Mt. Alexander

Mt. Alexander, formerly an uninhabited series of shelf-like plateaus, is now almost garishly advertised as the home of the leader of the Alexis (al-ecks-eyes). The leader may be as egocentric as her name implies, judging by the various statues and busts in her own image that outline the path up through the hills, towards the summit of the mountain. The sculptures depict a woman with Spartan features, including a lithe but muscular form, looking taut and athletic. Her figure would cut a sharp contrast to that of Yasu: while just as muscular, the general was well known to be weighty in the chest and thighs. Her face is also quite different: smiling and charismatic, but looking insufferably cocky even in these stone portraits. Only a person like that would steal from the NS and then bring them back to her own doorstep. Most of the statues pictured her in a sort of breastplate + briefs ensemble with gauntlets, boots, and a laurel crown, but a few pictured her wearing other armors or, in some cases, only silk wrapping.

Those were really the only interesting or attractive features of the mountain. Te remainder was twiggy trees, scorched land, and rough cliffs. Fortunately (or perhaps unfortunately if he'd been hoping to need his flight), the way up was more of a hike than a sheer climb.

About halfway up, DragonierMan would find a very wide, flat, empty area, barren except for a number of long, wooden benches. He would also find a sight he likely thought he would never see again: the first general Yasu sat upon one of the benches, clad in one of the golden armor sets he helped test quite some time ago as he first entered the Shogun's army. It was familiar on her: a gold collar and bikini, held together by rings, silver chains, and an immodest leather thong across the back. She sat with her hands folded, staring pensively off the side of a nearby cliff with her back turned to him. She had said the mission was time sensitive, yet she had stopped to wait on him.

So absorbed was she in her thoughts that she didn't seem to notice his approach. Despite the wind that had gathered, the air was quite dry and the sunlight oppressively sweltering. Her light brown hair flapped at the nape of her neck and her scarred back, both glistening with sweat.

Alex was nowhere to be seen... but then, they had yet to reach the mountain summit.
DragonierMan had swiftly made it up the mountain trail to the meetup point. Gliding along the ground as if he was on futuristic, gravity-defying roller-blades. He had changed into his Neo-Shogun uniform. As this was a NS matter they were attending to and it would make an impression if they were in uniform. His piecemeal gray armour, consisting of a lower-body codpiece with tassets running along the outer thighs and accentuated by long-clawed boots and gauntlets, made him look more like a barbarian warrior than someone in a samurai-themed faction. He adjusted his uniform as he stopped, having not worn it for some time.

A black leather belt ran across both shoulders and attached itself to a rounded gardbrace at the navi's left shoulder and a buckle on the right shoulder. Two belts crisscrossed across the back, from the left shoulder to right hip and the right shoulder to left hip. Another two bands stretch across the chest from the left shoulder to the right hip and from the right shoulder to the left hip, mirroring the 'X' on the back. These frontal belts held a round chestplate in the center of the navi's chest, bearing the Neo-Shogun's horned demon-mask emblem. So needless to say, there was plenty of small adjustments he had to make when they were all slightly shifted out of alignment by the speed of his ascent. He tightened everything down, even his gray wool-cloth headband bearing the navi's own stone tower emblem, to make sure they didn't get in his way during battle.

Seeing Yasu sitting on the bench with her looking away, all dolled up for him in the revealing golden armor, he thanked the fates that the space covered by the leather of the codpiece, held by a third black belt, and tasset armor was large enough for some degree of modesty. Hopefully, Yasu wouldn't notice the tightening sensation DragonierMan felt in his lower regions looking at her.

He tried to settle down as he cleared his throat. "General Yasu, I am reporting in. Where is the target and what did they steal?" He reached down to pat the two daggers that were dangling from either side of his belt. His SPs, Suzume and Aya, were disguised as weapons. He would spring them as a trap for Alex when he met her.
"Greetings," Yasu responded. She didn't turn to look at him and just kept sitting down, staring forward. "I didn't think you would come to me here... and I was half hoping you wouldn't show. This is a situation where I need you with me and yet it is also a moment where I wish to be alone." At first it certainly sounded like she was talking about the armor, but her pensive expression made it apparent there was more on her mind.

She closed her good eye and continued. "DragonierMan, you know by now that I have many failings as a leader. I am sometimes hasty with judgments and orders. I am, at times, intolerant. But I have never been more ashamed than that day where we first struck out against the net at my own suggestion. It was short-sighted and haughty. What tormented me the most, however, was the knowledge that I was too weak to do it. Only one other time was I ever so acutely aware of that weakness... the day I lost my eye. That battle was when I was still a member of a small, now-extinct ninja clan. I lost to Alex... because she was stronger than I was both in body and in conviction. That day, I swore I would find conviction worth fighting for."

"When I lost again to the GNA task force, I renounced my own use of the blade. I've sworn to uphold this oath until I become a leader both strong and wise enough to guide the Shogun's forces. But I have become no wiser nor any stronger. Now that I am about to face Alex again, I am no better than when we last faced each other. I am not afraid, but I am in despair... for if I fight her now, I will surely lose."

