NP Mission: Reconaissance Needs Greed

[Yukata.GMO Active]

A swirl of cherry blossom petals crashed down and scattered everywhere as Red stepped down onto the general NetVegas Network. Her crimson robe shimmered and the golden flower design sparkled as she looked about. Myun hopped to her side in another instant, coming down via her usual column of light.

"It's quite an adventure, isn't it~?" Red giggled as she danced around lightly, looking at herself. Myun nodded in affirmation, bouncing after her.

"So uh... white navi things, just look around for them, I guess," Shin recommended, yawning.

"Alrighty! Let's go Myun!" Red giggled, taking her support unit's hand and skipping around merrily with her, looking around for the RNG people in the meanwhile.

Red was soon drawn towards cheesy carnival music and a small crowd of navis gathered around what looked to be a makeshift kiosk. There were two navis in charge, orchestrating a group of moving black paper shilouettes performing arcobatic feats. The navis were adorned in sleek white armour, decorated with black spotted patterns, reminiscent of a die. Large red circular visors on their helmets obscured their faces from view but didn't hinder their voices.


One of them motioned for one of his two dimensional acrobats to come over and spun it around to display its unremarkable appearance. It was about half his height and followed his commands unerringly. It seemed to possess no intelligence of its own but still held the appeal of some of the spectators huddled around the stall. Some of them had already begun to sign up to whatever this was and claiming their free prizes.
"Ooh~ That looks so cool~" Red squealed as she shuffled closer to get a better view of the hustle and bustle.

"What... are those...? Support Programs maybe?" Shin grumbled, scratching his head as he took notes on whatever they were doing.

"I dunno! What do you think, Myun?" Red inquired simple-mindedly. Myun shrugged and proposed they should go closer with a wave of her hands. "You're right! Let's ask them about stuff! Whee~" Red giggled, trying to make her way up to the navis that seemed to be orchestrating the event.

"Mmmmrah! Phew! Finally got past 'em!" Red announced, putting her hands on her hips as she came out of the sea of navis signing up for stuff. She turned to face the event coordinators and put her hands behind her back as she smiled at them.

"Hello~!" she greeted the navis cheerfully as Myun hopped to her side and waved. The crimson crusader spread out a sleeve toward the stand and started her inquiry. "This is pretty cool stuff! Do you have an information pamphlet or something?" Red giggled merrily as she addressed that Dice-pattered navis.

Seeing Red seemed to drain one of the booth navis of his enthusiasm for a brief moment as he answered with confusion, "Er, no... We don't have any pamphlets but let me tell you what you can expect if you decide to sign up with us! Exciting and exotic work opportunities in all sorts of new places and the most important thing is your chance to make a difference!"

He subtly handed a simple document to Red as he continued his spiel:

Operator Name/Handle:
Navi Name:
Navi Subtype:

Rate yourself on a scale from 1 to 5; 1 being the least and 5 being the most.

1. How spontaneous are you?
   1  2  3  4  5

2. How much do you like the way the world is?  
   1  2  3  4  5

3. How law-abiding are you?
   1  2  3  4  5

4. How important are strangers to you?
   1  2  3  4  5

5. How well do you netbattle/virus bust?
   1  2  3  4  5

Given that you would never be held accountable for your actions, what would you do to change the world?

Why do you think unpredictability can be a good thing?

The other navi continued where his partner left off, "How many of you are pleeeased with the way things are being run in your country? How many of you are haaaappy with the way your daily lives? Can you all geeeeeenuinely say with 100% absolute CERTAINTY! ...That you have a meaningful impact on the world?"

While some spectators seemed to lose interest in those words, the ones who stayed behind seemed to be more drawn in.

"For those of you who arrived late, we are Spot and Seven and we're looking for recruits for our up and coming organization: The R! N! G!"

The black silhouette acrobats flipped around in the air and made a sort of pyramid atop each other's shoulders that demanded applause and cheering.
"Ooh~ This is pretty much... Hm? A questionnaire?" Red commented, blinking as she looked over the application. Myun glanced over it as well, curious of its contents.

