HeelNavi? HellNavi?

A lone portal inside the volcanic Hades network glowed yellow as it received a rare visitor into the area. Three visitors, in fact, as the forms of Eternalis, Aurora, and Sparky materialized on the teleporter pad. After they had completely solidified, Aurora was the first to step away from her original position as she tapped on her right ear-cover. "I'm starting up the analysis," she stated simply. Her visor then scanned the area, various figures and mini-charts appearing in her heads-up display to convey the information to her. A red warning sign quickly greeted her after a couple of seconds, and she ceased her scanning.

"We've got a few viruses coming along to get their faces bashed in," she said, grinning to herself.

"Good," her Navi replied blankly, resorting to blocking out his emotions for use in battle instead. Frustration was very easily vented when you knew how to rip a Metool in half. Meanwhile, Sparky sat in place, wagging his tail as he donned his battle armor. "Woof!"

[Battle 1 - Ready]
[Eternalis/Aurora/Sparky: 160/70/50 HP]
Viruses approached just as Aurora had predicted: two stoves and two hopping quakers approached noisily, accompanied by metal clanking noises and large thuds. The speed at which they noticed Eternalis and the others made it apparent that this area must be populated by all kinds of viruses.

In fact, there seemed to be virus nests all over the hills behind the battlefield! It'd be wise for the navis to make sure they avoided hitting them.

OldStoveA: 50 HP
OldStoveB: 50 HP
QuakerA: 80 HP
QuakerB: 80 HP

Virus-Infested Caves A: 1 HP (behind viruses)
Virus-Infested Caves B: 1 HP (behind viruses)
Virus-Infested Caves C: 1 HP (behind viruses)

Eternalis: 160 HP
Aurora: 70 HP
Sparky: 50 HP

Terrain: 100% Furnace

"... I don't see anything."

Eternalis looked through the heat distortions that the furnace paneling around them created, squinting his blue eyes in an attempt to peer through it. It didn't work. The hissing of the simulation of geothermal processes masked a few sounds as well, making it hard to hear anything. In effect, they were blind and deaf. "... Are you sure there are any?" inquired Eternalis skeptically, crossing his arms in front of him. Aurora looked indignant, and retaliated.

"Well, of course I'm sure, idiot! Do I look unsure to you? Do I?" retorted Aurora, standing akimbo. A staring competition ensued between the two, each not willing to back down. And all the while, they didn't notice the sounds of metal clanking and loud thumping growing ever closer to their position. Between them, Sparky watched his two masters silently face off, and while he didn't understand what was going on between the two, he did know that there were some very scary sounds, and that his masters should know of it. "Arf! Arf! Arf!" he barked, trying to get the attention of either or both.

Eventually, after some time, Eternalis looked to the side, and saw his second SP barking his poor heart out. "Eh? What is it, boy?" he asked. Sparky halted his barking, and pointed his snout out at the field. Aurora and Eternalis both looked in said direction, and heard the telltale sounds. "Well, we know who's right," quipped Aurora snidely in victory. "Still pretty steamy in here, thou-" she continued, before suddenly stopping. What, why did she have to pick that to say. That was stupid.

Eternalis looked in her direction questioningly. "Hey, anything wrong?" he asked. Strange how the loudmouth suddenly shut up, he thought.

"N-No, i-it's nothing," mumbled Aurora.

What's this change in character? Is it a glitch or something? thought Eternalis, but the thumping sounds derailed his train of thought back to the battlefield. Thinking for a bit, as the sounds got louder, Eternalis remembered one of his basic processes: terrain change. As the steam was coming from the ground, if he could remove said ground from the equation, the problem would be resolved pretty easily. "I might just be able to solve this steam problem," he said.

"What?! Why didn't you say that earlier?!" Aurora cut in, suddenly returning back to her hostile personality.

"Well, I'm sorry for not being a data miner. One sec," said Eternalis, who redirected his attention from the mood-swung Aurora to the battle at hand before she could reply. Drawing in his hands, he concentrated on the ground beneath him, and started to tune into its datastream. Then, he began shifting the data in the ground to match his own liquid composition, absorbing the Furnace-panel data into himself. A lake of water appeared as a result of the change, with some icy terrain floating in said water as well. The foggy mirage from the heat of the Furnace panels started to dissipate enough for the team to see what was going on.

"Well, look at that. Something useful out of you! Ha!" mocked Aurora. Eternalis halted the process to look at what he had done. He was surprised, as he had thought it would only change the field to ice, but he instead got a body of water instead.


"I changed the process into a more efficient water-creation one. Ice takes up too much processing space," said Harke. "I'll send you WindRacket and WaterLine, should be able to take them out easily. Aurora, need anything?"