She smiled bitterly and held the chain around her neck outward from her body. "The woman stole the armor... she's been leaving it scattered like a breadcrumb trail as she flees. I have your... eyepatch, as well as the suit you see now. I am missing two suits, which she either has or the others do. Regardless,I know she's led me to the top of this mountain to taunt me further... and I know that I cannot defeat her. I equipped this armor thinking... that maybe you would wear your piece again and somehow empower me to defeat her... but relying on a tactic as such this one makes me feel even more despicable."

She handed over the codpiece, as if to say "but we're doing it anyway." "I must defeat her in single combat. But I must be without my sword... and that is why I need all the power you can lend me before I face her. If I can defeat her, it will be a triumph of the army, worthy of me reclaiming my sword. If not, then I am just as pathetic as I fear," she murmured, glaring back down at her bare feet. "And perhaps I will find some successor more fit to act as first general."

"Well, I am glad that you came alone so that at least I'm spared the indignity of professing such doubts to others' ears," she sighed, not realizing that Aya and Suzume were likely getting all of it. "And despite all of my whining I must ask you to place faith in me... and more than that," she muttered, her armor giving off a faint glow despite her inexpressive frown. "Will you assist me so that I can reclaim my honor and punish the Alexis?"
DragonierMan patiently stood there while Yasu vented. About before joining the Neo-Shoguns. About her failings. About her hopes and dreams. About her enemy and reclaiming her honor. Drago stood there with no expression. And listened.

Finally, when she was finished, he spoke. "You shall defeat your adversary and reclaim your sword," he said as he took the 'eye-patch' and affixed it upon his head. The Oni face leered from over his left eye. "And I will help you. But I must ask, why have you not repaired your missing eye? Or are you waiting until you defeat the one who took it, before you do so... Either way, how would you like to proceed?"
The glow faded off of Yasu's armor and her face fell into an irritable frown. "I keep all of my battle scars only because I believe it cowardly for a warrior to so frequently refresh her appearance. A warrior ought to live with some scars as a reminder of how she may improve. To simply fix my useless eye would be to severely undermine the lessons I took to heart after the beating I received from that barbarian," she responded with relative brevity. "Now look, don't ask me to start!" the general snapped, balling one hand into a fist while using the other to steady herself on the seat. She shifted her lower body around to ride along the length of the log.

"As your first general, I request that you take the lead on this. After all, you're the one that wants to do it, not me. I can't be held responsible for the way that you are held in servitude to your own repulsive gender," she continued, shifting all blame for the situation onto his shoulders. "I believe I have enough on my mind without having to lead your vulgar behaviors as well!" She crossed her arms and sat upright, the broken chain from her collar clattering against her chest as she drew up her torso straight.

DragonierMan noticed that Alex was still nowhere in sight. Additionally, he noticed the ball gag sitting on the log, pretty close to wear her butt was now positioned after her shift. She had again elected not to wear it (giving that earlier speech would have been pretty hard if she had put it in). The sky seemed to be slowly shifting from its orange hue to a pale gray, as if stormclouds were setting in. No telling if it was some natural setting of the network or if someone was causing it intentionally.
DragonierMan noticed the light fade and the implications that caused it as he unhooked the daggers from his belt. He stabbed them into the ground, and unbuckled his front chest piece and let it clatter to the ground at his feet, before walking over to the log. The SPs didn't make a peep as they were sheathed in the dirt. Maybe they couldn't talk in this form, or they were really good at hiding themselves.

He placed one hand on Yasu's shoulder and the other came to lift her chin. His eyes met hers. "You are right. Keeping one's scars visible reminds us where we came from and how we will live our lives in the future." He leaned in slightly as if to kiss the first general, but then his hand that was on her chin moved down and grasped her chain. His hand on her shoulder tightened and with both in his possession, he pulled her up into the kiss. His lips locked with hers as he pulled her off the log to stand before him. The hand on her shoulder moved to her hair to undo any bindings she had to let her hair unfurl free.

His passion increased as he held her. One hand behind her head, grasping and stroking her hair as they kissed. The other hand on her chain, pulling her toward him. He pushed himself up against her, chest to chest, feeling both the soft and the toned. He moved a leg between her own and spread them as he pressed the two together. The hand at her choker moved down to grasp one of her cups, giving it a light squeeze as his other hand came down from her hair to caress her lower back and butt. He broke the kiss as they both inhaled a bit from his sudden movements. "And don't you worry, I'll take the lead this time. You just relax and enjoy." Drago hissed in her ear before moving his lips down to under her jaw. His tongue snaked out and licked her neck before he latched onto it and suckled.
Yasu averted her eyes as he removed his chest plate, seeming to only grow in agitation. "When I hear you agree with me, the scars almost begin to feel humbling. Perhaps I shouldn't have said anything," she griped in bald contempt, even as he was presumably going for her lips. She wouldn't lock eyes with him or make herself accessible in any fashion. Finally, DragonierMan managed to find a reaction: her eyes shot downward as he grabbed onto the chained collar accessory and yanked it like he was interacting with a pet. "Fool-!" was as far as she got, now allowing his eyes to meet hers, before he captured her lips in his, causing her one good eye to open wide in surprise. Every time his lips drew away for even a moment he was met with a new curse: "dog," "swine," "ape," "lunatic," etc...

