Again, Skye found herself in an area of the Net, atop her steadfast Fishy companion. "No sense wasting time, let us go!"

"Hold on a sec!"

"...Really, Mei? You're the one that asked me if I was ready!"

"Well, while you were jacking in, I remembered something. Remember last month?"

"Where are you going with this?"

"I had gotten a certain something, and I put it under my bed so I wouldn't lose it. Naturally, I forgot about it...until now." Sure enough, if Skye utilized her feed through her PET's camera, she'd see her operator laying on the floor, reaching under her bed. "C'mon, where is it..."

"Certain something...? Oh, you mean-"

"Got it!" Mei pulled her arm out, and was now holding a card. "Preloaded zenny card, courtesy of Mom and Dad! They wanted me to get school supplies with it, buuuut...needless to say, I've gone under budget thanks to my clever thinking! I think I'll be better off spending it on you!"

"That's very sweet of you, but are you sure? If your parents find out what you actually used it on..."

"Like they ever will. And it's not like I'm getting crap grades."

"I guess...and I could always use more upgrades."

"There you go! It's not even really lying to them, since you're integral for working out the software kinks in my projects!"

"I think you're starting to lay it on a little thick...but fine. Do as you will."

"I fully plan on it! Anyway, just wanted to grab it before we got knee deep in virus busting. I'm all ready now, so go on ahead!"

"I've isolated the signal of the other data. It should be dead ahead, but I doubt we'll get there without incident. Too much distance to cover, even for Ray."

"If I had to guess, and I don't, I'd say it'd be about the same distance as it was from ACDC. If you could do it in either order, it'd make sense to make the difficulty about the same."

"I agree, so let's keep an eye out for enemies. Onward!" With the last decree, the Fishy started to speed forward, as both he and his Navi began to look around for the seemingly inevitable fight.

(Searching for Battle #1)
Following the signal they were after, Skye and Ray found it leading them through areas of SciLab that swiftly grew to alarming levels of virus infestation, with their pathway leading through the thick of it. The surrounding area was only dimply lit, and was dotted with large, wide-based spires that crackled with faint electrical pulses. The ground itself was mostly even, but at sporadic intervals it stepped down or up, creating an intricate tessellation of different levels, most of which the duo were able to fly comfortably over without worrying about nay irksome climbing – there certainly didn't look to be a normal pathway.

The signs of viral movement encroaching on them reached a peak when the sounds of heavy cannon fire started to burst from the ground below, and shots cracked in the air above and to either side of the two. Ahead and right, a single cannon, occasionally twitching with an electronic crackle was aiming up towards them, which just behind where they'd flown over, a more advanced weapon turret had lifted up from a malfunctioning panel.

Other viruses were arrayed on the uneven ground nearby – a Billy, standing up on a section of metal plating that rose above three lower segments of regular panels, ahead and to their right, as well as a boomer, peeking out form behind one of the large spires, directly to their left. Further ahead, on more direct line, a large cube flashing between blue and red lights hovered and spun slowly. these were the closest viruses to clock the pair's radar, but from the sounds they could hear in the nerby network, more were being drawn to their location, and quickly.

CannonDumbCannonDumb (CannonDumb)

CannonDumb viruses attack any targets in sight every action they are able to. They can and will attack objects, but only objects they can damage. They will not waste cannon fire on IronBody, Shadow, or Invisible targets. The exception is Canodumb DS, which will fire at anything with its DarkCannon's beam blasts. All CannonDumb viruses may opt to spend one action prior to attacking marking their opponent with target lock. They gain the 10% accuracy benefit of Take Aim against this opponent for any and all follow-on attacks until they lose sight of the target, or switch targets.

Area: ACDC, SciLab, Electown, Yoka

HP: 50
Primary Attack Damage/Effect: 20 Null
Primary Attack Accuracy: A
Primary Attack Description: Fires its cannon after aiming.
Secondary Attack Damage/Effect: Mark Target
Secondary Attack Accuracy: S
Secondary Attack Description: Marks an enemy within line of sight with a target lock that raises the accuracy of this virus by +1 Rank (10%) until the virus is forced to switch targets or loses sight of the marked target (they take cover).
Element: None
Possible Rewards (Per Virus): Cannon, Zenny
Special: Immobile
: 50Hp [Normal][Ahead and left]

This virus is essentially a flying, color changing RockCube. It flips between Red (attack mode) and blue (recovery mode) every time it takes a hit.

Area: SciLab, NAXA

HP: 100
Primary Attack Damage/Effect: 20 Null x 3 Targets
Primary Attack Accuracy: A
Primary Attack Description: The virus turns red, and fires red colored energy beams at three enemies that inflict damage.
Secondary Attack Damage/Effect: 15 Healing x 3 Targets
Secondary Attack Accuracy: S
Secondary Attack Description: The virus turns blue, and fires blue colored energy beams at three allies that recover HP.
Element: Null
Possible Rewards (Per Virus): DBLBeam1, Zenny
Special: Getting hit changes it's color.
Special: Omnishoes
: 100Hp [Glass][Further ahead, centre]
GunnerGunner (Gunner)

Gunners attack every action, if able. They don't bother attacking enemies they can't hit or enemies they can't damage, but they can select Objects as targets. Their accuracy with the machinegun attack is bad because it scatters everywhere. They are aware of this. They are also aware of the fact that their Vulcan attack pierces objects.

