Yes, I'm weak.

As you can clearly see, Jean has the last name Ishihara. This is because she and Kazu have been married for three years. Most people don't know Jean yet so it's okay for her to be named Jean. I'm hoping no one asks. If they do, they called her Sarah to protect her identity, out of habit (as Kazu was once a fugitive, possibly overlapping with after Jean came out of her coma.)

*head/desk* TWICE.

Okay, little bit at a time.

But, how will you explain all of your past posts? Jean suddenly went out and got her own Navi, leaving Titania and Oberon to you?

Ugh, this may take a double consent sort of thing to get both of your stories to line up just right...

And, I'm sure it's obvious, but you won't be able to do any RPing as Sarah/Jean/whoever anymore, right?
Yeah, you pretty much got that all right.

This was Ro's idea in the first place, so no trouble there.

And, for the month that I haven't been doing any Real World RPing at all, that's what Jean's been doing. She, uh... took a trip to SciLabs, and worked with the developers from start to finish.

Okay, so pretty much, it's like this:

Kazu and Jean have been married for three years. They have shared the operation of Titania/Oberon during that time. One day, Kazu took Titania and Oberon on a mission to Electown, and Jean went out to Scilab to make her own Navi.

Confirm/Correct that, and then give me the reasoning for her suddenly getting a new Navi, and it should be okay.

She, uh, wanted to have a Navi that fought alongside Kazu's?

I don't know. I'll ask her about this.
Jean's younger and most beloved sister died only a month before Kazu took Titania and Oberon to Electown, and Jean was slowly growing out of her mind with the only companion that she had ever always had no longer receiving or sending emails or phone calls. While Kazu was out, Jean desperately made her way to the Scilabs to make Kitt, a navi who was in every way like her sister, expect on the net. Jean is often found talking to Kitt, so much so that she sometimes calls it Mitsue in serious conversation. Kitt was Jean's nickname for Mitsue, and the only person who was ever allowed to call her that was Jean.

I think that's the back story.
Ah, the ole friend-revival thing. I suppose that it works, at least enough that it isn't glaringly contradictory.

Make sure BOTH of you edit your profiles accordingly.