And yet the armor shined brighter and brighter, illuminating the scene as the dark clouds continued to close in. She used none of her considerable muscle to repel him, although her words certainly implied that he should expect her to. Her massive breast easily filled his hand, although the interference of the metallic cup was cruel and unfortunate.

As he drew back, her snarling red face grimaced back at him. "You slobbering, brainless, bastard of a lizard! Your brain must reside squarely in your loins!" she rattled... except even now, her own arms were wrapped around his bare back. The sensation of her thighs against his leg might have been most telling, as her lower body seemed unable to resist pressing almost against his, so that their two metallic coverings clinked together. "Sit back and enjoy what, my own poorly chosen recruit- an error in judgment and in his very programming- feeding his most grotesque fascination with my body?!" Yep, she was an angry one.

Alex was nowhere to be seen... a very light rain was starting to come down, feeling refreshing against all of the stifling heat. The glow of the first general's armor was very bright, implying he'd done well. Perhaps he could go straight on to Alex now, assuming she was up there? Then again, he had a rare opportunity... But Yasu had said time sensitive... But Yasu didn't seem overly focused on the mission as was.
The resistance the First General gave to DragonierMan's advances just made him redouble his efforts. He loomed over his prey. The first success came from the pulling of her chain. This gave Drago his first prize, Yasu's lips and partial acceptance. She could have denied him the softness of her body at any time, but she didn't. Although she made him aware of all the curses she threw at him between breaths.

When he pulled back, Yasu really let him have it. Though even though she jabbed at him with her harsh words, her body continued to press to him. Whether this indicated that Yasu was secretly enjoying it, or whether her body was betraying her, was hard to make out. Though the bright glow of her armor indicated the former. But Drago wanted both her body and mind. And there was still the mission that needed to be completed. So Drago backed off and released the general.

"As my General commands. You should be ready for the battle now." He left her standing there as he went over to his equipment and began redressing. He clamped his chest plate back on before continuing. "Defeat Alex and reclaim your sword," he said over his shoulder before turning back to her, sheathing his daggers at his belt. "Then you can lead us into the next age." He smirked after a moment of silence. "Perhaps it will be a more pleasurable age."
Blessedly, Yasu's insults began to taper off as he released her. While he reattached the chestplate and spoke, she remained silent, until finally he turned around. "Pleasurable?" she asked, slamming one fist towards his gut before turning her most bare back to him again. "There will be nothing pleasurable between us until you start acting like a respectable soldier and stop playing the part of an unseasonably horny reptile!" She then stomped up the hillside path towards the peak of the mountain.

The rain continued to pick up; the dry dirt of the mountain path was beginning to seem more like mud, so they had to watch their footing. Despite the rain, Yasu's glamorous, muscular figure was visible due to the bright glow of her armor, which was likely fueled by equal parts lust and battle lust. Thankfully, the remaining portion of the trek was rather short and they soon reached the top, facing a broad, man-made pillar of stone.

Yasu looked from side to side but didn't spot her adversary. "Come out and face me, Barbarian! I'm putting an end to you and your Alexis today!" she bellowed with admirable force.

"Barbarian? There's no need for labels like those!" a woman's voice laughed in response,sounding far away... vertically far away. A sudden crash of mud and dirt flew up between the First General and her recruit as the promised opponent leapt down from the pillar's top. Rising slowly up to her full height, uninjured by the fall, was a woman DragonierMan recognized from the many statues dotting the mountainside. Her skin was lightly tanned, much like Yasu's, and her hair was golden and cut boyishly short. Her face made her look cocky, but all surprisingly amiable. "Besides, you're the barbarian here, aren't you? You've... grown a lot, since we last met!" she laughed, referencing Yasu's notably greater height and muscle weight.

"Indeed. You, on the other hand, are the same insufferable, egotistic stain of a navi that I remember you being," Yasu smirked.

Alex turned her back on Yasu and the first general growled for two reasons. The first and most obvious was that she did not want to be ignored. The second less obvious was something that Yasu and DragonierMan realized simultaneously: she was wearing the ensemble Arch had worn during the tests, including the chest and lower belt as well as the leather panties. The armor showed off almost the entirety of her lean, attractive body, which was fairly similar to Arch's own. Unfortunately, it was already glowing.

