Name: Casual.GMO

Description: Pianissimo sheds his normal armor, revealing shoulder-length, rough-looking pale green hair, dark red shades barely large enough to obscure his eyes, a black leather jacket over a dark gray shirt, and black pants. The shirt has a symbol of a black katana cutting a musical note in half. Though he appears to be wearing the same boots, they are now just that, boots, rather than part of his armor. Pianissimo's custom weapon in this form is his hands, which shape the air immediately surrounding them into blades just as deadly as any katana.

Also, I have a profile edit, since I somehow managed to not give Pianissimo a navi emblem the first time around. The emblem is located on the back of his right hand in his normal appearance, and on the gray shirt in Casual.GMO. So yeah, the appearance is just a black katana cutting a musical note in half.
Both are fine. Approved.