Trials of Tutoria: A New Quest

Greetings! My name is Tutoria. Along with my ally, QuestMan, who I expect will post shortly behind me, I am interested in accepting a beginner level quest from the quest board. My talents include magic, both healing and offense, as well as providing wisdom through my "Bolts of Inspiration," but I am willing to try whatever sort of task you will present me with. For my reward, I would like some elec chips to help flesh out my arsenal of spells. Zenny would also be nice.

I don't deal well with spicy foods or mushrooms, but I am willing to try them if I must. QuestMan should be along soon and will provide his own stance on such foods as it relates to our new quest.

With gratitude,
Greetings! My name is QuestMan, and with the aid of Lady Tutoria, I am eager to accept a beginner level quest. Sad as I am to say, "beginner" is a good description for my current power level. That said, I think you'll find me handy with a sword, shield, ax, bow, mop, broom, wrench, or an array of popular business software options. Furthermore, I wield a fraction of the power of the dread sword Maguffr! ... So that has to count for something. Zenny coin would be my preferred reward.

As to the good Lady's comment, I have not had the opportunity to try spicy foods or mushrooms yet, but I will gladly eat as many as I come across to spare her the misery and avoid wasting a blessing. I'm not sure what bearing this may have on our quest, but I count on the wisdom of Lady Tutoria to consider every contingency.

With gratitude,
Greetings, Tutoria and QuestMan, we've received a request we believe suitable for your skill-sets. Please confer on the matter and reply back anon. 


We have been robbed! Truly, grand theft is the burden of all businessfolk of Netopia Net!

My associates and I run an experimental pharmaceutical company out of our laboratory. We're looking for any helpers willing to assist the NetPolice in the retrieval of some very important data samples, which have been stolen by a notorious thief known as RunningMan. He's as quick as his name might suggest and our on-site law enforcement needs help re-establishing his trail; ideal Navis would be adventurers willing to put up with a very necessary bit of ground-pounding, after which point we can resume the chase to get our samples back to safety! 

Vaccine Antiviral

- Global Network Administrator
It is a fine introduction you've made, QuestMan, and your boldness in the face of spicy food impresses. As for the unfortunate Calcinatio, his quest sounds most worthy for the starting point of our great journey together. Thievery cannot be tolerated and the act is all the more foul when the targets are the navis who create healing potions and remedies, vital to adventurers and common folk alike! I am happy to accept, but I will leave the decision to QuestMan and follow where he leads. 

Your humble servant,
Praise means much coming from you, my Lady. While I rely on the good Lady's guidance, my quest will always be my own. I travel across these Nets to find my path and deliver justice. No matter how far or how fast this man is running, he will face me.

Wait... Upon re-reading, I now understand we will merely be aiding in the investigation.

No matter how well the black-hearted villain hides his tracks, his trickery will not stand! Simply point us to our task, Calcinatio.

Your grateful, humble servant,
The NetPolice has been notified of your acceptance. You will meet their agent and your employer for debriefing at Vaccine Antiviral, a public homepage in Netopia Net. Direct hyperlinks have been provided below.

Thank you both for your service,
Global Network Administrator

<(Mission opening soon in NPC Homepages)>