Young Artist's Festival at Meyer's Women's Academy for the Arts

Meyer's Women's Academy for the Arts, as the GNA had named it and the plaque outside the brick-and-ivy wall surrounding the school read, was a pretty enough school, but not the kind of place one might think to find the sort of salacious stuff that Leslie had requested from her mission. It was, however, filled with something Leslie was rather passionate about on the average case: girls. Many cute (but sadly, majority a little on the young side) girls walked through the gates, which were open to allow traffic into the Young Artist's Festival that Kozue Kozai had mentioned. The girls were mostly dressed in the academy uniform, currently in its lighter variety: a white, airy blouse with red, checkered tie and matching skirts, but many varieties of socks, shoes, and accessories. Others were instead dressed in costumes of various types for the fair. Some, Leslie might recognize, were dressed as comic characters... perhaps they'd realized Cornelia Craft was here? Regardless, she's spot a few Red Novas and a lot of characters she wasn't nerdy enough to recognize. Apparently, things were free enough here that it was okay to wear very tight red short-shorts.

Inside the grounds, she'd spot all kinds of booths. Unfortunately, once again, her nerd quotient was probably a little low for this sort of fair, but someone who was interested in the sort of thing would find all kinds of amateur-but-talented books, paintings, sculptures, crafts, and other such things for sale. The inside of the grounds were as well tended as the outside, with pretty trees lining the stone walkways and a fountain near the center, featuring a statue in the shape of an angel reaching upward. It might occur to her, as she rounded the fountain, that it would have been nice of Kozue Kozai to explain where exactly she was going to set up.

It would take some searching and she might be tempted to ask the GNA again, but she'd spot it just in the nick of time. The stand read "Eclipse-Sensei" in beautiful, standout paintbrush strokes above it, black on a white banner. The rest of the stand was decorated with beautiful black and white illustrations of a woman who was presumably Red Nova, even though the color wasn't evident. The drawings were impressive even for a non-nerd in the way they popped, both with talent and surprising eroticism. Some of the poses were a bit lewd for what ought to be put on display here, but perhaps that was why the booth had been tucked so far in the back. Another woman was also featured in some of the drawings... she was dressed a little differently, but besides the mask and the horned headress, she was clearly Cornelia Craft, down to the unusual, fan-shaped way she held her hair in the back. Leslie had become familiar enough with the body of Cornelia Craft in the past to recognize it.

Many illustrations, including comics especially, but also things like prints and even wallscrolls, were gathered upon the booth, along with a lockbox where money was presumably being collected. Behind the booth, a young woman who seemed just as black and white as the rest of the illustrations was seated. Rather than watching out from the booth, she was busy making thick, black brushstrokes upon a white easel, though the picture wasn't clear yet. The girl was dressed in a similar uniform to the others, but her skin was distinctly pale. She had a nice enough body, though again, young, but her hair was a little bizarre: jet black and done into a small, conical topknot, pointing straight up from the top of her head. It seemed like it must take some effort to do it that way, sort of like Cornelia's fan. The woman's face was mostly expressionless, not gloomy, but just extremely passive. Her eyes were lined so thickly that her eye=shadow might have been actual ink, with long lashes, but her lips were not painted at all.

She was pretty absorbed in her work and, furthermore, had no idea what Leslie looked like, so the martial artist would need to introduce herself rather than the other way around.
Okay, there she was. Meyer's Women's...whatever. She didn't overly care what it was called, she just knew she was supposed to be there. Now, first off, she needed to make sure her mission had a captive audience. "Wake up, Martia!" Button pressing!

"Yawn...I needed that. So, you got a mission?"

"Yeah. It's somewhere in here."

"Well then, let's get started. Just don't come crying to me when you're humiliated beyond belief."

"Uh-huh. Sure." Luckily for her, Leslie wasn't exactly self-conscious. Hopefully that'd matter as a result of this mission. "Apparently, there's a festival going on. Which, uh, we can both kinda see." Unfortunately, she was at the age where she was too old to really check out the girls, but not old enough to fully stop herself from doing so. "Huh, some of them are costumed up. ...Hey, isn't that Red Nova?"

Her Navi cringed slightly. "...Yup. It's not a perfect representation, but it's definitely a Red Nova outfit."

"The others I don't really know. Makes sense, I'm not a nerd."

"I could look it up, but I don't think either of us is really interested enough to bother."

"Got that right. ...Yeesh, where the hell IS the place?"

"What is it, exactly?"