"Shoot me a WideShot and I'll tear 'em up," said Aurora, who was surveying the timy amount of viruses they were up against. From the sounds earlier, one would have thought it was at least six or more.

"All right," said Harke, who immediately sent the chips in question, and did what he did best: sit back and enjoy the show.

Both Eternalis and Aurora felt their respective weaponry being loaded into their systems. "Prove you're useful and don't fall behind," said Aurora. She then turned to Sparky, who was looking up at the two, looking like he was expecting something. "Sparky, Model K-9!" said Aurora, to which the dog replied with an enthusiastic bark and a glowing body. The light receded to reveal Sparky's surfboard model from earlier, on which Aurora deftly jumped on. "Later, slowpoke," she said, dashing off as she did, circling around the viruses for a bit.

"... Model K-9."

Eternalis repeated the term with a bit of surprise. That was a good name, he thought. But then was not the time for contemplating good naming, but the time for action. He assumed his battle stance, and started up his teleportation process. His body quickly melted into his surroundings, and soon, he was completely invisible. The opportunity was not left without use, as he dashed across the area towards the stronger of the pairs of viruses, reappearing behind them to prepare his attack.

Eternalis drew back his right arm, shifting the armor's configuration into that of a large fan of sorts, with flaps coming out of its sides. He swung it at the Quaker viruses in front of him, activating the WindRacket chip imbued within. This caused a tremendous gale to suddenly erupt from his arm, which would impact on the Quakers with its cutting winds, and blow them clear out of the water, quite literally.

Meanwhile, Aurora and Sparky were circling around the two OldStove viruses, with Aurora loading up the WideShot into her systems. Sticking out her hand, she let it morph into the appropriate shape to accommodate the chip, which turned out to be a triple-barreled cannon. "Eat death!" she called enthusiastically, aiming the cannon at the two stove viruses. The barrel glowed blue for a moment, then released a wide-angled burst of energy towards her targets. She then called to her ride, "Sparky! Circle around 'em!", to which the dog-board-thing replied with a cheerful woof and a burst of speed.

Eternalis drew back his fan-transformed arm, and drew back slightly. He loaded up the WaterLine into his processes, ready to unleash the towers of surging waters at any stragglers that managed to survive.


[| [color=cornflowerblue]Eternalis.EXE[/color] || Aurora.SP || Sparky.SP |]
[1] Desolation 2 @ OldStove + Quakey Area [Large Sea Terrain + Medium Ice Terrain]
-- Sparky - GMO Shift: Model K-9
[1] Mount Sparky [Equip]
[1] Circlestrafe viruses [Movement]


[2] Vapor Reassimilation @ Behind Quakey [Teleport + Dodge + Accuracy-Up]
[2] WideShot1 @ OldStove A/B [Aqua 60 + Wide Attack] [x2 Element] {A}
[2] Dodge


[3] WindRacket @ QuakerA/B [Null 100 + Gust + Microburst On-Hit] {A}
[4] WaterLine1 @ Survivors [Aqua 90 + Ground + Line] {B + Accuracy-Up}
[5] Dodge
After detecting the presence of viruses, Team Eternalis reacted by... spending a full minute staring at each other. Soon, the intervention of the newest member of the team snapped Eternalis and Aurora back to reality to begin the battle.

Eternalis started things off by removing some of the obstructing furnace panels. The newly created water and ice panels sprung up quickly and left the viruses without the slight cover afforded by the furnace panels. Immediately afterward, Aurora hopped on the more ride-able version of Sparky and took off to attack. Not to be left behind, Eternalis quickly (and invisibly) moved behind the Quakers to prepare an attack. The ensuing WindRacket strike not only deleted the viruses, but also sent them flying several dozen feet before it happened. Soon after, the combined efforts of Aurora and Sparky sent a Wideshot straight through the OldStoves and promptly made them eat death.

It appeared that Eternalis's extra preparation would not be necessary. The caves of viruses nearby seemed just as docile as before the short skirmish.


Virus-Infested Caves A: 1 HP (behind viruses)
Virus-Infested Caves B: 1 HP (behind viruses)
Virus-Infested Caves C: 1 HP (behind viruses)

Terrain: 25% Sea, 10% Ice, 65% Furnace

Battle 1 Complete!

Eternalis: 160 HP (Water)
Aurora: 70 HP (Ice)
Sparky: 50 HP (Ice)

Rewards: 450z, 14 BugFrags
Lucia, riding atop the back of Artio slipped through the doorway that had brought them from internet City. Letting out a soft breath before it was taken away in surprise and awe at the surrounding network they'd just found themselves in. "Woah... its all, well, hot and fiery, it reminds me of my home!" Giggling, the navi slips from Artio's back and starts to walk with him into the hellish network. The heat did not seem to bother her, if at all. Though she was wearing quite the smile as she stepped along beside her trusted pet. "So like, what do I look for here Master, do you think whatever this strong weapon is, it'd just come out and show itself?"