Area: SciLab, Kotobuki Town, Dentech

HP: 60
Primary Attack Damage/Effect: 5 Null + Spay Fire x 9 Shots
Primary Attack Accuracy: E
Primary Attack Description: Targets an enemy and sprays the area with twin machineguns.
Secondary Attack Damage/Effect: 5 Null + Spread1 x 3 Shots
Secondary Attack Accuracy: A
Secondary Attack Description: Targets and enemy and attacks with Vulcan.
Element: None
Possible Rewards (Per Virus): Vulcan1, MachineGun1, Zenny
Special: Immobile.
: 60Hp [Metal][Just behind, central]
BillyBilly (Billy)

Billy viruses move and dodge at average rates. They attack by shooting electricity from their lightning-rod-like arms, either in the form of a homing thunderball or a pair of lightning bolts. They cannot attack while moving.

Area: SciLab, Electown, Netopia

HP: 80
Primary Attack Damage/Effect: 15 Elec + Stun 1 + Homing
Primary Attack Accuracy: C
Primary Attack Description: Generates a Thunderball, and fires it at the enemy. The thunderball travels slowly, but it homes in on the target. Causes stun on contact
Secondary Attack Damage/Effect: 10 Elec + Seeking x 2 targets.
Secondary Accuracy: B
Secondary Description: Fires a lightning bolt from each lightning rod arm that pierces Invis. It cannot target the same enemy with both bolts.
Element: Elec
Possible Rewards (Per Virus): Thunder1, ThunderBeam1 (Rare), Zenny
: 80Hp [Metal][Ahead and right]
BoomerBoomer (Boomer)

Boomers cannot be damaged from any direction in the forward hemisphere so long as they carry their boomerang. Any attacks from the rear hemisphere or Break attacks hit normally. Boomers launch their boomerang when they attack, leaving themselves open to counter attacks. Boomers move by floating through the air, and are immune to the effects of Anchor. They are, however, still subject to the effects of terrain. They cannot be forced to submerge into liquid terrain, nor can they be buried in solid terrain. Boomers are horrible at dodging, as they generally rely on their Rang-Guard ability.

Area: SciLab, Okuden Valley, Dentech

HP: 60
Primary Attack Damage/Effect: 15 Wood + Piercing(Arc) + Group Attack
Primary Attack Accuracy: C
Primary Attack Description: Fires a wooden boomerang that travels in a wide arc, striking all who stand in its path. The boomerang passes through everything it hits.
Secondary Attack Damage/Effect: 5 Wood + Slashing x3 Hits
Secondary Attack Accuracy: B
Secondary Attack Description: Fires a boomerang directly ahead at high speed, creating a pair of damaging afterimages that fly in its wake. The attack is such that if the first hit connects, the second and third will connect as well.
Element: Wood
Possible Rewards (Per Virus): Boomerang1, QuickBoomerang1 (Rare), Zenny
Special: AirShoes, ShadowShoes.
Special: Rang-Guard: Blocks frontal attacks when not attacking.
: 60Hp [Normal][Directly left]

Skye'n'Ray: 100Hp [Above Normal]

20% Glass
  • Slip Effect: -10% Accuracy, -10% Evasion to all.
  • Non-Ice Aqua attacks causes it to be Wet, doubles slip effect for Non-Aqua Elementals for 1 turn. Wet can expire early with Fire attacks. Can cause slippage for poor RP or heavy impacts on Non-Aqua Elementals, 1-2 actions to recover.
  • 200 Damage attacks: Change terrain hit to Broken. Damage threshold cut in half for Ground, Break, and Impact, to a minimum threshold of 25 when all 3 are present. Null 25 + Slashing + Nova 2 per panel broken, up to 200 (8 panels).
  • Burrow: Change terrain to Broken, 50 Null + Slashing to burrower, Null 25 + Slashing + Nova2 to surroundings.
  • PanelShot: Spread1.

55% Normal
  • No effects.

25% Metal
  • Cannot be Broken or Cracked except with Geddon/PanelShot, cannot be Burrowed into.
  • Elec attacks: +100% Source Damage.
  • 100 Damage Aqua attacks: Change terrain hit to Cracked.
  • 100 Damage Fire attacks: Change terrain hit to Furnace.
  • PanelShot: Imbue Elec + Break.

-=Battle Mode=-
Type: Survival
Win Condition: Endure for 3 full turns
Additional Failure Condition: None

- 3 Additional viruses will join each turn, to a max of 7.
- All deletions will count for full rewards, but navis may automatically escape for victory after 3 turns.

-=Battle 1, Start!=-