"Uh, it'll have a sign with 'Eclipse-Sensei' on it."

"Yeah...not seeing it anywhere. Sure that's what it was?"

"Positive. I remembered it because it's a goofy name. Maybe I should ask the GNA for better instructions..."

"Wait! I see it! A bit to your right!"

"Right?...There we go. Thanks, Martia." It was probably a bad sign that she needed her Navi just to figure out where she was supposed to go. "Ya know, I'm not what you'd call artistically inclined, but even I can tell whoever drew that picture has real talent."

"I kinda wish it was less, uh, provocative, though..." While most complaints of that nature could be dismissed, it seemed a bit more weighty when the one speaking was the spitting image of Red Nova.

"What? It's not like they drew you! Just someone that looks like you!"

"In my experience, that's close enough..."

"Don't be paranoid!" Hmm, that other one...yeah, she recognized that figure. And that hair. "See? They drew Miss Craft, too."

"So they did. ...Honestly, that does make me feel a little better."

"Right? Anyway, they said there was some urgency, so let's go say hi." She walked up to the booth, leaning forward on it, provided it was sturdy enough. "Hey there! Leslie Battle, at your service! Or, if you want to get super technical, Batoru Resuri at your service! But, I don't think that rolls off the tongue as nicely."
Kozue craned her long neck slightly, tilting her chin up as though to view Leslie from another angle while the somewhat out-of-place girl leaned into her booth. "Yes, the pronunciation is important. I will choose Leslie Battle. It is, after all, more comfortable," she agreed, holding the tip of one index finger to her lip very, very lightly, just barely touching it as she pursed her lips into a mysterious, inexpressive line. There was something about her that was so pensive, so artfully delicate, that she was in many ways Leslie's very opposite. Hopefully, that wouldn't keep the two of them from getting along. She set down her brush and turned slightly upon her seat, to face Leslie. "I'm glad you came so quickly. You can call me Kozue Kozai. Or Eclipse-Sensei. Whichever you prefer," she offered, bringing her hands down to her lap and sitting so still she might be mistaken as a statue from a distance.

"Leslie Battle, the author knows joy and sorrow are two sides of one coin. True bliss is always accompanied by true despair. So it is only fitting that I find myself in a scenario straight from the pages of such a story," she began; despite the urgency of her message, she seemed incapable of turning off the poetics. "On one hand: I am here on school grounds with my muse, Cornelia Craft, and another lady, our school librarian, a vision of elegance in her own right and the spitting image of Red Nova herself. Both wish to help me return to my art. Sadly, what you see before you is... vintage. It shames me to say it. It is all old. I have not produced a new work for quite some time. I wish to ignite the kindling of my inspiration and create new works, but although our plan is sound, our personal weaknesses do not allow us to enact it."

She fidgeted a bit, her slender fingers running along the length of her uniform's tie. A bit of red worked its way onto her ordinarily pale face, but otherwise, her expression was the same. It was possible her wordiness was also part hesitation. "It feels strange to ask this of a stranger. But also... exhilarating," she admitted, closing her eyes for a moment. "You see, with the perfect visions of Black Eclipse and Red Nova before me, my greed, my urges both artistic and base, want to see them before my very eyes in splendid eroticism. I managed to get them both into costume, although they are currently hiding those costumes with the coats I provided them. In hindsight, that was a mistake... the genius, Cornelia Craft, is a hermit. The librarian, while magnanimous, is also bashful. They're... procrastinating. Making excuses. I should have taken their personalities into account; the fault lies with me," she admitted, watching the ground below with a vaguely sorrowful expression.

She turned her eyes up, then tilted her head again slightly. "That is where you come in, Leslie Battle. Your acceptance of this request shows that you have the boldness lacking in the three of us. With that characteristic, you can carry my plan to its fruition. The content of my comics is... primarily, 'girl ex girl'. You must state your purpose to each girl, unhidden: that purpose is to molest them. That is what they agreed to and what they both want, but their hesitance is understandable. You're going to have to... give them a small push to action. And you, in this role, must discard your own shame... you can wear the coat over your costume, but when you do the deed, I will need you to be in costume. If you have nothing suitable, I can provide you with something. Whatever you feel most comfortable with. Be it swimwear, intimate apparel, possibly thong-" she continued, then watched someone pass the booth. She halted, becoming completely silent, until the other girl had left. "-thong underwear. Or a costume I brought. Whichever you like best."

