Changes to both Nik and Ergo

Before I start coming up with the changes to Nik, I have a quick question: To what extent can I take artistic license with the PET?
As long as it doesn't affect Ergo's busting ability, it should be fine.
Awesome. Gimme a bit to finish up and I'll have them posted soon, then.
Two changes to Nik, his appearance and his PET.

Appearance: Nik has shed his usual attire, opting for a more casual appearance. He now wears plain, navy T-shirt with black jeans. He still has the same tennis shoes, though at times he'll swap them out for a pair of tan boots. His facial hair has shifted some, resembling something akin to a scraggly goatee now. His new PET is worn on his left forearm.

PET: Drastically changed since the last one, this new PET is a model from a third party PET company's product testing division. The PET's main body is in the shape of a arm bracer, starting at the wrist and ending about halfway up the forearm. The wrist is in the shape of a wrist watch, and functions as such, though it also serves as the main screen for the PET. A tiny holographic projector is located just beneath the surface of the glass and allows not only for a small projection of his navi to appear in the real world, but also projects the PET interface a few inches above the watch. Chips are slotted in the side facing him (when he has his forearm held before him) and are ejected out of the opposite side. A little further up the bracer is a touch screen, which allows him to shift through the menus and options of the PET and manipulate them. The screen is about 3 inches by 4 inches and is situated on the outside of the arm. The entire contraption is a metallic silver in color with dark blue streaks inlaid throughout the surface.
Nik was allowed to keep the PET, even after plans for marketing it were discontinued, as compensation for the adverse reaction his Navi had once it was installed into it.

I'm hoping that I'm not going too far with the PET. Please tell me if I am. As for Ergo's changes, they essentially constitute the making of a new Navi, so I'm guessing they go in the new user registration area?
No egronomic PETs of that level. Handheld only.

It's an old rule. I don't know why it exists. I think it's because we want people to have normal PETs instead of person X with a watch, person Y with a cloud of nanomachines, person Z with a Scouter-ish thing.
Right-o. I'll modify this and Typecast's posts in the morning then.
Hmm.. how about this for the PET...

PET: "The Digicorp DataPET© is marketed as a device to "enhance the Net Op/Navi relationship more than ever" through a revolutionary "LinkDrive." Due to some... complications... in early development, however, the LinkDrive project was canned and the DataPET© became just another recolor of the basic PET. It's sleek design, featuring one of the largest holo-projection screens on the market and ergonomically designed chasis, seeks to appeal to the avid virus buster's needs. As a precaution against the recent trend of PETs sent flying by excitable Net Ops, a heavy duty leather hand strap secures the DataPET© to the user's hand in a style that is both comfortable and stylish. Available in left and right handed models. Case customization availbe at nominal prices. "

Of course, the DataPET was never sold to the public market due to lack of funds, but Nik was able to keep his as recompense for an adverse effect it had on his Navi. A series of dark blue inlays decorate the faceplate of the PET.

Quote (Kazuhiro)

No egronomic PETs of that level. Handheld only.

It's an old rule. I don't know why it exists. I think it's because we want people to have normal PETs instead of Nalerenn with a watch, Heat with a cloud of nanomachines, and Shuryou with a Scouter-ish thing.


Aside from that, approved.