Frag's Colors

Each chromatic block that composes Frag's body is actually an original part of BoxNix that survived--each represents a separate psyche, waiting for their turn for independence again.

Poor Frag has no idea.

Red (Right Arm): Hot-tempered and eagar to fight. Very easily provoked into rage.
Good at: Power.
Weak at: Strategy.

Orange (Left Leg): Doesn't like high activity. Claims to be pragmatic, but often tilts towards the lazy. Uses very low amounts of resources, however.
Good at: Efficiency.
Weak at: Power.

Yellow (Torso, abdomin/groin): Has a very happy-go-lucky nature. Often (unwillingly or willingly) the butt of the other psyche's jokes.
Good at: Morale.
Weak at: Intuition.

Green (Right Leg): Knows quite a lot. Might know too much--he is often needlessly scared of things that have a very low probability of happening. Occasionally panicks.
Good at: Intuition.
Weak at: Morale.

Blue (Left Arm): Cool and hesitant. Often spends time calculating and contemplating tactics.
Good at: Strategy.
Weak at: Speed.

Purple (Torso, shoulders): Confident. Supremely confident. Often complains that he should be the Core, but is secretly extremely insecure. To reinforce his position, he often uses up way more resources than necessary to get a task done.
Good at: Speed.
Weak at: Efficiency.

What use are these things? It'll become clear in a few Process Upgrades...
No pink?