My name is Rose.EXE, and I'm looking for work. Aside from knowing a lot about plants and flowers, I can't say I have many talents, but I'm eager and willing to do whatever is asked of me. My only restrictions are that I cannot battle, and I cannot go anywhere not connected to the main Net, as my operator is predisposed, and unable to assist me.

As for my reward, there's a BattleChip I've heard about that I believe would be extremely useful. If you could point me to a mission that can provide a Drain chip for a reward, I would be very thankful.

- Rose.EXE
Greetings Rose-

Please view the below listing and let us know if you're interested. If not, another mission can be provided.


Officer Rodeo requesting backup, ASAP! For a very important mission! Me and Kama and Wasteland signed up to be in the Showbizz Survival Island! We got ourselves in a sticky situation, tho, cause we're a gal short! I was gonna get Guillotine to follow us but I got no inkling where she is!

The basic gist of it is there's this reality show where a buncha navis have to survive in a desert island together, with certain restrictions and what have you. Cause we're gonna be surviving, we could use someone with surviving talents! You know, hunting, plants we can eat, shelter-building, all that stuff! But really, just anybody is fine, as long as they respond right now!

Oh, right, the stakes. It's a charity event for unoperated navis, so ,y'know... no show, no dough! That's why we gotta get it goin'!

Course, these shows tend to get a little wild, so come prepared for that. Wear a disguise if you wanna! Or don't!


Please respond if you are interested.

-Global Network Administration
I suppose my knowledge of plants would help them out quite a bit, and it sounds like fun! I accept!

- Rose.EXE

Very well. We've informed the employer of your acceptance. You can reach the Showbizz Survival Island at the attached coordinates in Beach Net. As a courtesy, we've also reached out to the event's organizer, Showbizz, to let her know you will be joining. She notes that while that is acceptable that you join, Rodeo will be the one paying you, not her. You can speculate as you will about the fairness of that arrangement.

-Global Network Administration

*Coordinates.DAT attached*