Mission Request!

Hello! Anathema here, requesting a mission! It'll just be me, so anything that requires battling, or my operator, isn't an option. I am, however, up for anything else, up to and including wearing skimpy outfits, nudity, and any form of sexual contact, though the mission doesn't need to specifically involve any of those. For a reward...how about some money? I'm sure my operator wouldn't mind some extra cash.

- Anathema.EXE
Greetings, Anathema-

You may be interested in the below request, based on your specifications. Please let us know if you are interested, or we will present another.

-Global Network Administration


Yo! Looking for a navi to join me in a game of Mage's Maze! Now, before you fall off me, I'm talking about the version that's for adults. Basically, Mage's Maze is this game where they put you through a dungeon, I usually go for five rooms, and do all kinds of rpg- that's role-playing game- stuff. My kid operator loves it so much he named me after it, even! Only thing is, he isn't gonna be watching for this one, and my busting teacher, Parka, is gonna be on-hand for this one. So this time, I'm gonna show her the adult version!

What is the adult version? Well, all I know that's different is that you get to see all the the cool stuff that isn't allowed in the other one! That's like: gratuitous violence, sex, and like, cussing and booze! Basically anything goes!

The secret of Mage's Maze... well, only kind of a secret. Parka doesn't know it at least. The secret of Mage's Maze is that whoever is in the mage role gets to design the whole dungeon on the fly! It ain't hard, all you gotta do is pick what type of room from a list and define some rules, the game lays it all out for you as you go. I want you to join up with my party in the mage role! Then you can guide my Mage's Maze adventure into being something with all that good stuff! If I get the role and she finds out about the mage designing the whole thing, it's gonna be awkward. If she gets the role, she's just gonna make it all kid's stuff! I need your help, bad! And I need you to respond real quick!

-Must be willing to do and design some kinda cool adult stuff.
-Must look like a wizard or a mage so it makes sense for you to already be going for that role. Don't care whether you actually do magic.
-Being a hot lady is appreciated.

Apply quickly! It's my last chance to do this with Parka before I leave her class! It's gotta be now!
Sounds great, sign me up!

- Anathema.EXE
Very good. We have notified the employer of your acceptance, along with a record of your appearance, so that you will be recognized. Please proceed to the Mage's Maze Homepage to continue. The coordinates are attached.

-Global Network Administration

((Coordinates.DAT attached))