Halting her progress, navi cupped her hands before her face as she took in a deep breath, letting out a booming cry, "Hello!! Strong weapon!!! Are you out there!! I want to find you!!" Voice would carry, thanks to the added effects of her windy nature. Though both Vincent and Artio seemed to look at navi with surprise. Artio being the first to speak as he nudged her side softly. "I don't think that's going to work. We'll just have to go about looking and hope to come across it."
"Well, that went all right," said Eternalis to himself, as Aurora zoomed over to his position on the Sparkyboard, or Model K-9, as the Support Program had dubbed it. He had to admit, he'd have named it the former if it were up to him, and it would've been kind of weird. Aurora jumped off Sparky then, who immediately returned to his original puppy-like form. She picked up her pet, and tucked it in her arms. "That wasn't too bad. You might be actually as competent as my old Navigator. Somewhat, anyway," said Aurora, grinning in satisfaction as she surveyed the battlefield.

"Whatever you say, Aurora," said Eternalis, who had been adapting to the rough personality his "memory-restored" Support Program had been showing. In response, Aurora pinched the edge of her lip, and replied, "Damn, at least show some backbone, idiot." After a bit, she looked up, and continued, "Ohhhhh, yeaaaah, that's right~ You don't have one! Hahahaha!" As she laughed to herself, however, Sparky's ears pricked up at something.

He barked up in warning, to which Eternalis responded, "What's wrong, boy?"


Suddenly, Aurora's laughing stopped as well, as she put up a hand to her face visor, and scanned the area. Something had entered the Hades network along with them. It didn't have the usual viral signatures, either, but a sentient AI-bound one, only found on NetNavigators, along with another lesser one, usually tethered to Support Programs on said Navi. "Incoming Navi and SP. Don't know if they're just passing or hostile," said Aurora, analyzing the data that ran through her visor.

"We'll handle it if it's hostile," said Eternalis. It was at that time that a voice echoed around the network, exactly from the direction they were looking at... and it was a female voice, saying something about... a strong weapon? Aurora's lip twitched involuntarily. "... Do you think we should just approach them or walk the other way?" said Eternalis, already almost in his battle routines.

"Whaat? Run away? What the hell is that? That's so lame. C'mon, we'll see who's there. Maybe we can get some help through here, you're not much of one," replied Aurora, who confidently strode forward... for a few feet, before turning back towards her Navi. "Hey, what're you doing there, idiot? Let's just go-" she started, before realizing that Eternalis was already in front of her, looking at the two programs that had been there.

"H-Hey, don't leave me!" said Aurora, running up to Eternalis.

"They look harmless enough," said the Navi.

"Fire, and Electric of the girl and... dog, respectively," said Aurora, reporting her data in.

"Fire... oh, maybe she knows more about the network. I'll ask," said Eternalis.

"Oh, now you're enthusiastic. Probably because she's dressed like that."

"Oh, ha, you're so funny, Aurora," said Eternalis. Amplifying his voice slightly, he tried to get their attention. "Excuse me!"
Lucia was about to start to make another call out when she caught sight of a trio gradually making its way towards her and Artio, soon grinning and patting his head lightly as she watched. "Well that was pretty easy don't you think. I thought I'd end up having to look for this weapon thingy."

The large electrical wolf was less convinced as ears sprang up to try and catch sound and scent, though the unfamiliar network was throwing him off. "I doubt it'd be that simple Lucia, perhaps they are other travelers like us. They look closer to navis then viruses."

She gave a scowl at first before starting to wave out after hearing them respond back. "Well, just be careful, last navi's I saw tried to hurt Sally and me. They made her cry!" Regardless navi put on a smile and started to skip forward along the network to help close the gap between the two groups. Offering another wave, "Hey there! Are you like, navis? Or are you the big weapon my Master sent me here to find! You don't look like you'd be!"

"They are not a weapon Lucia, more navis, probably on the hunt just like you and Artio."