"You'll carry out your task while I watch and sketch. Our mutual success is going to depend on both your boldness and your creativity. I ask you to try to remove whatever inhibitions you have about your work... this is what all of us want and so, if you can take joy in what you do, it will be to the benefit of us all. I... I intended to do this part myself, but... I can't put my hands on Cornelia or one so closely resembling Red Nova. I feel unworthy. No, I will watch from afar," she decided at last. "I hope that all of this is agreeable to you. If so, I will close my stall and we will go together to the storage shed around that west wing of the building, just nearby the field. There, you can change into whatever you prefer. Please... the only way you can help the three of us and those who love my works is to assist us with this," she begged again. Here, she bowed her head deeply; if there was space to do so, she might prostrate herself.

"I was also thinking..." she continued, her face becoming slightly brighter, "that if you don't object... I could watch you change? I think it would be another opportunity to affirm that you're bold enough to carry out this mission before you get into the role. You must think I'm a pervert for asking... and I am," she murmured, putting on an abashed frown and looking to the side as she waited to hear Leslie's answer. "But sometimes something... strange like this... can help others. It could be a blessed opportunity for us all."

It probably felt weird to talk about all of this with the festival going on around the two of them, but, well... Leslie had basically signed up for something of this nature.
Leslie nodded in affirmation at what the other woman elected to call her. "Well, I came as fast as I could. Helped that the MetroLine was running smooth today." She decided internally that she'd just go with Kozue as her preferred form of addressing. Fewer syllables.

Bliss and despair...mmm. "Ain't that the truth..." She wasn't going to elaborate, but her life at times could come across as proof of that statement. And...wait, what? "The librarian's a 'spitting image' of Red Nova, you say?" The martial artist instinctively looked over at her PET for a split second, amused at the idea of someone in the real world looking like her Navi. "That I've gotta see."

"Better her than me, that's all I've gotta say..."

"Hey, Martia? I know this might sound a little mean, but I don't need a peanut gallery for my mission."

"All right, I get the picture...I'll keep my mouth shut."

"Thanks." ...Hmm. As a fellow artist, sorta, she could understand Kozue's desire on this. "All right. So, what do I need to do to help?"



"...What." Even Leslie was having a hard time comprehending this one. "So, basically, you want me to talk them into to getting groped by me, then actually make it happen. Do I have that right? Because, if I"

"Well, SOMEONE lucked out on their mission."

"Oh, shush." Well, this was certainly...a mission. "Well, I don't have any issues with this, for sure. I'm just...kinda surprised by it all, I guess. Not quite what I was expecting for a mission." She shook her head, mostly to shake off any residual 'wtf'. "The shed? Sure, lead the way." Wait, there was something else. ...What? "Sure, I guess? Whatever floats your boat." In a way, the woman had gotten the ideal person for her mission: an attractive female, who enjoyed the company of attractive females, and tended to completely disregard societal norms when it came to clothing, or lack thereof.
"Oh, yes. To use a colloquialism, the 'spitting image.' She is at the top of my list of figures in our own world who most closely resembled Red Nova... in appearance, at least. In reality, the woman lacks some of Red Nova's boldness and energy... but I'm hardly one to talk about such matters, as I mentioned before," Kozue responded, perhaps enthusiastic to share in any common ground she could find between herself and Leslie. Her eyebrows rose, then fell slowly, as she became nervous upon hearing Leslie's reaction to the mission details. "Are you asking if you have the details right or if you have the right to do it? The details are... mostly correct. We can go over them more in a moment. As for if you have the right to do it, yes, I assure you that all of us are on board with the original plan. We need only your additional spark to help set ablaze that kindling."

She calmed down once she realized that Leslie was still on board. Her face reddened a bit as she heard she'd get her wish, but otherwise, her face remained mostly neutral. "Ah, good. That is another fine colloquialism. My boat would certainly be made afloat," she agreed, showing Leslie to the aforementioned shed. There wasn't much to say about it; it was a fairly inconspicuous shed, left unlocked likely by whoever had last gathered tools out of it for the festival. There appeared to be one window, high up on one side. The window was a little too high to peak through, though apparently, the writer known as Eclipse-Sensei planned to watch Leslie a bit more directly than peeping. The inside of the shed was little more exciting, holding a variety of athletic equipment, though mostly those common to sports the school had teams for; that is to say, those presently most popular for young girls.