"That was quite an embrace you gave little Yasu back there! But this is a little bit of a dramatic twist, isn't it? Entranced by a powerful, sexually-arousing imperialist, you bought into the Neo-Shogun Empire... not realizing that a better, more powerful group of net-imperialists already existed! The Alexis are everything you crave and more," she explained, moving in closer and running one naked finger down DragonierMan's chest. "I have power unlike the shoguns have ever dreamed... I always have. My Alexis have toppled villages," she continued, giving a meaningful glance to Yasu before progressing, "as well as all sorts of other forms of organized social structures... bands of mercenaries, churches of worship, workshops of artists... even NetPolice and NetMafia postings. We don't put in the efforts of recruitment that the NS does because I prefer to take what I want by force... but it's so much nicer when it's consensual." She finished with her hand nearly placed upon DragonierMan's codpiece, both her eyes and her armor shining as she looked up into his eyes.

The first general yanked her away roughly by one shoulder, scowling fiercely. "The Alexis are simply marauders, pillaging one place after another to add new recruits into their fold. They have no dreams of a true government for their 'empire,' only endless violence and infinite power!" she scoffed.

"But that's what the net is all about! It doesn't need an empire to govern it... the net is all about strength! Navis growing stronger and stronger, claiming everything they can through their power! Even the leaders of the NP and Mafia are unthinkable in their strength," Alex retorted, still smiling towards DragonierMan. She placed two hands upon Yasu's shoulders and vaulted, twisting her body in the air before landing behind DragonierMan. "I'm very, very strong! So strong that Yasu doesn't stand a chance," she spoke quietly, grinning at Yasu as she hooked her arms beneath DragonierMan's, pushing the swell of her breasts against his back. Yasu moved behind him with ninja speed and grabbed Alex again, ripping her from the Neo-Shogun Subordinate. She landed a short distance away. "Such a temper!"

"Enough talking and enough boasting! I will delete you!" Yasu cried, looking increasingly angry.

Before Yasu could act any further, Alex seemingly pulled a sword out of nowhere: a short, simple spatha with a gold pommel. She leveled it with Yasu's throat and smirked. "Not a chance! You don't even have a sword now, do you?"

Yasu smiled in spite of her situation. "Luckily, I know that you're confident enough to accept whatever terms I arrange. These, then: we will instead wrestle. Whoever submits loses their share of the armor," she explained.

"Ridiculous! You've come all this way for me and you'll settle for the armor rather than my life?!" Alex guffawed.

"The mission comes first, so yes."

"Still ridiculous! Do you know how low your odds would be? How can you even tap out if I break both your arms?!"

Yasu shuddered with rage, holding one hand to her eyepatch. "Then what?!"

"To even have a chance, you will need help. I propose that you and your companion both wrestle me. If I win, I will take all of the armor. If you do, you can have mine," she finished with a shrug. "Submission of either of you wins it for me."

Yasu nodded, giving a glance to DragonierMan. "Accepted," she answered simply, turning her back. Alex dropped her sword with a big smile while Yasu turned to face her subordinate. "We should strategize and determine exactly how we are going to-"

Even as she spoke, Alex was creeping up behind her. Alex gave a wink to DragonierMan and began to reach out for the general's shoulders...


Yasu: 150% endurance, +5% bonus strength

DragonierMan: 100% endurance

Alex: 130% endurance, +3% bonus strength... recovering 20% endurance per turn)

Terrain: 100% mud

((In this fight, you have several battle options for the cost of one action each in most cases:
-Strike High, Medium, or Low (reduces enemy endurance by 5% if it hits)
-Block High, Medium, or Low (negates most immediate attack of a certain height against you)
-Submission (Can defeat at 0% endurance, stops enemy from gaining endurance... uses whole turn)
-Break (Recover 5% endurance)
-Any non-standard action like throwing mud or giving a wedgie (may have an effect, nothing guaranteed... any nonstandard action you're wanting to affect the battle should be listed as an action)

Besides these you can also use your weapons for the usual action costs, but doing so may be seen as breaching wrestling engagement...

You do not need to worry about movement. All fighters presumed melee range.

Each girl's armor will provide them benefits.))
DragonierMan flinched as Yasu's fist found his gut. Even though his chest plate covered a good section of his stomach, the impact caused a fist-sized dent. The Shogun's symbol looked like it got clocked in the chin.


Drago gives a shocked gasp as Alex displays her beauty before him in Arch's golden attire. Alexis must have stolen pieces of Armor's handiwork. Drago had not really seen the armor react as brightly during the earlier tests as it was currently on both girls, so he was unsure how much power the armor gave Alex... or Yasu. But it seemed like he was going to get a first hand look as Alex outlined the rules of the battle.

Drago sees the friendly playful wink of Alex and places his hands on Yasu's shoulders. Before Yasu can say anything, Drago attempts to pull her to the side and out of Alex's way. He lets go of Yasu immediately afterward and moves to intercept Alex before she can pull back. He reaches out with his own hands and attempts to knock her hands to the side. He gives his own wink and smile before he raises a finger and waves it back and forth in front of him, giving a tsk, tsk. "Naughty, naughty. You are a bad girl for starting the party before we're ready. For that you should be punished."

