Touching down on the network, Koumori, and Momo, begin to get a feel for the network and it's, possibly, weird terrain. Momo would hopefully be unaffected by any sudden terrain shifts.

(battle 1)
In the dazzling streets of NetVegas Net, Koumori and Momo really had to fly over anything to get anywhere. Sand, snares, more sand, lava, and panels that changed every few seconds were everywhere. NetVegas was a risk, and there was no solid ground you could stand on.

They settled for some sand, and started brawling with some tanks.

KabutankA: 80 HP
KabutankB: 80 HP
KabutankC: 80 HP
KabutankD: 80 HP
KabutankE: 80 HP

Terrain: 100% Sand

Koumori.exe: 120 HP
Momo.SP: 40 HP

"Kabutanks...and there are quite a few of them...A dash attack could take them all out no problem...But, where is the fun in such an idea?" Koumori said, smiling her vamparic smile, causing shivers to go up Momo's spine. "What do you want me to do mommy?" She asked, looking up at her mother and then at the viruses that had attacked them.
"Do what you feel you need to do Momo. Though I suggest trying to give one of them a nice bite, to test out how your attacks would affect them." Koumori said nicely, as she looked up to the sky. "Kedamono. Send me a couple chips that attack multiple targets. I'm probably going to need them. Preferably the Dash Attack, just in case." Koumori said as she was instantly sent the Dash Attack battle chip. Koumori smiled as the chip downloaded directly to her core data.

Quickly taking action, Koumori darted from her current position, kicking up a cloud of dust and sand up as she dashed away from them, in an attempt to get to a better position that she could manage to line up the five viruses and manage to delete them in one move, her Dash Attack battle chip.
Sending a wave of sound in front of her, Koumori's Mind's Eye began to pick up, and take aim, at the group of tanks. Quickly accessing the data within her, she quickly took aim with her usual sight, attempting to see if said viruses would attempt to move out of the way before Koumori could get her attack off on them. Quickly after, her wings began to take on a sword-like sharpness as she jumped high into the air before nearly touching the ground. Pointing herself at the viruses as she hovered off the ground, if only slightly touching a dune of sand, she rocketed forwards at the group at nearly insane speeds, sending a huge cloud of dust and sand in her wake, her wings cutting through the air in front of her like a hot knife through butter.
She soon touched the ground on the other side of the viruses she had attacked, hoping to have deleted them all in one go as she waded through the sand as fast as she could, hoping to dodge any counter attack, should any viruses remain from her attack.
Momo meanwhile ran through the sand as best as possible, thanks to her small frame and size, she ran up towards the grouping of viruses, turning towards a random virus, if Koumori hadn't already deleted it, and sent out large strands of her hair towards a random virus, if one still survived her mother's attack, and hoped she could be of some use to her.

Tactical movement (attempt to line viruses up for DashAttack)
Take aim at group of viruses
*BatSonar: Passive take aim (used on DashAttack)
DashAttack--->KabutankA-E (90-Line Attack-Impact-Targets five)
*Healing Night: 15 HP heal to Momo

HairBands--->Whatever viruses survive (1 glitch to 1 enemy)
Koumori runs through all of them with excessive tactical maneuvers. Every bomb fired just goes over her head while she dashes. Good job.

KabutankA: DELETED
KabutankB: DELETED
KabutankC: DELETED
KabutankD: DELETED
KabutankE: DELETED

Terrain: 100% Sand

Koumori.exe: 120 HP
Momo.SP: 40 HP

Get: 1000z, 20 Bugfrags
"Hmmm, nice amount of Zenny. Come Momo, we have more exploring of this part of the net to do." Koumori said, motioning over Momo to her before the duo continued into the net, looking for more viruses to delete.

(battle 2)
As Koumori and Momo moves on, they come to a battered up area. The floor is all banged up, many spaces showing cracks and threatening to collapse. To make matters worse, two Dharmas move about in front of Koumori, getting ready to attack which would garentee that she wouldn't have time to pay attention to where she was stepping. Furthur back sit two Candevils, spaced about five feet apart. Koumori can also see another form behind each candle if she looks closely.

DharmaA: 90
DharmaB: 90
CandevilA: 120
BighatA: 100
CandevilB: 120
BighatB: 100

Terrain: 60% Normal, 40% Cracked

Koumori: 120
Momo: 40

Battle 2 Go
"Unknown viruses detected Kedamono. Perhaps you could enlighten me on their names and HP levels?" Koumori said, eying the unknown viruses, looking them over as much as possible before Kedamono chimed in with her findings.

"Ok, those small puck-like viruses are called Dharma's, I think you met them in Yoka's net earlier in the week, they can break defenses and have ninety Hit Points. The other two we have never met. The one that is on fire and looks like something out of a horror movie is called a CanDevil, it's obvious they are of the FIRE element and they have one-hundred and twenty Hit Points. The with the giant hat for a head is called, quite aptly, a BigHat and they have a hundred Hit Points...unfortunately, I don't have any other data on the viruses." Kedamono said before slotting in two chips, Wideshot and the ever trusty Dash Attack for mass deletion.

"Alright. Engaging the group of viruses. Momo, stay out of sight. I have major work to do to avoid deletion." Koumori said as she shooed Momo away with her wing before the data entered into her core data. "Okay mama! I'll make sure I stay out of trouble." Momo cried happily as she began to try to run away from the group of viruses, in an attempt to evade their attacks should any come her way.

