When the GMO is activated, Alphonse's gauntlet starts pumping out visible sound waves in a catchy beat. The sound wave starts to turn thicker and creates a type of wall that blocks the view towards Alphonse. As soon as the last beat goes off, the wall breaks off, revealing the new Alphonse. He ditched his formal attire and replaced it with run down street clothes. The first noticeable change of his new GMO is his signature gauntlet, which shifted into a thick vambrace. His right arm vambrace is covered with old Japanese art style design of a hunting White Bengal Tiger in a deep, bamboo forest background. The left arm vambrace is covered in Modern-day street graffiti style design of a zigzagging Chinese dragon with multi-colored background. Alphonse's clothes is a dark orange sweat shirt, with a drawing of a "Pimped-out", yet cute, Met holding a large boom box and baseball cap, a baggy military camo pants with three different length chains, and an old converse shoes. Alphonse's metal rim glass is now replaced with an overly stylish sunglass and starts to wear couple of earrings. Alphonse's hair is longer than before and combed down, also his hair becomes darker blonde with orange hair dye strips over his hair. Alphonse's personality flips from calm, strict to a loose, blithe, yet explosive. His way of speech is similar to K's and way he acts is very spontaneous. He sees everything as an opportunity to have fun and never thinks of the negative, also, he tends to get into to many unnecessary fights. The new form of Alphonse is extremely skilled in dancing, so he applies his moves for his combat. He also carries around a pouch full of gunpowders for combat. (All the normal attacks have different name/different visual. Same effect)

- Bursting Finger (Rapier Punch): Alphonse's right hand starts to emit light smokes and his finger tips have a petit fire on it. Alphonse rushes towards the enemy and just when it looks like he was going to punch, he halts and flicks his finger to create a burst of fire towards his opponent. [Fire Damage/Punch Type]
- Crazy-Step (Doloire Swipe): Alphonse abruptly starts to "6-step" towards the enemy and speeds up his steps. By the time he reaches around his enemy, Alphonse flips backward and delivers a flaming crescent kick. [Fire Damage/Kick Type]

- Fireworks (Claymore Swing): Just like "Bursting Finger", Alphonse's hand starts to emit smokes and fire but this time it's both of his hands. In the same fashion, Alphonse starts running towards the enemy and starts creating bursts of fire. But rather than bursting one fire, Alphonse repeatedly flicks his finger to create multiple fires at once. [Fire Damage/Punch Type]
- Detonator (Viking Drop): Simple, but deadly attack. Alphonse throws a handful of gunpowder at the enemy and kicks them with his fiery roundhouse kick, combusting the gunpowder to create a extreme explosion. [Fire Damage/Kick Type]

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Yeah, yeah, gangsta style, YO.

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