Kozue would keep the door open until Leslie was through, then quietly slide it shut behind the two of them. It was a bit dark inside the shed, though not so much as to be hard to see; it was, after all, still quite bright outside. Since Leslie hadn't indicated she'd brought any particularly scandalous clothing to wear, Kozue set down a large shopping bag and began to pull out pieces. "Here is the coat I intend for you to wear over your costume until you're in the area. You should know that a 'disciplinary committee' has members looking around the school for unbecoming behavior during our larger events, such as this one. They may pull you aside or ask you to leave if you're seen acting, as they would deem it, 'inappropriately.' They won't come down on you just for wearing a skimpy costume... since, after all, Cornelia Craft is holding a signing here and many girls are dressed as her characters. They will, however, likely pull you aside if they see you molesting someone." The coat itself almost stood out in how frumpy it was. Heavy and too hot for the weather, it was between gray and charcoal in color with lots of pockets and a thick hood that could be pulled over the head. It would probably go all the way down to the wearer's ankles.

She pulled out a few pieces that were the polar opposite next, the kind that you wouldn't really know were clothing until they were unfolded. "I brought this costume for myself. It hasn't been worn yet. With the exception of our... muscle definition, I think our body shapes are pretty similar, so you ought to be able to wear it, thankfully. I hadn't thought it out that far," Kozue admitted. The costume included a light purple bikini, with a set of full-body tights of see-though mesh worn underneath. The bikini was tight enough that certain details would probably show beneath, though it also came with purple pasties, in the shape of octopi reaching out like hands. "It's based on the new Mindroot character. It's not her real costume, but rather, a fetish replica. I hope it will be okay for you..." she murmured.

"It also came with this..." Kozue added, handing over a small, purple grip with black, shiny, slit strands coming from the end. Closer inspection made it clear that it was a miniature animal whip. "You might be able to use it. On that note, I was going to elaborate earlier... when I say 'molest', I don't mean only groping. I mean... well, the more visually stimulating or intriguing you can make it, the more likely I am to get inspired. Therefore, if you can think of ways to incorporate environment, props, or techniques... those sorts of things would be likely to help. You will, of course, be rewarded more handsomely if you can make the recovery of my inspiration a surer thing. However, I didn't bring a lot of props, you'll notice... so again, you'll have to think creatively." She placed the whip inside one of the coat's pockets neatly, then folded her hands at her lap.

"Well, if you have other questions, perhaps you can ask them as you change?" she requested, watching with amazingly inexpressive eyes given all she was saying and doing. "Right now, Cornelia Craft will be preparing for her autograph signing but will be nearby the venue, which is the school's auditorium. It is modestly sized, but I can guide you there. The librarian will be in, of course, the library. As for which is the less intimidating place to start... I'll leave that to your discretion. On one hand, you have the creator of the StarBound universe... on the other, the perfect image of Red Nova herself. I must admit, neither is an easy place to start. However, the librarian, being in the library, is less likely to have people around her at any given time. Cornelia Craft will be the more challenging prospect at any time, but will also be in the middle of her signing if you spend too long elsewhere."

There was plenty for Leslie to think about, not the least of which was the absurdity of the situation, with Kozue staring at her undressing as the two of them discussed molesting strategies.
Still curious about the librarian that allegedly looked just like Red Nova, Leslie followed her mission giver into the shed. It was pretty unremarkable, being a shed and all. "Yep, this sure is a shed. Of all the sheds I've been in, this is one of the most shed-like." ...Was it sad that this was about the best she could come up with for conversation? This chick was weird.

"Well, anyway, I didn't bring any extra clothes, since, uh, I don't really have much beyond this sort of thing. If this isn't enough for you, I'm gonna need you to give me something else." And she got something else...a coat. "...The hell? You want me to wear this in this heat? Nope. I don't care if you give me nothing but pasties, I'm not wearing it." If this disciplinary committee wasn't bothered by skimpy outfits, she couldn't find a single point in wearing it. She'd stick out more in it than whatever she was going to have to wear.

But that wasn't it, and several other...bits of fabric came out. At least, the martial artist assumed it was clothes, since why would she have brought some napkins, or whatever? was revealed what it was. A bikini, nothing too bad, though it looked like it'd be tight on her chest. A see-through body suit? That could be sexy. And, what were those...pasties? Wait, they looked like..."...Er, do I HAVE to wear these? Let's just say that, uh, I'm not really keen on anything octopus or tentacle related. Seriously, I'd rather just show off my nips, if its all the same to you."

"Wait...I know why I don't care for them, but you? Really?"