"Let's see here... huh..." Shin mused, adjusting his shades. "Should we fill it out in the meanwhile?" Shin suggested as the audience clapped for the silhouette pyramid, Red had giggled and joined along.

"Amazing~ Amazing~ Though I still don't need one of those~" Red complimented, petting Myun on the head and filling out the form with the other hand.


"It's done~!" Red giggled as she handed her application to Spot. Secretly, Shin had copied the text on the application and saved it into his PeT. This might be needed for further investigation.


Operator Name/Handle: Ace
Navi Name: Blackrose.EXE
Navi Subtype: Ground

Rate yourself on a scale from 1 to 5; 1 being the least and 5 being the most.

1. How spontaneous are you?
   1  2  3  4  [5]

2. How much do you like the way the world is?  
   1  2  3  4  [5]

3. How law-abiding are you?
   1  2  [3]  4  5

4. How important are strangers to you?
   1  2  [3]  4  5
   It depends
5. How well do you netbattle/virus bust?
   1  2  3  4  [5]

Given that you would never be held accountable for your actions, what would you do to change the world?

Make sure everyone gets three meals a day, comfortable clothes, and a roof over their head. Through education and peaceful acceptance of different cultures of ideals, the world can be a better place.

Candy! Candy for everyone! =3

Why do you think unpredictability can be a good thing?

Is it? There's both good and bad sides to it. There's happy surprises and then bad luck that takes a turn for the worse. I think it's more a neutral happenstance.

"Sooo.... what do you guys usually do for this? Just set up booths at random? Heehee, I made a joke~" Red inquired, giggling again.
It was impossible to tell Spot and Seven apart as they were constantly walking around one another behind the booth and with the added distractions of the black puppets dancing behind them, taking your eyes off the navi pair was all too easy. Regardless, one of them took Red's application with a gracious "Thank you, little lady." and began to scan over the contents.

Spot (or Seven?) rubbed his chin for a bit after reading it, not sure what kind of conclusion to come to. He passed the application to his partner who seemed to be preoccupied with applications of his own to deal with. Spot was given a shrug as an answer which prompted him to look over the booth and eye Red some more.

"Alright, well, if you really want to join the RNG, I suppose it wouldn't hurt to bring you on board as a temp. We'll see if you're the right fit for us, but before that, you get a prize for signing up!"

A bunch of surprised gasps and light clapping echoed from the audience as the navi brought out a box adorned with question marks and simultaneously motioned for one of his silhouetted dancers to come over.

"In the mystery box we have a battlechip and you can have that for free... OR, we can let you have one of our 'Coins' to take home. He's not that smart and has no family so he needs a good home. Which one will you take?"

The navis around Red awwed over the sad story and urged her to pick the Coin, but others were fascinated by the intrigue of the mystery box and started chanting "Get the box! Get the box!"
"Hehe~ No problem~" Red giggled as one of the navis accepted her application. She was then informed about the temporary position.

Bingo! Shin and Red grinned at this announcement. Babysteps and they'd work their way in. And now... they were presented with a choice. The audience was pressuring her, but she was always one who took things at her own stride.

"Hmhmhm~ Which one shall I choose~?" Red hummed to herself, glancing over both prizes calmly.

"...If the NP wants data, the... Coin would probably be the best option, but rare chips are few and far between..." Shin mused.

"A task at hand and desires clash, then let's complete this with a random match~ When in Rome, do as the Romans do, as they say," Red giggled, running a random process generator... or just pulling out a digital coin.

"Heads, I take this guy. Tails, I will pick from the Chips~ Is today your lucky day~?" Red inquired to the Coin silhouette. Myun gulped nervously as her mistress nonchalantly flipped the coin into the air.

Slowly it sailed down... and finally landed.

And the winner is....


Red swiftly took the Coin into her arms and snuggled against it, before kissing it on the forehead and smiling at it. "It is your lucky day after all, little guy~ Congratulations~"

Shin sighed, rubbing his temples. Lady luck was on their side for the most part, but for how much longer?

