Big Man Kemix’s Signatures

Level 5
100 Max Active
150 Max Nerf
Total points: 240

Scrapping all signatures to make new ones

Cooling Drink: Grabbing one of the gourds on his sides, Kemix takes a drink and afterwards, can add an aquatic blast to his attacks. (Imbue Aqua 4 (80), 2TCD) (80 Signature Points)

Light Casing: Overcharging his hardlight generators on his armor, Kemix creates a casing that has added defensive capabilities. (60 HP Casing,

Light Barrier: Overcharging his Hardlight generators attached to his armor, Kemix can create a barrier with heightened defensive capabilities. (60 HP Barrier, 2TCD) (60 SP)

Refresh: Taking one of the gourds on his armor and imbuing it with healing energy, Kemix takes a quick drink that recovers his physical vitality. If with an allied partner, he may instead splash the healing waters upon them. (30 HP Recover, 1TCD) (40 SP)
I'm afraid the nerfs are improperly done, Kemix.

Remember: You can only add nerf value equal to half of the final amount of sig pool points you are spending.

If you design your sigs from the perspective of creating the effects first, and you want to use nerf to reduce the amount of sig pool points you spend, you've still got to remember that your 'sig before nerfs' is not going to be the final full power version you're making. Aim to make effects that total an amount divisible by 3 if you come at it from the perspective of designing the 'final' signature first: if you make a signature that has effects totalling 90 points, you know you can add nerfs totaling 30 points - because you then spend 60 from your pool, and 30 (50% of that 60) is covered by nerf, making up the 90 points you need to cover. In this case, the theoretical 'Original Sig Before Nerfs' is something costing 60 points, that you're then amping up by 50%, to a value of 90.

Heavy Swig has a total cost of 80 points - as written nerfing to spend only 50 pool points would only allow you 25 points of nerf, which doesn't add up. Technically, you can note that you're spending 55 pool points, and the remaining 25 is being met by the nerf.

Heavy Light Casing and Hard Light Barrier both cost 80 points, but if you are spending 40 pool points and 40 nerf points, that is nerf value equaling 100% of your pool points spent - double the allowed amount. Remember, it is the actual amount of signature pool points that you are spending that matters - not the theoretical initial cost.
Redid signatures. Not enough points to do what I want
That all looks correct, you're approved.