"Really. You weren't around when it happened, but I've had an incident or two with them myself."

"Huh. Who knew. I'll shut up again now. Proceed!" Ugh, Mindroot. The root of her mind feeling pain upon hearing the name.

Upon seeing the whip, Leslie just shook her head. "Pass. I'm more of a hands on kind of gal." Anyway, she should probably get started. First off was her jacket, followed by her socks, shoes, wrappings, and belt headband. "Don't worry, I got it." It wouldn't be the first time she'd been on a mission that depended on her creativity for molesting girls. ...That was kind of a specific thing to run into two different times, come to think of it. Oh well, she wasn't complaining.

Next up, something that'd make Kozue happier, as Leslie pulled her sports bra up over her head. "FYI, I'm going after the librarian first. I wanna see just how much she looks like Red Nova. I already know how Cornelia looks, anyway." They'd met before, after all. And, off came the shorts, leaving only the slightly skimipier underwear she thought she'd need, but as it turns out didn't. "So much for planning ahead..." And down they went, too.

Now to put the costume, such as it was, on. First up, the mesh tights. ...Yup, that wasn't hiding anything from view. Next up, the bikini...oof, that was tighter than she expected. The mesh underneath didn't help, especially since it would've been tight enough normally. "That oughta do it. ...No boots or gloves or anything? This is it?"

"...You know, it's kinda weird seeing you like that."

"What do you mean?"

"It's just...I dunno, you just look more...feminine, than usual."

"What the hell is THAT supposed to mean?!"

"I know, it sounds weird! But a karate outfit just isn't girly, even the way you wear yours! I mean, the way your hair goes down just a teeny bit more without your headband, and the way I can see all your curves...and more, but let's ignore that for just makes you look more like a woman. Honestly, if it wasn't for the extra bits showing, I'd say you look kinda cute in it."

"Cute?" Admittedly, that wasn't a word Leslie heard to describe herself very often. Despite having been completely naked in front of a near total stranger for a short period of time, that one word made Leslie blush slightly. "Um..."

"Sorry, I'm just spouting out nonsense, I know...shutting up for real this time!"

"No, it's just...never mind. So, Kozue, show me that library!" Awkwardness never kept her down for long, and this was no exception. Time to get this show on the road!
Kozue nodded along with Leslie's poor attempt at conversation, then slowly offered a retort. "And now it's time for you to begin to shed as well," she offered, remarkably straight-faced given her terrible pun. She nodded, acknowledging that Leslie hadn't been able to bring anything, then produced a coat and costume. Her face betrayed no emotion even as the coat was rejected, but her moves did become hesitant. "You're going... without the coat? Your boldness is reassuring in a way, but know that you're making the objective more difficult for yourself. Costumed students are one thing, but if you leave behind the coat andthe coverings that would normally go underneath the bikini, I think you're going to stand out in a way that they find hard to ignore even given the day's festivities," she warned Leslie. "You'll need to use stealth as you move or... cross your arms a lot, maybe. Or carry something that hides your front. At least until you're out of the sight of the committee members."

The employer took back the coat, the pasties, and the whip, now making a slightly perplexed expression in spite of herself. "You're not going to use any props at all? You're full of surprises, Leslie. I suppose I can only guess what course of action you will take. It is both exhilarating and frightening to think about. Which was, after all, the goal of today's outing," she concurred. Now, for a bit, she went silent, watching like a still statue as Leslie stripped off her clothes, from start to finish. Her breathing became audible somewhere around the end of it, her face becoming bright and her eyes as wide as her narrow eyes would get. It was clear her experience with other girls in sexual situations was probably isolated mostly to print. "Your navi is right. A sporty girl in a bikini is very cute," she affirmed, craning her long neck as she looked Leslie over. She meant to be flattering, but she might come off as a third wheel instead.

"Now," the artist known as Eclipse-Sensei continued, neatly placing the unused items back into the large shopping bag that she'd brought, "we shall head to the library. I will lead you there, but once we arrive, you must enter without me. For our purposes, it would be best if I observed as discretely as possible, out of view of you and the librarian. Like in all things, I am the darkness. And here, you must be the light," she finished poetically, as she led Leslie out of the shed and towards the school's main entrance. "We'll have to go through the main entrance, here. Most of the other doors will be locked. Many inside will be as well, but I happen to know the library is open. Hopefully, the library will be empty during this time, aside from the librarian. Or maybe it would be better if it wasn't? That would be exciting in its own way."