Humming merrily while snuggling Myun and the Coin together, Red turned to Spot and Seven. "So, what shall we do first?" she inquired.

[Coin obtained]
By this time, only Red and three other new RNG recruits were standing around the booth. Spot adressed them all as Seven began packing up the kiosk, rapidly compressing tables and displays into tiny little boxes, "Thanks to everyone who joined the RNG and is prepared to make a difference with us. As a sort of introductory task, I want you all to hand out flyers to people in Net Vegas while Seven and I head back to HQ. We have your contacts so you don't have to worry about calling us, we'll call you for your next assignments."

Spot pointed to a stack of files with a very patriotic message about the RNG printed on them. None of the other recruits seemed too pleased about making a difference by being spam distributors, but they all nodded and picked up equal shares and started discussing between themselves what they thought.

Red's Coin looked at her from a lazy pose, unenthused and seemingly awaiting orders. From Shin's PET, the Coin's status was summarized in cold, hard numbers:
Element/Subtype: Null
HP: 50
Attack: 15
Action: 1

Spot went to help Seven as Red considered what to do next.
Spot and Seven looked to be distracted with taking down the stand, Red's only choice was to follow them if she wanted more info. But how she would go about it would be difficult. Well, they had been given a task to do, but maybe she should be more forward?

The other recruits grumbled about delivering spam, but it's not like she could just talk to them anyway. They knew as much as she did about the organization.

"Hmmm... I should've invested in an Invisibility process now that I think of it," Shin mused, tapping his desk. "Well go around I guess, maybe haphazardly venture in their direction. Myun, keep an eye out for them," the ace suggested, unsure of what to really do next.

"Roger," Red and Myun whispered back as they walked slowly in the direction of Spot and Seven, casually passing by while Myun made frequent glance-backs at them. Red prompted the Coin to follow them

[Walk toward Spot and Seven's direction, as if heading straight to distribute flyers]
[Myun uses Stealthy Observation on Spot and Seven]
Red tried to stealthily spy on the two white navis and listened in on them while they worked to pack things away while she shuffled flyers.

"...Did you hear Block and Roller's op got taken out?..."

"...Really? NP starting to crack down?..."

"...I heard it was two civs..."

"...See, this is exactly why we need to upgrade our-"

Before Red could continue listening in on their conversation, one of the other recruits called over to her with a loud shout, "HEY!"

She spun around immediately to face her peer as he glared angrily at her, clearly not swayed by the way she looked. He was pretty scummy looking, as far as stereotypes went. He had metal rings and tattoos scrawled over his body and wore a sort of chakram mohawk and black-tinted visor.

"I see what you're doing..." He slurred. Red prepared herself to fight her way out of the situation when he added, "...Slacking off already. If I gotta do this to get in, you better pick up the pace, worm!"

He tossed a few more flyers in Red's direction as she breathed a quiet sigh of relief. She figured she'd take a closer look at the other two recruits and saw that one of them was very likely a wood navi with thick brown dreads sprouting from her crown and a grassy skirt. The other one just looked somewhat more normal though he wore thick glasses and mumbled numbers and odd phrases to himself. Spot and Seven had finished talking and seemed to be growing a little suspicious of Red's activity as they watched her.
Red scratched her chin as she listened into Spot and Seven's conversation, but jumped as someone called her from behind. Whipping around and narrowing her eyes, one of her fellow "recruits" has come up and was about to say something...

...oh, that's it? Red raised an eyebrow, before closing her eyes and giggling lightly as the punk threw flyers her way. Snatching them back up, Red sent one back up to Shin as a copy.

"...think they're onto us?" Red whispered to her operator.

"Maybe... what to do... what to do...?" Shin mused, scratching his chin thoughtfully.

"We've got no choice, let's go.... that way!" Red started... before thinking of something.

Bounding back toward Spot and Seven, she waved to get their attention. "Oh! Oh! Do you guys know which network you'll be going to next? I'll pass out flyers there too when I'm done here!" Red inquired, acting slightly worried.

