As the title states, I'm going goning on a hiatus for the time being. I've been a lot less active in recent months and have been unable to properly push myself into modding or even doing posts, additionaly, my laptop is PROBABLY on it's last legs and has been having trouble loading the site fully without a proper internet connection. So, I am sorry to do this, but until things change for my computer or internet (I literally am unable to access Discord and Youtube on my lappy without a proper connection it's that bad), I am gonna be stepping away from the site. I will try to finish up Rogan's current fight, but I can't continue with my modding until I get properly taken care of IRL. Again, I am extremely sorry to do this at this time, but there's really not a whole lot I can do to fix it.
Best of luck getting things sorted, and stay safe. ^.^
Hope you can still check in to read along when you feel like it, and motivation/inspiration returns in the future.
Take care of yourself; RL and your own well-being comes first.
Good luck my man.