ScorchMan's Arsenal

Pool: 280 pts
Caps: 100 / 150

Conflagration (80 pts)
ScorchMan's signature move. Wrapping himself head to toe in a veil of flames, his Scorch Busters are levelled against a foe for a withering blast. The colour of the flame is dependent on ScorchMan's vitality: at full capacity, the fire will burn bright yellow and smokeless, dimming redder and sootier as his inner furnace takes damage.
Effects: 50 Fire {A}, 30 HP Barrier; 2TCD

Smokejumper (80 pts)
A reconfiguration of his furnace allows ScorchMan to create a fuel-air projectile, to be fed either through his busters, or the various vents across his boots and armour. While the fuel burns too quick to create any sort of flame, the resulting shockwave is powerful enough to send foes flying, or propel ScorchMan far enough to deliver a staggering blow himself.
Effects: Microburst, Disarm; 2TCD

Scorched Earth (60 pts)
ScorchMan has made a study of using the heat of his environment as a sensory aid. By immolating his surroundings, the radiant heat floods back into ScorchMan's furnace and warms all it washes over, steadying his arm.
Effects: Medium Coal Terrain, Imbue Fire, Take Aim x2; 2TCD

Stoke (60 pts, 30 npts [20 used])
By sacrificing the use of one buster, ScorchMan can, at need, focus and divert power to his chest-furnace, cooking off accumulated impurities and raising his temperature back towards an optimal burn. Provided he has enough fuel, excess heat will welter from his chest-vents in a cross-shaped flare, absorbing any foreign flames outright and otherwise detonating to repel an incoming blow.
Effects: 30 Healing, 1-Hit Planar Shield, Charge Burner; 1TCD
That all looks correct to me. Many and varied ways to burn things approved ^.^