[Obtain RNG Flyer.doc]
[Ask about future promotion sites]
The flyers are pretty much what you'd expect of junk mail - a lot of flashy graphics with the phrase "Join the RNG!" in big bold letters. It doesn't give you any idea what the organization is or what they do, but it looks fancy enough to win over Red's interest and curiousity. Still, whoever came up with this campaign was probably running a numbers game in terms of recruitment because it certainly wasn't going to draw in anyone smarter than a thumbtack.

Spot and Seven stopped loading their gear and turned back to Red before facing each other...


Basically, a regular battle but instead of battlechips, your folder is now a repertoire of topics/comments/actions you must act out. Enemy HP is resistance to answering your questions and Red's HP is how well your cover is holding up. No SPs or signatures allowed. Dodges are RPed as feigning being distracted/not paying attention.

Sword - Question RNG's Purpose
Boomerang1x2 - Emphasize curiousity
Candle2 - Hair Twirl
DBLBeam1x2 - Insult NP
Yo-Yo1 - Emphasize relevance
GutPunch - Question RNG's Members
Guard1x2 - Reverse Question
Areagrabx2 - Change topic
Recov80 - Convenient backstory
HammerToss2 - Demand Answer
ElecSword - Crack a joke
BambooKnife - Provide conspiracy theory
PhoenixShot1x2 - Provide criminal history
FireTower1 - Big hand gesture
SideBamboo1 - Off-topic comment
RiskyHoney1x2 - Act offended
Magbolt1 - Invade Personal Space
ElecReel1 - Shout / Realize something
IceSeed - Touchy subject
Wideshot1x2 - Compliment
MistConv - Agree with RNG philosophy
Spice1 - Act crazy
AquaDragon - Rationalize your questioning))

Spot: 600 HP

MIND TERRAIN: 100% Normal

Red: 250 HP

[MIND BATTLE 1 - Begin!]
Red tilted her head, thinking the recruiters hadn't noticed her, so she decided raising her voice would be a good idea.

"HEY!" Red called out, walking closer to Spot, waving her hand frantically to get his attention. "I asked WHERE'S the NEXT place, AFTER this!" Red pouted, trying to keep well-informed on the organization's moves.

"Now don't get me wrong," Red started, making a big sweep of her hand. "I'm just curious so I can go help out faster!" Red giggled, giving Spot a serene smile, hopping up and down a little. She decided to get a teensy bit closer to Spot, just to make sure he'd answer.

"Is it bad that I'm asking this?" Red inquired, sounding sad and puckering up her lips while fixing a hurt expression on her new "employer."

Turn Summary:
1. SHOUT [80 Elec DMG]
2. Move closer [Tactical movement]
3. Big Hand Motion [100 Fire DMG + Piercing + Ground Attack + Group attack]
4. Emphasize Curiousity [60 +25 Wood DMG + Arc Attack]
5. Smile~ [(Buster) 50 Slashing Damage]
6. Invade Personal Space [90 Elec DMG + Magnetic Pull]
Red had an immediate upper hand in her MIND BATTLE as Spot seemed slow-witted and was caught completely by surprise by her invasive boldness. Red could tell that he was on the verge of spilling the beans on everything, but he eventually found the time to offer a lame rebuttal.

"Uh... We're just sorta new at this too so we don't know that much."

A lie. Red could see through that flimsy line like a limpid pool of shoddy improvisation. She moved in for the kill when Spot hurled a desperate counter that stopped Red's advances cold.

"You remind me of someone who joined up to spy on us."

BAM. Red's autonomic physical and facial reaction to the comment betrayed her better judgment and self-control enough for Spot to believe something was definitely up. Still, she was far from being out of the game. Gathering her wits, she tried to come up with plausible explanation as Spot hid behind a solid farce of feigning ignorance.

"...But anyways, I dunno. I just dunno."

Red could almost see Spot's face behind the opaque black visor, rapidly shifting his eyes as he shrugged his shoulders to her queries.