Koumori turned to Momo, making sure she stayed out of trouble, as she began to dash towards the viruses, taking care not to make a wrong step on the cracked panels, as she made her way towards the CanDevils. Channeling the Wideshot data into her wings, changing them to a calm aqua blue color as she took aim at the two viruses she wanted dead here and now before jumping high into the air and swiping her wings towards them as a large blade of water materialized and shot down towards the viruses, attempting to cool them down and put out their lights permanently.
Landing behind the BigHat viruses, she ran to the right, strafing them as best as possible in an attempt to get a clear shot at the quartet of viruses she had yet to attack before the DashAttack data activated, creating a low rumble as she was launched towards the viruses at high speeds, her main aim to take out the Dharma's quickly as to avoid getting counter attacked by them and taking unnecessary damage in the process as she rocketed towards a clear spot of panels, cracked or not, she quickly made herself scarce and began to run in a wide semi-circle in an attempt to keep herself moving and lessen her chances of falling into a broken pannel.

Tact. move--->Get near BigHats and attempt to jump over them to attack the CanDevils behind them
*BatSonar used on Wideshot
Wideshot--->CanDevilA&B (60 aqua, wide attack, X2 damage due to elemental Weakness)
DashAttack--->BigHatA&B+DharmaA&B (90+impact, line attack, can hit five)
*Healing Night: 15 Heal to Koumori

(can I has bump?)
Koumori's Wideshot took care of both Candevils, but fell short of damaging anything else. Her DashAttack pushed her out of the way of one of the Dharma's pucks while slamming through a BigHat and a Dharma. She dodged back to avoid another puck but it fell into a hole that had been created by her random movements. She looked and noticed nearly all the cracked panels had been collapsed by her and Momo. In the meantime, the two BigHats tossed flashbombs.

DharmaA: 90 HP
CandevilA: DELETED
BighatA: 10 HP
CandevilB: DELETED
BighatB: 100 HP

FlashbombA: 20 HP
FlashbombB: 20 HP

Terrain: 60% Normal, 5% Cracked, 35% Broken

Koumori: 120 HP
Momo: 40 HP
"Well, we sure have been moving around quite a lot as of late..." Koumori commented as she looked around at the battlefield, holes, of which there were none before, were now many from Koumori and Momo's movements.
"Koumori, I'm sending the Pulsar and several other chips, I wish for you to finish this fight soon, we have other places to go after all. I just hope you don't fall through one of those holes." Kedamono said as she slotted in several chips into her PET.

Taking aim at the objects that the hatted viruses had thrown, her inner rage channeled into her body, giving her body a slightly visible red aura as her eyes turned red and her fangs grew, her strength increasing by the second before her body settled down, her strength retaining within her body, ready to be released onto her foes.

She quietly, and patiently, took a close aim towards the much more healthy looking BigHat virus before turning her gaze upon the bombs they had thrown onto the field. Perfect she thought as she sent out a red spiral of, well, noise, towards one of the bombs, hoping to hit them and have the splash hit the various enemies that, hopefully, were within range of the attack.

She soon after took the shotgun that had been sent to her and absorbed it into her wing, taking it like a rifle, she pointed the very tip of her wing at the Dharma that she had tried to plow through earlier before taking aim at it and quickly firing off a shot of red energy towards it, hoping like hell it connected.

Momo, meanwhile, attempted to stay as inconspicuous as possible by trying to dodge any incoming attacks if any, on the terrain that she was currently on, hoping not to crack any more panels on the battlefield.

1. Call of the Wild (60 strengthen pool)
*batsonar used on Pulsar1 (and hopefully it's splash)
2. Pulsar1--->FlashBombB (splash directed towards FlashBombA, DharmaA and both BigHats. 35 to all but BigHatB&DharmaA, BigHatB and DharmaA takes an additional 30 damage due to Call of the Wild)
3. Take Aim Action
4. Shotgun---> DharmaA, Splash at BigHatB (50+splash1)


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Koumori unleashes an animalistic screech on the Flashbombs, destroying them and pretty much erasing the BigHats in the area, except for one. The Dharma was far enough away that the sonic waves didn't affect it, so Koumori just shot her shotgun at it.

DharmaA: 40 HP
CandevilA: DELETED
CandevilB: DELETED
BighatB: 35 HP

FlashbombA: 20 HP
FlashbombB: 20 HP

Terrain: 60% Normal, 5% Cracked, 35% Broken

Koumori: 120 HP
Momo: 40 HP
As Koumori readied herself to delete the last of the viruses, a small scale Jack Out Barrier began to form over her and Momo, cutting off her and Kedamono.

"K-Koumori? W-What's happening?" Kedamono said fruitlessly as her connection cut off completely. "K-Koumori! P-Please! T-Talk to me!" Kedamono shouted, drawing the attention of various passerby as the events on the net unfolded.

"Kedamono! Whats happening!? If this is a prank, it's not funny!" Koumori shouted at the top of her lungs, fruitlessly as Momo huddled closer to her. "M-Momma, W-What's happening?" Momo asked before a net flew over the two of them. "Damn it...Not again..." Koumori swore quietly to herself before the net quickly captured her and Momo, a shock running through them and knocking the mother-daughter duo out before they could say anything else. "Alright, bag 'em up and get the hell out of here." A voice spoke out to two others. In a few minutes Koumori and Momo were "bagged up" by two muscular navis, quietly deactivating the Jack Out barrier, the trio silently left the area with the currently knocked out Koumori and Momo.