Exorcist's Crosses

Making some updates to Exorcist's crosses to remove passives where they existed.

DjinniCross (Level 1)

Signature Attack(s):


Burning Blood (80) - Exorcist's own blood adopts the ability to work as an ignition oil, lighting her regular blades and weaponry with mystic fire. It must be some sort of genie magic, right?
- Imbue Fire
- Strengthen +60
- 2 TCD

SharpCross (Level 1)

Signature Attacks:


Make it Hurt (80): A lifetime of discipline and good intentions unravel as Exorcist is consumed by the ego that comes with being good at hurting others. With no focus on controlling her aura, transparent black waves project wildly like jabbing knives, hurting those around her indiscriminately.
- 40 damage slashing nova 2
- 2 TCD
Looking sharp. And hot. Sharp and hot. Shot, if you will.