"Oh, well I guess that's ok then, unless they are like Block and Roller. They weren't nice at all." Stopping once more navi lifted her hands up to call out once more towards the trio. "Hey there! Are you people nice? You don't have any paper cutouts with you do you!?"
Eternalis was glad to find some friendly Navi along their travels, instead of some psychotic one that tried to kill them, as he had experienced all too familiarly previously. Approaching them, he made sure to size up the giant dog, and actually found it to be rather weak. "Um, hey. We're- not really looking for a fight, honest," said Eternalis. "We're just passing by. We're-- RRRRRRK," started Eternalis, before being suddenly electrocuted faintly by Aurora from the back. Of course, he healed the damage pretty easily, but- "Oh, excuse us. He's Eternalis, and I'm Aurora. We're partners in battle," interrupted Aurora in a proud tone. Holding up the tiny brown puppy in her arms, she continued, "Oh, and this is Sparky. Say hi, Sparky!"

"Arf!" barked Sparky, his tongue sticking out and drooling as happy as could be, as Aurora retracted the pet back to her arms. "We were about to explore the network, and were wondering if some help would be good. And, uh, no, we don't have any paper cutouts," explained Aurora, in a strangely civil tone. With all of her recent antics in the last few minutes, Eternalis looked at Aurora with a skeptical eye, but did admit her help in asking was fine. It'd be a bit creepy if he'd asked the other party, anyway, come to think of it. What's a six-foot tall blue armored monster to do?
Lucia and Artio looked between one another as the group came up and started to give out introductions, looking at the strange, liquidity suit of armor only for him, it to get interrupted by the girl. She smiled before giving a soft, "Ooo puppy! Lookie Arty!" while watching them.

the large wolf gave a grin wide enough to show off its fangs followed by a soft mocking growl at the little bite-sized pup. "Cute." Came the taunt before starting to walk around behind Lucia, sizing up the other two.

Lucia finally gave a soft little bow as she stepped up towards Aurora, "Well, I'm Lucia and the big wolf is Arty, and to be honest friends are always a lot of fun. We've never been here before so it's always better to go with friendly people right!" She was wearing quite the smile now as she turned towards Eternalis once more, tilting her head faintly. "So is he your Support Program? Kind of weird looking, is he melting because of the heat?"
Eternalis began to raise his hand in protest, saying, "H-Hey, I'm not- RRRRRRRK." However, before he could answer Lucia's question, the aquatic Navi was once again suddenly shocked into being stunned temporarily, from which he recovered just as quickly as before. Aurora smiled, putting her hands behind her back and generally looking innocent.

"Well, you could say he supports the team well. He's not melting, though, that's just his normal face," she said, laughing. Meanwhile, Sparky looked up at the larger Artio, and silently observed the larger one. Sparky's little doggy mind started working, and a cute little growl indicated it. "So, I guess we'll be going, then?" said Aurora, looking around. A beep from her visor made her raise her eyebrows, though. "Scratch that, we won't be going anywhere yet. Viruses incoming, six o' clock," the SP said, bringing up the signatures from the viruses for analysis.

Eternalis merely turned around in the mentioned direction, and sighed. "Right."

[Battle 1 - Ready]
[Eternalis/Aurora/Sparky: 160/70/50 HP]
Lucia blinked curiously as the big melty-man got zapped again by his own partner, turning her attention towards Artio and pats over the beast's head. "You'd never zap me would you? No of course you wouldn't." Still their conversation was cut short as the other girl seemed to have detected incoming attack.

Though the growl from the little pup brought a fang filled grin from Artio as attention turned towards the same direction the others had turned. Lucia being the last as she skipped over and tried to hop to see over Etenalis' shoulder. "Fun time now?"

[Requesting Battle 1]
And there was walking, and walking, and...aha, there's some things to delete. Some floating heads and samurai appeared to be be squabbling over something, with the latter seemingly about to cut the former apart over it...but, naturally, Eternalis and Lucia picked then to get noticed, causing the two trios to call a temporary truce in order to kill the Navis. Typical.

Megalian-FA: 130 HP (10 HP FireAura)
Megalian-FB: 130 HP (10 HP FireAura)
Megalian-FC: 130 HP (10 HP FireAura)
ZemonA: 100 HP
ZemonB: 100 HP
ZemonC: 100 HP

Terrain: 50% Sand (area around viruses), 50% Normal (everywhere else)

Eternalis.EXE: 160 HP
Aurora.SP: 70 HP
Sparky.SP: 50 HP
Lucia.EXE: 160 HP
Artio: 40 HP

"That looks much better than that furnace field," said Aurora, scanning the approaching group of viruses. "Not all that threatening, either. Bit bigger than last time, though."

Eternalis looked at the opposition they were faced with... a group of Megalian-F and Zemon greeted their entrance into the Hades network. The former was a creepy floating head-like virus, encased in a red flame. Didn't look like they were bothered by the fact, either, but he already knew that from the Megalian-A they faced from a not-too-distant battle earlier. The Zemon were unfamiliar, but he guessed they had something to do with slashing and stabbing, judging from the unsheathed swords they were wielding. Those straw hats, so mysterious, he thought.

