The Hex Life Cycle

Pool: 560 pts
Caps: 140 / 210

Attachment (100 pts; 40 npts)
Hex buries its prey under a tide of grasping, dragging limbs.
Effects: Gravity, Freeze, Turn Delay (1 Turn): Hold, Self-Slow; 4TCD

Entry(120 pts)
A sharp tendril stabs out with unrelenting force.
Effects: 80 Null {A}. Break, Glitch; 3TCD

Synthesis (140 pts; 60 npts)
Hex synthesizes the foulest, most potent corruption its pool can produce.
Effects: Glitch 10, Charge Burner 2; 5TCD

Assembly (80 pts; 40 npts)
Hex eats into the ground, adding the extra mass to itself to fuel its attacks.
Effects: Large Broken Terrain, Buster Charge x2; Self Slow; 3TCD


Ego Sigs:

Command: Replicate (80 pts)
Ego's Conduit strengthens the white's connection to the Net World.
Effects: 30 Healing, 2 Targets; 2TCD

Command: Activate (40 pts)
The Manifest Conduit flares to life.
Effects: Random Effect (Mod rolls d10, resulting attack in table); 1TCD
Possible Activations
1 - Hollow bodies rise from the pool, to be grifted on as disposable armour.
Effects: 2-Hit Shield (random ally)

2 - A cloud of crackling static bursts from the pool and settles over its creator.
Effects: 40 HP Barrier (random ally)

3 - Hex's pool is churned and agitated, seething with aggression.
Effects: Sig Chill (random ally)

4 - The pool directs its code to gather, corrupt, and rupture into a toxic haze of static that befouls all it settles over - even Hex itself.
Effects: Glitch 2 (indiscriminate target)

5 - Ego is pulled under. The pool lurks underfoot, feeling out its next target.
Effects: Burrow, Take Aim (Egomorph only)

6 - Hex or Ego begin moving erratically.
Effects: Haste (random ally)

7 - Tentacles rise from the pool, sensing, reaching out from every angle.
Effects: Accuracy Enhancement (random ally)

8 - A misshapen pile of sewn-together bodies is raised for cover. Upon its destruction, it bursts into a noxious slurry of energized matter, which is consumed by the white as fuel.
Effects: Summon 20 HP CorpseHeap (in front of random ally), Trap (When Destroyed): (15 Healing, random ally)

9 - The pool reaches out to eat at the terrain, growing stronger for the added mass.
Effects: Medium Cracked Terrain (random location), Strengthen 20 (random ally)

10 - Red light bleeds from the Conduit and surrounds Ego in a searing aura, damaging her but increasing her strength several-fold.
Effects: 60 Strengthen, Sacrifice 15 (Egomorph only)
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