The inside of the school was much like the outside: pretty, nicely decorated by girls on average girlier in more conventional ways than Leslie, and plastered with advertisements for today's festivities. The library was apparently a floor up, as Kozue immediately headed for the staircase. As she'd predicted, the school was mostly empty... a small gathering of students could be seen near the nurse's office at the end of the entrance hallway, but no students at all were coming up or down the stairs. "The librarian is a fine woman. She has Red Nova's noble spirit and kindness, but lacks her forthcoming nature. I encourage you again to not feel hesitant to be... assertive with her. I'm certain she'll enjoy the experience. I will be watching excitedly... and sketching."

Kozue held out her hand to indicate for Leslie to stop before reaching the head of the stairs at the hallway of the second floor. "Just a moment... There is a disciplinary committee member here on the next floor. I will have to lead her away. My recommendation is that you wait a moment until you hear me lead her away, then come up and into the library. It is the second door on the left." She waited a moment for Leslie to confirm, then headed up. There was a brief wait, before Kozue's voice came out, louder than normal, but still bizarrely monotone. "Oh my. There is a miscreant carrying out unscrupulous misbehavior in room 2-F. Is there a disciplinary committee member who can assist me in making sure that they cease such action before they besmirch the honor of Meyer's Women's Academy- Oh good, you are here. Please, follow me."

If Leslie peeked around the corner now, she'd see Kozue leading another girl into the room 2-F she'd mentioned. The other girl was much shorter than her, a bit squat, with an unfashionable hair cut, brown-black and shaped a bit like an onion. The skirt that was knee length on Kozue seemed to go down much further on her, but in reality, she just had much shorter legs. Her stern face made it look like she brooked no nonsense; she would probably be a bad one to run into face to face. Soon enough, both of them disappeared from view and Leslie could sneak her way into the library. In this case, that one entrance appeared to be the only door in, so there wasn't much of a chance to utilize the "stealth" Kozue had recommended.

The inside of the library seemed cozy and spacious, though Leslie likely wasn't the type for libraries. There were many tables for study immediately visible, all vacant, and many rows of bookshelves and even magazine and graphic novel racks near the back. Someone could be behind the bookshelves but it was hard to tell from here. Windows lined the back of the room while another door sat at the right side but judging by the layout of the floor, there couldn't be much more than a closet there. Several art pieces also decorated the library, as befit an art school... many of the displays had artists' names as well. It might be interesting to see if Kozue had contributed anything, but there was hardly time for that.

Art was pretty enough, but the beauty Leslie was really looking for could be found to the far left, where the librarian was currently seated in a comfortable-looking brown, cloth armchair. Currently, she was wearing a highly conspicuous, unseasonably heavy winter coat, but her head and face did indeed bear the spitting image of Red Nova. Her costume apparently didn't include the eye-mask, because her face was fully visible. For comic buffs, the resemblance to Red Nova would be uncanny, but to Leslie, the much more immediately apparent and remarkable fact was that her face looked just like Martia's, albeit currently held in a rapt, scholarly smile, enthralled by whatever book she had open upon her desk. She was older than the other girls at the academy, of course, but still a young woman by any standards. It would be very interesting to see if her body was like Red Nova's (or Martia's) underneath the coat, for several reasons.

Approaching her stealthily would certainly be difficult, as she was seated behind a desk that formed a 90 degree angle to the wall with a swinging side door at waist height. That meant there was no way to get behind her, really. Still, there were any number of ways Leslie might begin, and despite the lady's excellent view of the library, the encounter probably wouldn't be with the librarian noticing Leslie, given that she seemed absolutely captured by her book. Leslie might also question if it made sense to wait until Kozue got back to observe... though, presumably, there would be plenty of time to entertain her later, as long as Kozue managed to shake Onion Head and circle back to the library.
"Um, thanks...?" Though it was nice to get reassurance from her Navi and mission giver, Leslie still felt kinda awkward, just from not being accustomed to hearing such things about herself. "Well, whatever. Let's get started already." After all, she had people that looked like her Navi to inappropriately touch! ...Er, Red Nova. Yeah.

So basically, she'd be on her own once they reached the library. "Sure. I'm guessing she'll know why I'm here as soon as she sees me. ...Uh, for you maybe, but a little privacy really cuts down on the whole 'oh no that girl's doing inappropriate things in the library' shouts." ...Noble spirit and kindness, but lacked her forthcoming nature. And she looked like Red Nova. How unlike any Navi she knew. "Hey, I don't care if you pleasure yourself right there at the door. Long as you get something from it."