"I'll take care of the Megalians, distract them a little. See if you guys can't do anything about the Zemons. Harke, WideShots," said Eternalis, suddenly snapping back to his Navigator authority. Turning to his other Support Program, he said to the dog, "Sparky, K-9 mode." The armored dog responded with a light bark, and transformed into the board, onto which Eternalis took off. Aurora only managed a "Hey, wai-" before she watched her Navi sprint off, and sighed.

"Tch, shouldn't I be the strategist? I'm the one with all the data," she commented. "I'll show that blue freak; Harke, send me the HeatDragon chip."

"Well, look who's ordering stuff around now," said Harke, pleased that his Navi was growing more independent, and slotting in the chips.

"Let's see if they can handle the heat!" said Aurora, before summoning the HeatDragon battlechip into her offensive processes. Her armor started to turn red, and she grinned. Exhaust rose from gaps in the armor as the heat began to build up. She brought her arms close to her chest, her hands shaking from the power she was gathering. Cracks began to appear on the ground around her as the heat built up... then released. Throwing her arms forward, she expelled an enormous amount of heat at the Zemons, so much that the mirages produced by the attack began to look like they had wills of their own, snaking through the battlefield. "That's what I'm talking about! Ha!" Aurora exclaimed, as she felt the power of the attack course through her. She surveyed the area around her for attacks, should any of the Zemon felt like retaliation.

Meanwhile, Eternalis was zipping around the field on Sparky, loading up the twin WideShots on his arm-outputs. The hands disappeared into the arm-outputs, which began to shift into the requisite form for the WideShots' use. Three barrels appeared on each side, all configured in a wide-angled setup sweeping almost 120 degrees of range. The barrels whirred to life, glowing sapphire energies gathering at the ends as the blue Navi pointed them at the Megalians. Bursts of fire flew shortly after, two wide angles to sweep across the flying heads.

"Sparky, think fast!" said Eternalis, and the dog barked in response, zipping around like nobody's business. "Good boy."

--- [| [color=cornflowerblue]Eternalis.EXE[/color] || Aurora.SP || Sparky.SP |]

[1] Have Eternalis mount [Equip/RP]
[1] Circlestrafe viruses [Distraction/RP]
[1] HeatDragon @ Zemon A/B/C [Fire 150 + Lava 25% + Ground] {C}
[2] Dodge


[2] WideShot1 @ Megalian-F A/B/C [Aqua 60+10 + Wide Attack] {A} [x2 Element]
[3] WideShot1 @ Megalian-F A/B/C [Aqua 60+10 + Wide Attack] {A} [x2 Element]
[2] Dodge for Eternalis [+10% High Gear]

--- Turn Splice (2 Actions Left) ---
Lucia and Artio both looked on at the strange set of viruses, though really the navi seemed more annoyed by the terrain then the threat. "Weird looking, floating disembodied heads surrounded by fire. And, well ok I like their hats." Giving a faint giggle she stepped away from her great beast only to call up her own burning barrier to seal herself in with a sly grin. " Well then, let's have a little fun girly and melty-man."

Drawing her fiery bow the navi reached back as a weapon was beamed down into it. Curling fingers just in time for the arrow's quills to materialize inside her fingers and draw the smooth, metallic arrow from behind her. Notching and bringing the bolt to full draw, her sights turned upon the armed swordsmen since they seemed to be the larger threat in her eyes. The orb at tip started to spark violently before arrow was released to sail through the air towards her foes. With luck her strike would bring the pain to all of them from its resulting electrical explosion.

Next the navi turned her attention to the other creatures, though with no real clue on what to expect the navi was surprised to find a large gemmed staff materialize itself in hand. Giving it a slow twirl, the navi quickly spun and swung the staff only to stab its base into the panel beneath to leave it standing on its own. Brilliant flame seemed to almost explode from the gem, though all it did was call to life 4 large portals high in the sky. The staff's true attack would show itself momentarily as burning meteors soon drifted from their portals to rain down upon the enemy lines.

Artio on the other hand took it upon himself to keep sharp eye upon their enemies, decoy or bait, or just another target, he'd be prepared to leap from danger that may come his way.

