Phase & Critias Cross

Name: CritCross
Level: 1
Element/Subtype: Null/Bug
With the help of another Navi's code running through Dignity's systems, the building-sized combat vehicle condenses down to a suit of cutting-edge power armour. In deference to Critias and his Operator's high-tech synchronised combat, CritCross Dignity runs two parts simultaneously: a piloted suit and a winged exoskeleton. In deference to Critias' tendency towards tight, scaly cuddles, the seven-foot suit of armour packs as much shock absorption and amethyst-painted plating as possible, and casts it in a perfect mould of Phase's slender figure. Bat ear-shaped audio receptors are mounted atop the helmet, which covers the entire face in a smooth sheath of metal. Glowing green slits in the mask give the illusion of eyes, though in reality the nested laser-cams offer a 1-to-1 viewscreen inside the mask, with reception smooth enough to make the wearer forget there's even a mask on. The suit itself has no weapons apart from a small holstered firearm on the right thigh, sleek and silvery with a pistol grip and stripes of glowing light on the sides of the barrel.

The true power of the SoulCross comes into play in the synchronous dance the suit plays with its semi-detached drone unit. Painted the same deep purple as its rider, the flying armour resembles a mechanised dragon-head with gleaming bared fangs and oversized ears, a long sinuous spine ending in a tri-finned tail, and a wide, clawed pair of VTOL engine-equipped wings. A series of retractable cables link the two parts together, stringing from the back, elbows, and wrists of the suit up into the wings. The dragon drone can hover just overhead with cables extended, freeing Phase's hands for shooting airdrop-style, or retract to the armour's fully-attached state. In its draconic, two-headed hybrid form, the dragon's head looms overtop Phase's, wings mirroring the movement of her arms, tail following her natural lines of motion seamlessly.

-Signature Attacks-
Pool: 80/80 pts

Scramble Flare (60 pts)
Dignity collects energy in the mirror-like surface on the backs of its wings, and fires it in an exploding breath attack from its mouth. The resulting shockwave causes irregularities in anything that gets caught in it.
Effects: Glitch, Blast3; 2TCD

Fang Shot (20 pts)
A specially-coded round is loaded into Phase's pistol, firing as a tiny sharp bullet tethered to the barrel by a wire-thin cable. Upon a successful hit, the gun drains a small dose of data from the target, and wirelessly ports it into the suit for repairs.
Effects: 10 Lifedrain; 1TCD
Nifty! Interesting style.

This half of the cross is fine and is approved, with confirmation from Nightshade. Nightshade can post Critias' side of the cross here at a later date as desired.