Anyway, time to go up the stairs, and-wait, why were they stopping? Oh. "Uh, sure. Go right ahead." ...Yeesh, that acting made her seem like a movie star in comparison. Still, might be good to get a peek at the committee member, just to know who to avoid...oof. Short was one thing, but who wore their hair like an onion? It was like she was trying to look as unpleasant as possible. At least she didn't have to look at her long, as she was escored by Kozue into the other room. Time for her to make a trip to a place she never visited back at Ura, unless she was doing schoolwork; the library.

Once inside, it came across as a typical school library. Tables, books, blah blah blah. Well, the art was different. Seemed decent enough, but an art critic she was not. Besides, that's not what she was there for. Leslie took a look to each side, freezing when she found her, for lack of a better term, target. The coat made it tragically difficult to make out her overall form, but her "Whoa."

"Wow...she looks like she could be my twin!"

"I know. Wonder if it's just a face thing, or is her figure like yours, too?"

"Dunno, it's impossible to tell with that coat on her. Even I wanna see what she looks like under it now...I mean, a human that looks just like me? That's weird, but also kinda neat."

"Yeah, I've gotta know, too. It's why I picked her first." First order of business: remove that coat. Kozue said to be 'assertive'...might as well go with that. The martial artist walked over to the desk, leaning on it with both forearms, and using them to bring more attention to her might as well not even be covered breasts. "Hey there, cutie. So, I'd like to check something, underneath that coat. What's under it? A dirty school uniform? A dress with a big stain on it? A fetish Red Nova costume that she could wear herself if she was real?" Upfront was her wheelhouse, so she might as well ask. Luckily, even if she refused, unless she had Martia's martial artist speed, there were ways to find out anyway.
"... That is a fair point. Perhaps I will watch more obviously, then," Kozue reaffirmed; it would be interesting to see just how carried away she allowed herself to get. It would also be interesting to see if she got to watch at all, given that she was currently occupied leading the disciplinarian away from the scene of the act. Hopefully, she'd be back in time to catch the best parts and wouldn't bring the onion-head back with her.

Leslie wasted no time getting down to pleasure or business, whichever way she preferred to look at it. The navi-like lady didn't look up from her book until she heard a voice, and quickly placed on her glasses; oddly, she hadn't been wearing them while reading. The glasses were thin-framed and oval-shaped, the glass only slightly obscuring her eyes. It was a bit of a shame she'd put them on, as she looked a good bit less like either Red Nova or Martia with her eyes covered. "Cutie?" she repeated back, already becoming a bit red as she tried to decide whether she'd heard that correctly. She wasn't the type to interrupt anyone else while they were speaking, evidently, as she let Leslie get her entire hit-on off before reacting.

She was still the adult here, though their ages really weren't far apart, so the librarian drew her back up and pressed her hands together at her lap, smiling awkwardly. Her eyes tracked down momentarily; it was hard to tell if she was legitimately interested or simply curious due to Leslie's eye-catching outfit. "Oh... I... Think I might understand why you're here," she spoke quietly, as though she was afraid to raise her voice and alert anyone, even though no one was around to hear. "Eh he... well... you got it! I am indeed wearing a Red Nova... outfit," she spoke sheepishly, leaving out the fetish part. She reached up and pushed her glasses up with the palm of her hand, then rocked back and forth hesitantly. Even with the coat on, now, standing up like this, the swish of her coat against her hip revealed the shape of them and her arms pushed up her chest in their cradle; it was clear she wasn't lacking either place.

If Leslie enjoyed watching cute, bashful body behavior, she was getting a feast of that, but she was also getting a fair bit of hesitance, which she probably expected. "I should probably introduce myself, since I'm sorry to say I don't recognize you," she shaped up, trying to re-establish herself as befits a librarian with someone she assumes a student, even a naughty one. "My name is Audrey Eiger and I'm the librarian here, though you can probably tell. It's nice to meet you... Oh, um... It's not particularly busy in the library today, so I guess I could..." she began, finally getting to business. She half-closed her eyes and began to unbutton the coat slowly, while trying to keep up conversation. "Are you a student here? Oh gosh... now that I think about it, I kind of hope you aren't... b-because doing this with a student would be a little... well, Kozue and I both agreed it would be a little indecent," she laughed, the buttons down far enough to reveal a white, very tight fitting cotton top with a low, curved bustline above an exceedingly ample pair of breasts. The unbuttoning was so slow and timid that it could be called agonizing. The rest of the features were still hidden by either side of the coat as she worked her way down further, revealing that the top cut off just below the bosom, showing flesh.