Lucia = L
Artio = A
L * Blaze Aura [Passive] 20HP Barrier @ Self
L * Keen Eye [Passive] 1 Instance of Take Aim
L 1. Take Aim + ElecReel1 [Battlechip] 80 Elec Damage + Spread 3 (Sides + Behind) @ Zemon B (spreads @ A & C)
L 2. Meteor12 [Battlechip] 100HP Staff, 40 Fire Damage x 4 hits @ Random Enemies. [3 Turns Remaining]
A 1. Auto Dodge
-Turn Splice-

Lucia.EXE: 160HP[20HP Barrier]
Artio.SP: 40HP

Starting things off, Eternalis hopped onto his SP's more maneuverable form and took off to circle around the virus forces. Meanwhile, Aurora once again sought to outdo her Navi ally and prepared to attack with a HeatDragon. Lucia took aim as Aurora unleashed the dragon and supplemented the fire attack with her own electric attack. When the smoke cleared, all that was left of the Zemons was the large swath of lava terrain created by the HeatDragon.

One of the Megalians launched its head at Eternalis and Sparky as they passed, but the Navi and his mount were too quick. Eternalis fired both of his Wideshots soon after, knocking out two of the Megalians instantly but failing to hit the last. Lucia dropped a Meteor12 staff just as the last Megalian decided to go after her and her SP, and although Artio managed to dodge out of the way, Lucia's barrier sustained a direct hit. The blow was lessened somewhat as she watched the virus's head get bombarded by no less than four meteors outside of its aura, however.

Megalian-FA: DELETED
Megalian-FB: DELETED
Megalian-FC: DELETED

Terrain: 50% Sand (area around viruses), 25% Lava (where Zemons were), 25% Normal (everywhere else)

(Mostly) Flawless (Battle 1) Victory!

Eternalis.EXE: 160 HP [Riding Sparky]
Aurora.SP: 70 HP [Smokin']
Sparky.SP: 50 HP [K-9 form]
Lucia.EXE: 160 HP [Saved by the Barrier]
Artio.SP: 40 HP [Pacifist]

Eternalis: AuraHead1, 550z, 36 BugFrags, 3FXP
Lucia: 660z, 36 BugFrags, 3FXP
Flying up to the rest of the team on Sparky, Eternalis whizzed around the girls for a bit, before jumping off the hoverboard. Sparky whooshed about for a few seconds, before going back near his masters, and transforming back into his normal and far more natural canine form. He ran about excitedly, barking as he went, before Aurora knelt down to pick up the pup into her arms. "Hey, hey, stop that," she said, softly scratching Sparky's head and smiling happily. Eternalis looked at the little scene with a bit of surprise. He'd thought Aurora had turned full venomous snake lady, but was there a chance that the previous cheerful one was showing through?

Aurora didn't seem to have noticed Eternalis' weird looks, as she turned to Lucia. "That was a pretty cool show! I like your bow," she said, as she led the team into the network, with Eternalis following behind. It really did feel like he was now the Support Program, he thought, slightly unnerved by the switching of roles.

[Battle 2 - Ready]
Lucia couldn't help but give a wowed breath when she saw the utter power and devastation Aurora's attack seemed to bring about to the battlefield. "What was that?! It was so awesome!"

"That Lucia, is exactly what we're here to get you. Keep your eyes open."

Lucia walked up all excited to Aurora after the battle was over and rewards had been collected, giving a faint bounce in step. "That was great, oh you like my bow? Thank you, I love it!" Still as she looked on she started to skip along beside the support program. Leaving Artio to look towards Eternalis and give something of a soft shrug as they continued through the network.

[Requesting Battle 2]
Up ahead, two big Craggers were messing around big coal piles, which looked pretty characteristic of Hades Net. As soon as they saw the navis, they turned around and started roaring. This seemed like something of a signal, because a Miner quickly rose up out of the ground and Volcano viruses began to burst up out of the coal piles as if awakening from a sleep. At this rate there'd be plenty of viruses to go around for both Lucia and Aurora... I mean, Eternalis.

CraggerA: 120 HP
CraggerB: 120 HP
Miner: 100 HP
VolcanoA: 110 HP (coal)
VolcanoB: 110 HP (coal)
VolcanoC: 110 HP (coal)
VolcanoD: 110 HP (coal)
VolcanoE: 110 HP (coal)

Eternalis.EXE: 160 HP
Aurora.SP: 70 HP
Sparky.SP: 50 HP
Lucia.EXE: 160 HP
Artio.SP: 40 HP

Terrain: 75% Normal, 25% Coal Pile (elevated from ground)

Lucia was more than happy to be skipping along the normal tiles of the network, even going so far as to add a quiet, "So much better than the horrible sand that last network had all the time." Though soon her skipping came to a halt when she caught sight of the two large rock monsters that now blocked their travel, standing beside a giant pile of black stones.

"Huh, is that normal? For big rocks to be playing with little ones?" Perhaps she'd offended them because all to soon the beasts let out an angry roar that surprised the little fire bug, as well as called in re-enforcements. "Err, oops. Sorry, didn't mean to make fun of you!" Navi offered a faint wave, though despite her carefree smile she lit aglow within the flames that quickly surrounded her. Bringing about her safeguard as danger became apparent.