Drago's hands come up again before delivering his own strike to her shoulders. He pushes off his legs to give him more traction as his palms give a rough push towards Alex's shoulders in an effort to push her back. He shifts forward again and drops down to her toned legs. His arms struck out again in an effort to sweep her off her feet and into the cool, soft mud. He stands up again to admire his handiwork and watch to see how Yasu responded. Giving himself a chance to catch a short breath.

"I joined the Neo-Shoguns at the behest of My Lord. I fight to destroy my enemies so that My Lord can build a more organized future. The NS has goals that align with My Lord's. That is why I am here. You should join us and put your talents to better use." Drago said. Then he smiled as he came to a decision as his eyes feasted on the curvy Alex. "I also take what I want. And I am going to take you for myself when you lose this duel."

1. Pull Yasu to one side and interpose in her space.
2. Block: High (Yasu's shoulder-level) against Alex's attack.
3. Strike: High against Alex's own shoulders in an effort to push her back.
4. Strike: Low against Alex's legs in an effort to trip her.
5. Break

Other Effects:
OmniShoes: Grants flight.
Yasu reacted angrily as DragonierMan grabbed her shoulders, thinking he intended to try to soup up her armor some more or otherwise wanted to steal some more quality general time. Instead, he got her out of the way as Alex rammed her body forward, running like a bull and utilizing her shoulder. DragonierMan was ready and grabbed it, but Alex countered his own blows by raising her arms in a curtain, ducking her shoulders in close.

"Hahaha! That may be the first time I've heard that one! I'm used to recruiting others, but never others trying the same on me!" Alex laughed, grinning widely and swinging another fist to jab DragonierMan in the face (8% damage). "And I've yet to meet the man or woman who is my equal on the field of battle... or in sexuality!"

Predictably, Yasu was less appreciative. than she ought to be and more aggravated with her ally's flirtatious behavior. "Every loyal and inspiring thing to escape your mouth is immediately bisected and then quartered by your gluttony and perversion, DragonierMan," she grumbled. "And although I appreciate re gesture, know that this woman is the lowest of navi-kind! She is neither to be indulged nor reasoned with... and especially not courted!" the general spat, either indignant or simply jealous. "She's a monster!"

"Some armies appreciate having a monster on a leash!" Alex giggled, lifting her neck and pantomiming pulling on a chain, to which Yasu responded by growing even redder with rage and embarrassment. As she did, DragonierMan took the opportunity to sweep her legs and cause her to fall backwards into the mud (5% damage). She propped herself up on her elbows and shook the slop from the back of her hair. "I wish you would be a little more open to the idea of becoming one of my Alexis,she sighed.

"Off the ground! You'll face both of us now!" Yasu growled, pointing one finger at their. opponent and stomping on her leg (10% damage). Alex responded by kicking her shin hard with her free foot, then leaping upright. (8% damage) As she did,she reached out and pounded DragonierMan's gut with another two punches. (16% damage) "Watch out! Rgh! I can feel her getting stronger. DragonierMan, allow me to go on the offensive. I need you to devise a way to give us the advantage. Either rob her of the armor's power or otherwise find some way to increase mine!"

"You don't like it when I mess with what's yours! I remember that well enough!" Alex smirked, drawing back from DragonierMan as he recovered his breath. (+5% endurance) "Don't you think she's a little clingy?"

Yasu: 132% endurance, +4% strength bonus

DragonierMan: 81%

Alex: 155% endurance, +5% strength bonus (20% recovery each turn)
DragonierMan noticed Yasu's light getting a tiny bit weaker, as Alex's light got a little stronger. Since the armor dealt with the feeling between wearers, it was more than possible that Drago's comments had a enfeebling effect on their battle. So he just had to reverse it. "Knock her ass to the mud again Yasu! You are the true warrior. If she is a monster, then you must slay her as the samurai would." He said as he shook a fist in front of him. "She is a thief. Your noble beauty outshines her cowardice." He enjoyed watching Yasu order him around, showing her strength. The fact that she has always been able to stand her ground was one thing that always got a rise out of him.

He kept back as he shouted encouragement to his ally, watching how the battle unfolded before him. He had to know how Alex fought before he came to blows with her again. His chest and face still stung a bit from the empowered punches. He rubbed the leering face of the 'eye-patch' codpiece. He had never really tracked down Armor and have her explain in detail how these devices worked. He would have to do that after this mission. But first he needed to deal with his opponent.

He turned and started addressing Alex as she fought. "I have a question for you: Why did you steal Arch's set of golden armor? Clearly you think you are strong enough without it. Why did you decide that you needed to take and don it to bring out and challenge General Yasu? Were you afraid that she had gotten stronger than you from her time in the Neo-Shoguns? Do you not have a Warrior's Pride!?" Drago's tone slowly became condescending as he admonished Alex with questions about her strength. As someone who thought of himself as a great warrior, Drago detested the use of some auxiliary set of equipment to make him stronger. His attraction to Alex waned a bit as he came to the realization that Alex probably wasn't as capable as he first thought.