Martia and the librarian were probably about as soft where it counted, though the librarian was maybe a little softer elsewhere. Namely, she couldn't claim to have a lot of ab definition, but still, a very nice waist for a librarian who probably doesn't spend a lot of time exercising. If Leslie wasn't staring, she'd still self-consciously linger on the next button down... if Leslie was staring, she'd also gulp audibly. Amusingly, the part she appeared to be stuck on was revealing her belly button. "M-Maybe... Ehm... I'm not one-hundred percent sure we should be doing this," she added in her quiet voice. Leslie was going to have to not only take the reigns, but also crack them, it seemed, if she wanted to progress through this adventure in a decent time frame to also catch Cornelia later.

On the other hand, Kozue hadn't managed to get into the library yet. There wasn't a lot of point wasting the best stuff until Leslie had her intended audience.
As she thought, the librarian was not only wearing certain comic book based attire, but she was making it clear that even the features beneath her coat were indeed like her Navi's. It...was so uncanny that it was actually making Leslie feel a little awkward about what she was going to do. Hitting on Martia...she was hot, but also her best friend, and a Navi, and that combination made it...weird. Still, the show must go on. "Oh, don't worry, I'm not a student. But if I AM legal, if you're curious."

The unbuttoning was, to put it simply, super slow. The martial artist was staring at the process, but it was in part because there was nothing better to do while she waited...and there was plenty of waiting. And by the sound of it, something resembling a second thought. That wouldn't do. "If you're hesitant to take that coat off, then I suppose I have little choice but to do it for you." She needed to speed things up, but considering a glance revealed no one else was in there, she also couldn't go too fast. No need to bust out her battle honed reflexes and speed yet. Still, she certainly still could use her abilities in other ways, so Leslie hopped up onto the desk, and sat down on the side with the Martia-like librarian. "Just relax. But don't worry, I'm not gonna rip it off or anything. We're just going to take it button at a time." She reached over, and undid the button the other woman had been hesitating at. And she would continue on, one at a time, until it was completely open. "Now, doesn't it feel nicer with that coat open, feeling the air with your skin, Audrey?" It certainly was something she herself enjoyed. Part of the reason she even kept her usual jacket open. Of course, this other woman had even better attributes underneath hers, if all the clues were indeed true.
The librarian's nervous smile and nod made it clear that she had been at least a little curious... it was probably just good for her to confirm that Leslie really wasn't a student. Leslie decided to take the lead, not aggressively, but just helpfully. In a way, it only seemed to make the other girl even more nervous, but didn't show any signs of resistance. She leaned on her hands, back against her armchair, and allowed Leslie to undo the buttons, which were now accessible since Leslie had jumped the counter.

The further Leslie got down, the more apparent it became that the woman was dressed as Red Nova, especially when Leslie got past the groin and saw the short-shorts that were the signature of the Red Nova outfit. Martia had worn them well before, accenting her toned but shapely legs, and this girl wore them differently, but in a nice way as well, with the fabric clutching tightly to the swell of her buttocks. Blushing, she fixed it with one finger where it was riding up on the back. It seemed like it would probably do that a lot...

Her outfit also came with Red Nova boots, apparently, though her hands seemed to be covered by brown wool gloves. Once she shrugged the coat off, it was apparent those only went up to about the wrist, but the red, shiny gloves extended up to the elbow past those. She removed those as well, for consistency's sake. "I did get a few questions about the shoes today... thankfully, nobody asked to see the whole thing," Audrey small-talked.

Of course, revealing the outfit was one thing, but the next steps would be even more embarrassing... at least for the average person. That said, besides for fun, it'd be a little fruitless if Kozue didn't find a way to watch it, even just for a bit, to capture the image. As if on queue, fast-paced footsteps sounded down the hallway and Kozue's slender neck popped in to view. Apparently, she liked what she saw, because she slipped in afterward and closed the door.

The librarian watched her with an awkward smile, feeling a greater sense of stage fright than before, now that her audience was up to two. Seeing this, Kozue smiled reassuringly, then gave a status update that wasn't reassuring at all. "I believe I've tricked the girl on patrol into thinking I am standing just outside the door giving a speech. We should have about a minute before she finishes, then hopefully I can find a way to occupy her again for a bit," she informed the others. Leslie would need to really make this minute count.