Thrusting left arm out to her side the fiery sprite called upon her trusted weapon while right rose to grip the arrow sent down from above. "Thank you Master." was all that followed as navi withdrew her most bizarre arrow she had. Its color and design seemed to mimic that of an insect, right down to the nearly transparent quills that mocked a bug's wings. Bringing the brightly yellow and black stripped shaft to full draw the navi set her sights upon the first creature that'd risen from the panels. Trusting her aim to be true she loosed the stinger tipped bolt, letting the arrow fly through the air at her target.

"Lucia, give Artio this so he can have a little fun in this battle as well, I'm sure he's tired of being on the sidelines all the time."

Artio looked on as the navi received the chip data, only to draw the still glowing orb of information to her hand and cast it upon her mighty beast. "Tear them up Arty! Came the cheer as wolf grinned at the new found information coursing through his systems.

Arching out the wolf let out a deep, feral howl. It's very sound cry seemed to stir the network itself as from the sky above a lone bolt of lightning cast down to strike the wolf, enveloping the beast in brilliant glow. However there was no hesitation nor harm as from that pillar of energy the creature emerged in a charge, battle hardened within its own form of protection through dawned armor.

Beast charged forth, taking leap to the air as claws upon its forepaw went from deep black to bright glow, the effects of the chip he'd been given would soon become obvious as the beast swiped fiercely towards one of the stone brutes before him.

With Artio's new found weapon prepared Lucia turned her own sights back onto the battle while the bolt of lightning crashed down. Two quick chips were sent in rapid secession as the navi's form begun to glow in golden light. Glow passed down towards limbs and finally hands were it slipped forward and formed itself into long staff with bright ruby resting at its tip.

Smile took to the navi's face as she hefted the empowered staff high and gave a quiet chant, playing the part of the little magician. "Oh heavens hear my plea, show forth your fiery rage for me. Strike your fury upon this land, burn all before me who would dare to stand!" With her chant finished navi stabbed the stand into a panel beside her, letting its magic go to work.

Lucia = L
Artio = A
L * Blaze Aura [Passive] 20HP Barrier @ Self
L* Keen Eye [Passive] 1 Instance of Take Aim
L 1. Take Aim + Arrow1 [Battlechip] 100 Elec Damage + Homing @ Miner
L 2. Transfer Rageclaw1 to Artio

A 1. Bestial Guard [Signature] 120HP Casing @ Self
A 2. Rageclaw1 [Battlechip] 40 Null Damage + Slashing @ Cragger A [5 of 6 uses remaining]

L 3. Attack+10 [Battlechip] +10 Damage to all hits on next Chip
L 4. Attack+10 + Meteor12 [Battlechip] 100HP Staff, [30+10 from attack+, +10 from same element =50]50 Fire Damage x 4 hits @ Random enemies for 3 turns [First Turn]

Lucia.EXE: 160/160HP[20HP Barrier]
Artio.SP: 40/55HP[120HP Casing][Rageclaw1 5 of 6 uses remaining]
100HP Staff
Bestial Guard: 3TCD
Eternalis looked at the shrugging Artio with a somewhat tired expression, and returned the shrug. Hey, at least Aurora was making some friends... just that he wished maybe he could get a word in. Stuck playing with the dogs (which wasn't even his!) Eternalis shifted his feet around as he walked. Oh well, he'd deal. It was merely a matter of time, anyway, as Karen would be working on reverting the personality change... or so he hoped. He really didn't like being a burden to her, as she seemed nice. Aurora, meanwhile, was having fun being at the front of the conversation for once.

"That was one of my best chips. It was pretty hot, eh? Hahahaha!" said Aurora, pleased that she was impressing upon this new ally with favor on her side. On top of that, she was getting more attention than her Navi, which was a nice change of pace, for once. Previously, she would not have minded being at the sidelines, but now, she somehow felt the need to express herself more loudly and with more forwardness. It did not strike her as strangely as it did for her Navi or Operator; it was all completely natural.

Harke reminded himself of who exactly had programmed Aurora; Reverus was exactly a definition of what you could call 'an eccentric man'. He'd never say that to his face, though, he definitely did not want a chiding for the rest of the month. His father had an odd sense of precisely stab-worthy wording, and Harke did not want to be on the receiving end of it. The befuddled operator felt that he should consult the more knowledgeable man, but he hated to involve Karen in his predicament.