Spot: 195 HP

MIND TERRAIN: 100% Normal

Red: 250 HP
Red's whole body shivered as Spot came up with that one line. The one that could expose her if she didn't come up with some kind of convenient backstory. But was that really the only option? Perhaps a further inquiry into this wall that Spot put up. A change of topic might flow back into the original line of questioning.

Which was actually was Shin was thinking, as he relayed these thoughts down through a note he quickly transcribed. Red let out a mental sigh of relief as she focused on this wall and moved swiftly around it, not physically mind you.

"Oh my!" Red gasped, putting her hands to her mouth in reaction to Spot's second line. "Someone tried spying on you all? You should tell me more about that! I'll be sure to help you look for suspicious characters like those when the times arrives!" Red giggled, seeming to sincerely offer her help to Spot with much enthusiasm.

"You and Mr. Seven sure are good at drawing people in though!" Red complimented. "I just wanted to know where you guys were going next so I could watch more of your work after I'm done over here! I think it would really help other members of the RNG if they learned from their more experienced senior members! Like you, Mr. Spot!"

The fairy tale fighter bubbled with excitement, keeping a display of innocence as her inquiry was possibly answered.

Turn Summary:
1. Change Topic [Areagrab behind Spot]
2. Emphasize curiosity on spying [60 +25 Wood DMG + Arc Attack]
3. Compliment Spot on his recruiting skills [60 Aqua DMG + Wide Attack]
4. Rationalize Questioning [150 Aqua DMG + Ground Attack + Medium Aqua Terrain + Terrain Changer]
5. Compliment Spot on his "more experienced" status [60 Aqua DMG + Wide Attack]
6. Act innocent and sincere [Dodge]
Spot's stolid ignorance-based defenses were undermined by Red's deft maneuvering IN HIS BRAIN. Her change of topic rendered his ignorance and her compliments only further served to soften his resolve until finally, the inevitable... He cracked.

"Oh well... Yes, I guess that makes sense. Yes, I can see that you're very involved and we could probably use more people like you. Just between you and me, I think I heard the upper ranks talking about something big going down in the core market district of Electown in a day or two during their peak hours. Very hush hush. Probably something bigger than what we're doing here."

Jackpot. This would definitely come in handy for the mission as Red smiled and made a note of it. Having skipped out on important flyer handing work, Red had also inadvertently drawn the ire of her fellow recruits. Mr. Mohawk was still eyeing her angrily and the other two just seemed to be half focussed on their task and half disappointed in Red's apparent slacking. On the other hand, she could still attempt to interrogate Seven with her freshly honed MIND BATTLE techniques.

What do.


MIND TERRAIN: 100% Normal

Red: 250 HP

[MIND BATTLE 1 - Victory!]

Get: Answers?
It seemed that Red had definitely gotten the answers she wanted. She decided this was enough questioning for now and needed to act the part now.

"AAAAALRIGHT! Let's do this! Flyer distribution away!" Red whooped, heading off in a random direction with as much enthusiasm as possible to deliver the flyers she had in her possession.

"Yeah, we need to act the part now I guess. Aha~" Shin grinned as his navi looked out for navis to recruit into the RNG.

"YEAAAAAAAAAH!" the crimson crusader yelled, searching around.

[Go in a random direction to distribute flyers]
Red, always giving 100% in everything she does, ventured forth to increase public awareness of the RNG and all it could offer. And, of course, right when she wandered out of sight from Spot and Seven...


She ran right into someone. While Red fell flat on her behind, the Navi she hit didn't even budge. Seeing how the guy was a good foot and a half taller than Red, it was no wonder she lost that conflict of forces. He made no immediate reaction to being bumped into like that, leaving Red time to look over him. He was... pretty much all trench coat. Black boots, beige trench coat, beige bowler hat. The only unique features to make out were his unkempt, unshaven face illuminated by a burning cigarette in his mouth.

Finally, he said something. "... You the new rookie in the department, kid?" grumbled the Navi in a deep, gravelly voice, all with the cigarette still in his mouth. He pulled a hand out of his coat pocket just long enough to give Red a glimpse of a NetPolice badge.
"..And then the moonligh- WAH!" Red hummed, skipping along before she bumped into someone and fell over. "Aaaah! I'm so sooooorry!" Red whimpered as flyers fell all around her, before reorganizing back into a neat stack. The wonders of technology.