1. Break
2. Break
3. Break
4. Break
5. Break

Other Effects:
OmniShoes: Grants flight.
"Yes, you're right! From the beginning, this was my battle to win! I will claim victory!" Yasu announced, her armor regaining some of its glow through the mud that was now caked over it.

Even seeing Yasu's renewed resolve, Alex laughed and placed her hands at her belt. "You two make such a fitting pair! Listen to both of you spouting ill-informed nonsense to encourage one another against a foe too powerful for your own imagination!" she gloated. "You're a fool if you think I would shy away from acquiring an edge in battle just because it offends your own arbitrary distinctions of 'honor.' I'm only as powerful as I am today because I've taken every opportunity granted to me. And even worse is your stupidity! Why would I take armor to give myself just the edge to defeat Yasu, then invite you two to attack me two on one? Such a pity..." She smiled and stretched her arms above her head before continuing. "But just as my rule is inevitable, so too is my forgiveness for those who offend me. Even if you find me unseemly, I will claim you all the same."

"A proud Neo-Shogun fighter will never be claimed by an irreverant, overly ambitious hyena like yourself! I will grind you to dust with my fists and then scatter you amongst the muck!" the first general interrupted, walloping Alex in the face with both fists in succession, causing her to slide backwards on her heels. If the mud and rain weren't involved, some swelling would surely soon be evident on Alex's face.

"Ahem! I was still speaking with your dragon, you impatient girl!" Alex sighed, grabbing Yasu's shapely leg as it spun in a wide arc for her midsection. "So if you're against the armor, why are you two wearing it? Should both of us be wrestling without it?" she scoffed, laughing at the imagery.

Yasu, with her leg still held suspended mid-swing, shook her head to dismiss the idea. "Don't let her trick you, DragonierMan!" she insisted, looking red-faced herself. Either she was worried about losing or otherwise understandably didn't want to wrestle another naked woman in front of her ally.

"That seems to make sense, doesn't it?" Alex chuckled again, letting go of Yasu's leg and gaining some distance. Of course, even if he agreed, DragonierMan could presumably just remove his eye patch to the same effect, but nobody mentioned that. "Or, if you continue to insist that I'm a coward, I can do as you have already recommended is my character and flee with my stolen armor at any time. But where is the fun in that?"

Yasu clearly didn't want to make a fool of herself and was simply watching DragonierMan with a sideways glance. Alex wasn't taking her at all seriously as a solo threat.

Yasu: 142%, +5%
DragonierMan: 106%
Alex: 143%, +4%
DragonierMan snorted as he wringed his clawed hands. It is true that he used any edge in Net Battles before, such as Battlechips and NaviCust. Wouldn't this golden armor be considered similar to those? "You may be right." Drago conceded as his face became flaked in small scales and his hair grew out. "This armor is the same as all the other weapons in a warrior's arsenal. And any edge a warrior can acquire makes them that much more dangerous."

His eyes slitted as his own armor began to be subsumed into his body. His hair grew longer as his jaw distended out. He reached up and unsnapped the 'eyepatch' with one clawed hand and threw it on the ground. "Let's see how you handle without it." He flexed his arms in front of his chest and curled his chest towards his knees as giant leathery wings erupted from his back. The Navi began to grow in size as his transformation continued. His nails growing into talons as he doubled in size, then doubled again. Soon he was a great beast of a dragon. Smoke wafted from his mouth as he spread his wings wide and roared to the heavens.

The dragon looked down upon Alex with eyes glinting. Then he stomped forward and swiped a huge claw at her, attempting to grasp her in his talons. He swiped again and again with his front claws until he could grab her. If he managed to grab her, he would grasp her with both claws. His mighty wings would sweep the air until he was airborne with his prize. Hurtling straight upwards as far as he could go. He was determined to see how high Alex could survive a drop from.

*Activate Dragon.GMO.
1. Unequip Armor's Codpiece and THROW IT ON THE GROUND!
2. Attempt to grab and hold Alex.
3. Attempt to grab and hold Alex. If held, movement action straight vertically up with Alex.
4. Attempt to grab and hold Alex. If held, movement action straight vertically up with Alex.
5. Attempt to grab and hold Alex. If held, movement action straight vertically up with Alex.

Other Effects:
OmniShoes: Grants flight.
Yasu clenched her teeth and watched silently; Alex did the same, but her teeth were shown in a grin rather than a scowl. "Wonderful! He really is a dragon!" she laughed in surprise. The glow fell off of the armor of both girls as the eyepatch came off, split from its source of power. "Look what he was hiding underneath that codpiece!" she snickered, licking her lips.

"Vulgar..." Yasu spat, raising both fists at her sides.

"Now now, we're all adults-" Alex chuckled, then was promptly scooped up from the ground and carried into the air. "Ha ha! How exhilarating!" As they climbed higher and higher into the sky, Yasu became a speck beneath them, and eventually even the large, mud-covered summit began to seem like a smaller target. "Now now, you'll give yourself a headache if you try to climb into the net sky. Is there even an upper limit to the net? It's not something I've ever had an occassion to ponder," she mused, not sounding terribly affected either by the altitude or the claws that should theoretically be crushing down on her.