But that was all moot, as he saw the viruses his team approached, which they also seemed to have noticed. The Craggers were apparently playing around with the coal pile, looking to be unaffected by the intense heat radiated by the pile. He raised an eyebrow, however, when the Craggers turned around and noticed the approaching Navigator team, and roared. The coal pile then revealed a host of fiery viruses, ready to assist the Craggers in battle.

"Simple enough, I'm thinking," said Harke.

"Oh, you're actually contributing, Harke?" said Aurora, a tone of mockery in her voice.

"No problem with starting now. Et, overwhelm with Aqua force on their Volcanos' side, let the girls handle the others. I'll give you all of the Aquas we have now, just wail on them until they get it handed to them. Aurora, handle the Craggers with this."

After that, he began to slot in the appropriate chips, with WaterLine, WideShot and Bubbler going towards Eternalis, and AuraHead towards Aurora. They examined the choices they were given with approval. "Tell me when you're going to be useful next time, Harke," said Aurora, preloading the battlechip into her battle processes and testing its data. Apparently, it was a defense-breaker battlechip, and when she matched the chip with the Craggers' natural rock composition, she grinned.

Sparky looked up expectantly at his two masters, wondering what he should be doing. As he was still in Aurora's arms, Sparky barked in his own little way of doggy inquiry. Aurora looked down, and set Sparky on the floor. "You're staying with me, I need you more than this lame sack," said Aurora, making sure she directed the last words at her Navi. Eternalis crossed his arms, and drew his full body height up. Glaring at Aurora, he turned his head around at the Volcano group, and chuckled.

"Well, let's see who's useless after this," said Eternalis, readying his weaponry. "You have fun with your girlfriend." He activated his vapor process at that moment, his body becoming more and more transparent by the minute. Aurora swiped at him, only to catch a bit of steam in her hand. "Rah! I'll show you!" she roared angrily, swiping at the spot where her Navi had been with a passing movement, before focusing on the Craggers.

Lifting her right hand, she pointed her palm at the Craggers, and supported it with her left arm. Activating the battlechip formation process, her arm began to shine, as her gauntlet reformed to adapt to the AuraHead's combat data. A rather large formation materialized at the end of her hand, looking to be an oval-like shape. Eventually, features on the shape revealed it to be a rather grotesque-looking yellow skull, with its mouth opened wide to let Aurora's hand through. Her visor began to work at a rapid rate, with circles and lines showing her the exact calculations to form a line through the formation.

"Break through!" she exclaimed, as the skull fired itself from her hand towards the Craggers, burning up in an eerie flame of some sort. She then turned quickly to Sparky, whom she nodded to. The dog understood the unspoken command, and let himself transform into the now oft-used K-9 form, which Aurora mounted and prepared to use for anything that came her way.

Meanwhile, Eternalis reappeared behind the coal pile with his vapor process. His blue armor began to shift into shape, ready to accept the rush of battlechip data he was about to load. His chest-armor began to open up, reconfiguring itself to accommodate a large barrel through his torso. He then pointed his arms forward, where his arm-outputs retracted his fluid-form hands, and enlarged themselves into arm-cannons. Compartments formed around the main barrels, deviating from three into five, five into seven, seven into eight.

The barrels glowed in unison, gathering up their collective energy as the battlechip data poured in, generating the power needed for the attack. Figuring all of the charge-up leading to the attack would also focus the entirety of the Volcanos' firepower towards him, he turned up his healing regeneration factor up to the maximum amount that it allowed. "Let it rip," he said, as he released the entirety of the battlechips stored. His body glowed light blue for a moment, then released a gigantic burst of attacks towards the Volcano group, each decreasing in power, for a few seconds...

[| [color=cornflowerblue]Eternalis.EXE[/color] || Aurora.SP || Sparky.SP |]

[1] Vapor Reassimilation @ Behind Coal Pile [Teleport + Accuracy-Up + Dodge]


[1] Take Aim [Accuracy-Up]
[2] AuraHead1 @ CraggerA/B [Null 90 + Break + Line Max 3] [x2 Break] {B+/C+}
[1] Have Aurora mount [Equip + Float]
[2] Dodge [+10% High Gear]


-- Attract attention/Draw fire [RP]
[2] WaterLine1 @ Volcano Group [Aqua 80+10 + Ground Attack + Line Attack] [x2 Element] {B+}
[3] WideShot1 @ Volcano Group [Aqua 60+10 + Wide Attack] [x2 Element] {A}
[4] WideShot1 @ Volcano Group [Aqua 60+10 + Wide Attack] [x2 Element] {A}
[5] Bubbler @ Volcano Group [Aqua 50+10 + Spread1] [x2 Element] {A}
[*] Influx Aegis @ Self [Heal 18 x4]