"Hm?" Red blinked as the person she ran into was completely unfazed by the situation.

"Now that's what you might call... hard-boiled," Shin commented, chuckling slightly.

At the revealing of the person's badge, Red quickly straightened herself up, as quickly as she could in her kimono at any rate, and gave the navi a firm salute. "Yes sir! It's Red_Riding_Hood.EXE, sir! I've already gotten some information acquired, sir!"

Myun and the accompanying Coin unit she had in her possession mimicked Red's movements with firm salutes.
"Great, good answer. I'm Chicago, your superior." muttered the gritty detective as he pulled his other hand out of his coat pocket, reached inside the coat, and pulled out his gun.

... Wait, what?


And just like that, the only thing left of the Coin was a scorch mark on the ground from Chicago's laser handgun. ""Got your attention? Great. Change of plans, the informant for this mission was with the RNG, we threw him into a room with our interrogator for a few minutes, he's singing like a canary. Tell your Operator to get his chips ready, things are about to get hot. Follow me."

Got all that, rookie? No, you probably didn't, and that's not your fault. Regardless of that, Chicago marched forward towards the information booth, thankfully with his gun tucked back away.

"Huh? Who the heck is that guy?" whispered Seven to his counterpart at the sight of Chicago.

"Dunno, I'll deal with it..." responded Spot in just as quiet a voice as he got up and met Chicago in front of the booth. Noticing Red behind him, "Oh, has our new recruit gotten your attention? Wonderful! Would you like to learn more about the RNG? If you could, just take a few minutes to fill out this application..." said Spot as he produced the same survey from before.

"Brought my own resume, thanks." grunted Chicago through a puff of smoke.


Oh god not again. A searing hot magazine popped out of the butt of Chicago's gun as Spot took an even more powerful heat beam square in the middle of the forehead. His now burning head bucked back in recoil, and in that time Chicago already snapped a new magazine into his gun. Wait, are you really-


Another heat beam just as strong as the last struck Spot's forehead, sending him tumbling back so fast that he actually flipped over on his feet and landed flat on his chest. The new, and apparently short-lived, magazine ejected quickly from Chicago's gun and started searing the ground as soon as it made contact. Well, at least that should be ove-


Another magazine?!


Well, at least it was to the back of Spot's head this time. Amazingly, Spot never EJO'd, leaving everyone watching to wonder if Chicago already knew the exact strength of these guys... The department interrogator must be good. Despite that, Spot clearly wasn't going to be moving any time soon.

"W-w-w-w-what the hell...?!" was all Seven could muster as he bounced up from his seat in shock.

"NetPolice." grunted Chicago, flashing his badge out of his other pocket for a moment. "We have the evidence, are you going to go easily, and after that you have the right to remain silent." For how business-like that was, it was like he hadn't just pumped another Navi full of lasers a minute ago. Wow.

A tense silence cast over the area as Seven needed a few seconds to sort Chicago's rushed and jumbled statements. After realizing he was being arrested, "D-don't think you can get me to just surrender!" shouted Seven brazenly as he slammed a button on the kiosk with his fist, causing Coins to spawn en masse around him. Naturally, Seven took to the coward's strategy, running away as fast as he could with the intent to slow this crazy-ass detective down with the Coins.

To Seven's credit, it worked. Chicago leisurely reloaded his gun (again), then took his bowler hat off to scratch his ruffled hair. "Ergh... I guess this is a good chance to show me what you can do, rookie. Chief wanted me to check you out, for whatever reason. I don't get that guy..." Does this guy ever talk to anyone other than himself?


Regardless, it seemed Red had an attack order. How many of these Coins were there...

Coins x40: 50 HP Each
Spot's Charred Carcass: 1 HP, Out Cold

Red.exe: 250 HP
Myun.exe: 115 HP


"... Fine, I'll help."

Chicago.exe: 700 HP