New navi

I'm getting rid of Ozho for a new navi. I gave him more info then I did with Ozho, and I hope I have more fun RPing Edgar.

Name: Count Edgar
Age: 40
Type: recovery

A tall, slender, charismatic Navi dressed in 19th century clothing Edgar has blue eyes and hair the color of freshly spilled blood. The soles of his shoes conceal specialized "pads" which allow him to resist gravity's hold on him, making flight something as trivial as walking. Emblazoned upon his back in a simple military documentation script are the words "Project Life-00", a memento of the circumstances he was created under. A simple diamond engagement ring in his pocket serves as a reminder of what his need to find redemption, as well as a token of what he'd failed to do.

Personality: When he meets new people, he acts like a gentleman. Of course, he tends to forget that the normal greeting for women is not the same for men. After he gets to know them better, he drops the formality and starts to joke around some. He strongly believes in heaven, angels, and god. When in battle, he is welling to protect someone he cares about, even if it means killing himself to do it.

Little is know about Edgar, as most of the data is in a high clearance database in the main HQ of the Sharo army, and the original research data on him has been deleted long ago. However, during his 40 years of existence, he has gained a large amount of knowledge on various subjects, including combat, navi programming, history, math, science, acting, and psychology. His mind, instead of binary, computes everything in base 25.

Custom buster: Will of the blood magus
Count Edgar has the ability to control his blood and can form weapons and other fun things with it, his body holds enough blood to create objects with a volume of 80 cubic feet. This ability puts a massive strain on the user's mind and causes great pain throughout the body. Thanks to training in his younger years, Edgar has learned how to nullify the physical pain he feels, and can manage the strain on his mind. Also, when he uses a chip, it will not look like it normally does in the battle network games. Using cannon and guard as examples, cannon will not generate a cannon on his arm, but instead, a ball of energy will appear in front of his hand and he fires it at his foes. And guard will not be a met shield, but a tall shield made of angel feathers.

lvl 1 sig attack: blood pummel: Edgar uses his blood to form a giant weapon, or a TON of smaller ones and begins to pummel the enemy. 40 break damage with a 3 turn cooldown
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I forget what Orzo drive does. Might have to put that in there.

And you're... Recovery, trying for a Break effect on your Signature Attack?

Damage down to 40, then.
Alright, made the chages

Also, I thougt that the only pentalty for an off element sig attack was +1 CD.
Aye, but you were breaking the cap of 70 damage. You can turn the CD down to 3.
odd, I tought 60 was under the cap...O well, I'm fine with 40 break with a three turn cooldown.
I count additional effects as the equivalent of +20 damage.

Let's see... Majin, Twi, you're better at details than I am. Take a look?
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I count additional effects as the equivalent of +20 damage.

understandable, I also gave a limit to the size of stuff allowed by the custem buster, incase that might have been a problem.
Well, I see no problems, so...


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