The End

So, the thing in the chat yesterday with me and Rogan showed me a few things. The most important one being, things are never going to change between the two of us. Which would be rough, but whatever, if it was just between us. But it isn't. We're not above bringing the drama into the main chat, which is unacceptable. And yet, unless one of us has a total personality switch, it's probably not changing.

Another less important, but still relevant thing is that I'm going to have to change my entire battle style, RP wise. Up until now, I thought when you used dodges didn't matter, they just happened. But nope, apparently not, it just seldom mattered/I never noticed even when it did until now. Sure, in theory, I could just keep doing what I'm doing, but when I know that actually matters, how can I?

Well, both of these sorta point towards one thing, which is pretty obvious from the post title: I'm done. Done with RERN, done with the chat, done with arguing with Rogan, done with being made to feel like the bad guy after the arguments, earned or not, done with everything. As long as I'm here, the arguments will continue, and I'm kinda afraid that one of these days, there's going to be a big one right in the middle of everything, and that's not fair to anyone. I've tried the gentle approach, I've tried the tough approach, nothing works. The only solution I see is one of us leaving, and it's definitely not going to be her. I barely post anymore anyway, so I'm no huge loss.

If you want to chat with me for whatever reason, you can always PM me on Steam (username is RandomMan802).

...I had more to say, but I'm tired after a long day of work, and I still got the essentials out, I think. So, farewell, everyone. You will be missed.

I do hope you reconsider at some point.

I know we've got a history of butting heads, and unwillingly rubbing each other the wrong way, but I still consider you a friend and someone I care about the well-being of.

I think that if you decide to stay away, your presence will definitely be missed, but either way, I hope that whatever choice you settle on, it's whatever one makes you happier overall.
This makes me sad. I'd say more, but I don't know if you plan to check back here. If you do, make sure you accept my friend request on Steam. Your given username doesn't come up for anyone but you're listed in the Steam group if that's still the account you use.
Frankly, Cereal, just as much as I kept things going with missions for a while, you kept me going by taking those missions. You were one of the few people who enjoyed the same things the way I enjoyed them. Plenty of people have RPed with me but most of my favorite missions I've ever had I had with you. It's going to be a damn shame to have to move on from that... but obviously a bigger shame not to have your presence around the chat.

You've contributed so much in terms of sysdev, in terms of keeping me going personally as an RPer, your enthusiasm for the MMBN series, and in terms of laughter over the years that I don't think anyone can replace you.

I earnestly hope you'll come back, at least to visit sometimes, and hopefully to rejoin the community. I also have faith in both you and Rogan. There's no way it should be one or the other and I hope both of you understand that.
........... D:

MC Nooooooooo!
By the way, if anyone was hoping to reach out to Cereal on Steam or send him a friend request, he's the RandomMan at this page: