleeves – each strip of material is no more than a centimetre wide at any stage, and the lightning bolts taper to points at each end before joining up with the next in line.

The v-front of the garment is formed by two more long lightning bolts, cutting steeply down to frame Lyntael's emblem right where the bolts zig-zag. Where the 'v' meets, the two bolts cross over and continued several more inches down, until they meet a curling strip of green fabric, styled to look like blowing winds, which circles around her body just below her solar plexus. This wind pattern strip marks the 'bottom' of the tunic half of the outfit. In its centre, the wind currents meet and curl up away from each other, while the front-v lightning bolts meet the green on either side.

Part way down these main two front strips, the lightning also branches, sending two more thinner bolts at an opposed angle across the barely showing swells of the girl's breasts; the bolts are sufficiently broad at the important points to cover her nipples adequately, but little more. These two 'modesty' bolts continue down at the same angle, to eventually meet with the green bottom strip, at the sides of the top.

On the back, the 'tunic' is even less present; two slightly broader lightning bolts fall from the green wind curl that crosses the back of the neck, descending with multiple jagged zig-zags down the centre of her back, before striking into the green lower strip to either side of an identical wind-meeting curl pattern that is positioned in the centre at the back, just as it is on the front.

The tunic part of the uniform ends just below her breasts, and her midriff is left bare all the way down to a second circle of stylised curling wind forms the band of the accompanying skirt. Or, at least, the suggestion of one. Like the band at the base of the tunic, the skirt band bears the same colliding wind curls marking the centre on both the front and back. The 'skirt' itself, however, is mostly just the green curling band itself, draped with a dozen loose-floating lightning bolts that fall from it independently for about five inches – enough to reach her hips, but no more than that.

As the skirt streamers do nothing at all to cover the wearer's modesty, the outfit also has what passes for built-in undergarments: two thin lightning bolts descend from the band of the skirt, underneath the loose ones and more fitted to the body, starting about six inches apart and falling into a narrow V towards the groin. The two bolts travel dangerously low before meeting up, enough to give the impression that they must surely be showing something indecent, but manage, just barely, to avoid doing so – though this will depend on the style and shape of one's personal grooming; unless she decides to remove it, the top portion of Lyntael's stylised lightning bolt design is still visible, even after her amendment, though it's less exposed than the initial design. The back side of the skirt's built in undergarments match expectations; a single lightning bolt strikes down from the wind curls in the middle, before quickly thinning away to almost nothing at the top of her buttocks; the g-string design connects underneath but exposes her entire behind.

The uniform does not come with any other notable accessories or weapons, even to the point of leaving the wearer completely barefoot – though this is no surprise given Lyntael's own disposition.
Looks fine to me, approved