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SUBJECT: Your New Chip!

Please enjoy your new chip, courtesy of Soryu's Chip Shop! Thank you for participating in this event and come back to Soryu's whenever chips are what you need!

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Attached: IceCubeHP: 100
Properties: Normal, AquaBody, Buoyant
Object Damage: 100 + Impact
Damage Method: Telekinesis, knockback, Throw
Accuracy: Special
Description: Summons a large ice cube.
Duration: Until destroyed.
Element: Aqua
Special: AquaBody: Immune to Aqua damage.
Special: Buoyant: Object floats on liquid terrain.
Special: Ice Property: This object is weak against Fire instead of Elec.
Special: Ice Type: This chip counts as Ice Type for the purposes of potentially freezing targets on Aqua Element Terrain or environments, as applicable.
Trader Rank: D