If Yasu had any words for her ally, it was impossible to hear them; they'd long since left the range where it was possible for her to shout up. "Say, while we're at it, why don't you and me fly off and discuss an agreement? I've decided it would be fabulous to own my own dragon!" Alex offered. "We can leave that gorilla there on the mountain-top with her two eyepatches and make off like lovers! Although, I'm not doing any loving why you're still a giant dragon," his enemy cooed.

"Of course... there's another way this can go as well," she continued with a smile, then opened her mouth and rolled out her tongue. The short spatha manifested inside her mouth and she clenched down on its handle with her teeth. "But that way's a lot more painful," she sighed; her words were only just possible to make out with the weapon in her mouth.

Yasu: 100%
DragonierMan: 106%
Alex: 120%
The glow faded from the armors as Alex became amused at the transformation and was swept up by the dragon. As the dragon took off, the curses of Yasu trailed behind him like his long tail. The rain beat and stung the faces of Alex and DragonierMan, as the dragon carried the damsel further, and further into the sky. Alex made another attempt to sway Drago to her side. And while Drago was tempted by the offer, he had already made a commitment. And though the damsel was charming, she showed her claws soon enough.

In response, the dragon released his captive and let her fall. He only watched her slip from his claws before turning ground-ward and, pulling his wings to his body, dived. He hurtled toward the ground, using his larger mass to propel him faster than Alex. His aim was to get to that broad, man-made pillar that was a part of the battlefield. If he reached it with enough time to spare, the dragon would level out and land. Then attempt to move the pillar so that it was right under the falling Alex. No soft mud would be her landing place. Only hard, unyielding stone.

1. Drop Alex.
2. Dive back down to the battlefield ahead of Alex's falling body.
3. Dive back down to the battlefield ahead of Alex's falling body. If he reaches the battlefield, he will attempt to move the broad, man-made pillar of stone under Alex's falling path in an effort to have her strike it with her body. Possibly shattering every bone in her body.
4. Dive back down to the battlefield ahead of Alex's falling body. If he reaches the battlefield, he will attempt to move the broad, man-made pillar of stone under Alex's falling path in an effort to have her strike it with her body. Possibly shattering every bone in her body.
5. Dive back down to the battlefield ahead of Alex's falling body. If he reaches the battlefield, he will attempt to move the broad, man-made pillar of stone under Alex's falling path in an effort to have her strike it with her body. Possibly shattering every bone in her body.
If Alex was continuing to taunt DragonierMan, it was impossible to tell; the distance and velocity were both making it hard to understand anything she said. DragonierMan raced to beat her to the ground, then dropped a big pillar to de-cushion her fall. She gradually came into view, smiling and holding her sword out in front of her. Fire began to build around her sword as she held it away from her body, pointing it towards the ever-approaching pillar.

When she and the pillar collided, that collision was immediately apparent; cracks ran across the sides of the stone and a cloud of dust and debris arose, along with a sound like an explosion. The pillar continued to crack and eventually broke in two. From out of the space, Alex rose up to her feet, dusting herself off (although the more pressing concern ought to be the mud caking all over her body, or, you know, the spine-shattering injuries she should have sustained). "A neat trick, but the actual limits of my endurance are fairly high... just as high as my strength. You're never going to defeat me in single combat, even as a dragon!" she laughed, wiping off the broad side of her spatha with one arm.

As if on queue, Yasu tackled Alex to the ground, pinning her spatha arm beneath her while chicken-winging her other arm behind her. "Our top priority is the armor, DragonierMan! We need to reclaim it above all else!" she reminded her ally, grabbing hold of the belt buckle on the front of her chest and attempting to loosen it off without actually breaking the belt.

Predictably, Alex began to smile again. Slowly, she pushed herself up with her pinned arm, then began to rise to her feet with Yasu still clinging onto her back, fiddling with the lock. Despite the size difference between the two, she managed to lift the Neo-Shogun general quite easily, much to Yasu's chagrin. "You silly girl!" Alex taunted. She slowly reached her free hand behind her, placing one hand onto Yasu's thigh and creeping up until she reached one of the silver chains. She snaked two fingers beneath it playfully, then smiled back at her adversary. "Wouldn't you call this a stalemate?"

"No, I wouldn't," Yasu sneered, still doggedly attempting to get the lock off. DragonierMan was free now to operate as he chose, with all eyes off of him.

Yasu: 100%
DragonierMan: 106%
Alex: 60%
His plan worked, somewhat. Drago could see that Alex was not in as good a shape as she was moments ago. Then Yasu tackled her from behind and began to wrestle with Alex. Now that Alex was distracted, she had left herself open. Drago took that opportunity to quickly revert back to his humanoid form in a flash of multi-colored light. He would need deft fingers for this next part.

