Appearance:He is about 5'10" has sleek blonde hair wieghs 158 pounds, wears a red long sleve shirt, with blach baggy jeans, he always wears a red baseball cap, and a chain around his pants as a belt
Personality:he is mostly shy and quiet. he never wants to jump into anything he dosent think he can do, and he always stays out late every night netbattling anyone he thinks he can beat
PET Modifications: red with black lining on the sides


Element: Fire
Type: Cursor
Appearance:he has long silck black hair with a red cape, his eyes are blood red and he wears a black top with red stripes, pants so dark it sends shivers to other navis,
Personality:he likes to delete navis that look at him wrong, he thinks he the biggest(coolest) thing the world has ever seen. He mostly rushes into things and is almot opposite his operator
Custom Weapon:fire blast(attacks with a fire cannon)
Signature Attack: flame explosion(does 60 to one or 30 to two or 20 to three(three turn cooldown)
As a whole, this looks fine. All I ask is that you add a bit more to the descriptions and I'll give this an approval.
Before we do anything, though...

I want Mr. Same-IP-as-Rayman-and-showed-up-not-even-a-day-after-Rayman-was-permabanned here to give me three good reasons why I shouldn't just go for the obvious conclusion that he's also Rayman trying to ban-evade. AGAIN.

1) im not rayman

2)just because our whole school uses the same ip adress dosent mean you can accuse me of something i didn't do

3)because your a good person

*Is not buying it*

Do you take me for a fool, man? This account shows up NOT EVEN A DAY after the old one is banned, has similar writing/grammar/spelling styles, and you honestly expect me to not think you're not Rayman.

Yeah... yeah no... not buying this. Not buying it at all. Unless you can give me some PROOF that you're not Rayman... you're gonna be sitting here waiting a long, long time.

what do you want me to do im not rayman
Multiple accounts again? For shame.