Drago rushed forward and quickly crouched down in front of Alex. His hands shot out and attempted to grasp Alex's bikini bottoms... and tear them off her. His fingers working diligently on the locks and strings while Alex was entangled with Yasu. He had the advantage in that he had seen Arch up close and personal, and how she disrobed, so he attempted to recall the best way to liberate this thief of her stolen goods. He would continue to work on Alex's bottoms until he got them off, then he would quickly store the garment in his pocket.

If he was successful in removing Alex's bottom-half of the armor, Drago would stand up and work on helping Yasu remove Alex's top. Again, he had seen Arch remove her top before, so it was just a matter of finding the right way to pull/open/untangle the locks and strings that held it together. He would keep it up until he liberated Alex of her second article of clothing, storing it away for safe-keeping.

Assuming he had managed to successfully remove his opponent's garments, he would proceed to weaken her more, physically. He began punching at her gut, driving her back with blow after blow. He attempted to move her down the mountain, where the height advantage of moving downhill would give him better reach.

*Deactivate Dragon.GMO.
1. Attempt to remove Alex's bikini bottoms.
2. Attempt to remove Alex's bikini bottoms, if successful, attempt to remove Alex's bikini top.
3. Attempt to remove Alex's bikini bottoms. If successful, attempt to remove Alex's bikini top. If successful, strike Medium.
4. Attempt to remove Alex's bikini bottoms. If successful, attempt to remove Alex's bikini top. If successful, strike Medium.
5. Attempt to remove Alex's bikini bottoms. If successful, attempt to remove Alex's bikini top. If successful, strike Medium.
If there was one thing the armor Alex had stolen was, it was insubstantial. Whereas Yasu had ended up having a tough time thanks to her positioning, DragonierMan found it easy enough to get everything off, leaving Alex entirely naked. If it weren't for the mud covering her body, he'd be able to see everything. "So greedy! Then I guess you don't care if I...!" his enemy replied with a grin, yanking her fingers back with a sharp metal snap. The chain holding Yasu's lower armor together broke; she jumped back and held the front of it into place with an angry expression. No longer held, Alex turned and grabbed one breastplate, then yanked the rest away from the general's hefty bosom. Turning red now, the general clinched the remaining, loose front-plate of her bikini to her skin and kept her forearms in front of her naked upper body. "What's the matter? Still bashful around him?"

"Bashful? I'm not a whore like you are!" Yasu spat in response. She also didn't have the same generous slathering of mud that Alex did (not thay Alex would have it much longer either if the rain kept up as it was).

When DragonierMan started striking at her again, Alex took two blows, then backed up. "It's a little difficult holding back after all. If all you two are after is the armor, then I should let you know that all I'm after is a test of the NS's abilities. So far, I'm impressed with your pet, Yasu... You, not so much! What happened to all of your talk of vengeance?"

"I will have my vengeance the day our army unites the net against your insignificant attempt at a one-woman empire. My grudge is unimportant next to that," Yasu answered.

"Good, because you're certainly not going to beat me on the basis of that grudge!" Alex taunted. "I've learned a lot today. I won't go so easy on you when next we meet," she finished, speaking more to DragonierMan than Yasu. She jacked out, leaving behind the armor pieces.

"Pay no heed of her words, DragonierMan; your tactics won out today... although you didn't need to rip off her pants, those aren't actually part of the armor set. That aside, please gather up the armor pieces you've collected and attach the data along with your reply to the NS board. I will make certain your reward is given to you," she finished. The rain had begun to let up and light shined down, illuminating her almost naked body, save what little she covered with her arms and the single armor plate. Walking behind her right now might be a death sentence for any rewards he planned to claim, although, if DragonierMan had the kind of job security recent events implied, he could likely get away with anything.
After Alex left, DragonierMan picked up the armor pieces that were not Yasu's and turned around, facing away from her. This gave Yasu the space and privacy necessary to fix her outfit so she wasn't naked. "I suggest you reattach your armor before leaving. You wouldn't want to return to base disheveled like that." Drago might be a perv in his own way, but he still had a sense of honor to maintain in the General's eyes. And giving her this respect now would give him more leeway to do more questionable stuff later.

He stretched an arm out to the side and rotated the cuff, having been strained a little by the tough battle he had just endured. "It is unfortunate that you were unable to complete your one-on-one with Alex. We will just have to make sure that you get that chance next time." He held up the armor pieces he had picked up and let the light glitter off them. "But at least we have retrieved the stolen items without much trouble. A testament to your leadership no-doubt. Though I hope the others were just as successful. As we have seen, this armor is more powerful than our initial testing indicated." Drago took a moment to extract an expanding bag from a belt pocket and drop the articles of clothing into it. Then he collapsed the bag back into his pocket.

Assuming that Yasu had managed to reattach her armor so she was only half-naked, instead of full-naked, Drago turned around to face her. He smiled broadly. "I will be sure to send the data. But..." he said before quickly crossing the distance between him and Yasu, so that he was standing right in front of her. "Perhaps you can give me my reward early." He leaned in towards Yasu and pointed to his cheek. Clearly indicating that he wanted the maiden's kiss.

Although another part of him wanted her to slap him.